About Cris

My primary goal is to help surfers / athletes/ humans, improve their potential with movement, exercise, nutrition, and the foundations of athleticism.
It’s that simple.


I’m astoundingly fortunate to be pretty clear about what I want to get out of life and have gone after it with furious determination. I’ve got to give props to my family as well for being insanely supportive.

In no particular order, the ocean and being involved with it, my family, surfing, food & nutrition, ice cream, tattoos, reading, strength training, quality movement, good tequila, trying to enjoy the hell out of life, and traveling… that’s what I want in life. I’ve been quite bullheaded professionally, and now get to carry out my passion working primarily with surfers.

My primary intention is to help you improve upon yourself, so that you may not only surf more, but also become more injury resistant to the rigours of surfing and life, and learn how to actively look after yourself.

Over the years I’ve been involved in multiple sports, beat the absolute hell out of my body, have had some serious joint operations, dealt with chronic back pain, and fought long-term health challenges. Everything I’ve learned, and continue to learn to keep myself and clients healthy, I want to pass on to you so you can improve the foundations of performance and athleticism, and most of all…. not hurt in the surf, and keep getting into the ocean.


As for my professional background and some of the titles and courses I’ve undertaken….


My professional background pulls from many highly integrative approaches to health and wellness. This has helped me to view the body in a very holistic and interconnected manner, whether that be nutritionally, chemically, or mechanically. I feel that when trying to improve upon, or heal the body, it must begin with a whole body approach to wellness.

There are foundations of health, such as your thoughts, your nutrition, your hydration, your involvement in movement, and how well you sleep, which all provide the base for you to develop as an individual.

When these things are initially dealt with, it provides the framework for you to begin reaching your potentials and desires, whether that be improving your surfing, improving your ability in life, or developing more involved relationships. It is my intention to help you improve yourself, and seriously improve your surfing through high performance strength and conditioning, as well as helping you improve your overall body and it’s functioning systems with reinforcing the foundations of what makes a healthy human. Plainly, I just want to help you improve your health.