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Breath Training for Surfers

Breath Training for Surfers with B.E.T. B.E.T. – Breath Enhancement Training Nam Baldwin is a smart guy, and has so much professional experience it’s astounding. If the worlds’best surfers are learning from the guy, then I’m without a doubt going …Read more

Core Training for Surfers-High Performance Foundations

 Foundations of Core Training for Surfers- Basics before High Performance Core Training!!!……   get some ripped abs!!!…  Aagggghhhh! Yeah, maybe you’ll get some abs, but what you should focus on is spinal stability and pelvic control, and then progressing into …Read more

Maximise Your Body – Interview With Mark Breadner

Maximise Your Body For Surfing If you want to get better at something, then you should put yourself in a position to learn from others that have done what you want to do, have more experience than you,  or excel …Read more

Performance Surfing Fitness & Pro Surf Workout Programs Part2

Surfing Workouts “The potential exercises that could be used for “surf fitness training” are endless.  The goal however should focus on improving the movement capacity of the human body in movement patterns that are relevant to surfing, and then to …Read more


 Life Balance… Zen Balance.  Ying and Yang.  Black and White (like the cookie episode from Seinfeld).  Vegans and Pro-meat consumption.  Opposing forces…. I’m getting deep!  I view extremism of any type to be detrimental.  Religion, nutrition, training, tv-watching, poker, yoga, …Read more

Performance Surfing Fitness & Pro Surf Workout Programs Part1

 The Truth About Surfing Fitness and Surfing Workouts How To Design Your Own Surfing Fitness Programs  -What You Should Be Working On…. Lose The Gimmicks- You’re reading this because you want to know more about efficient, high quality surfing fitness, …Read more

How To Improve Your Pop Up.. Surf Training

Surf Training – Pop Ups – Core & Upper Body Do you think your Pop-Ups could be faster?  They probably could be, especially if you’re surfing some faster “reefy” type waves, or even if you’re just starting out and getting …Read more

Top 3 Warm-Up Drills

Surfing Athlete Warmup Drills You gotta get your body moving.  Most surfers spend most of their time behind desks, in front of computers, or in front of the TV…  sedentary bodies don’t cooperate with surfing.  So before you head out …Read more

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