Mobility Drills – More Fluid Surfing

Can you twist?

Are you a fluid spiral 🧬, or a disjointed stiff immobile cemented human?

Whether you need some loosening and improved “flexibility”, or you’re just after some feel-good movements to undo surf session induced tensions, give these a crack.

From an evolutionary perspective, the human body is made to rotate. Gait (walking) is a transverse plane movement… running is twisting, throwing, pulling… hip joints, ankles, spines, rib cages… it all ought to rotate!

One of the major movement archetypes in surfing is a Twist. You’ve essentially got compression, extension, and rotation.

If you ain’t twisting… you ain’t surfing!

Modern life, gravity induced postural changes, lack of movement…. it destroys joint health, therefore it destroys mobility. No more twisting… and a lot more squatty poo man.

We know from the work of Functional Range Conditioning, that if you improve rotational capacity of a joint, it can often improve other movement capacities of a joint.

For those FRC nerds, yes, we’re talking about capsular tissue in that respect, but even in terms of simple “mobilization” of joints via movement can create a temporary neurological change in movement capacities, = better twisting = more potential for better surfing and less chance of injury.

These drills are from the new Bodyweight Surf Athlete. Yes, it’s a completely RAD new program. Grab the program, and you should, as it will completely change your approach to training and how you look after yourself as a surfer.

These 3 drills are posted in increasing order of complexity and load. Move through them chronologically for a great warmup, or just use the first 1 or 2 as a chill out stretch routine.

That first drill, the Full Body Windmill, is one of my personal favorites.

#1 Full Body Windmill

#2 Hip Internal Rotation with Spinal Rotation:

#3 Lateral Lunge to Spiderman, this is a sick one!

I had a 2hr session on a mad little beachy today…. and then laid on the floor after a big feed and loosened up with some good child’s pose lat stretches and then some windmills. It felt damn good!

Grab the new Bodyweight Surf Athlete program, and make sure your body can Twist 🧬\

Are you ready to learn movements, exercises, and breathwork that will influence and support your surfing for the rest of your life?! Grab the program!


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