Mobility & Strength

Mobility Drills for More Fluid Surfing

Can you twist? Are you a fluid spiral 🧬, or a disjointed stiff immobile cemented human? Whether you need some loosening and improved “flexibility”, or you’re just after some feel-good movements to undo surf session induced tensions, give these a crack. From an evolutionary perspective, the human body is made to rotate. Gait (walking) is […]
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How To Surf Forever and Surf Recovery Methods

You pay to play; that’s the importance of surf session recovery. It’s all inputs and outputs. The yin yang of life. This rings true with exceptional loudness and clarity as the years continue to pass by and a life well lived accumulates its injuries and aches. I speak about this often with clients that I […]
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Dynamic Surfer Stretches – Full Warmup

A Full Sequence of Mobility Dills & Dynamic Surfer Stretches. It’ll Help You Move Fluidly. Movement: Dynamic flexibility, the capacity to be mobile through joints, and to move with ease, control, and strength. It’s pretty relevant to this whole surfing thing we take part in. It’s not going to suddenly make you rip, but it’s a […]
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