Celebrating 10 Years of

Take a walk down memory lane


First Blog Post on Holistic Surf and my first YouTube videos were posted.


Moved to Australia on a Working Visa, Lived in Byron Bay for about 1.5 years and then moved down to Sydney.


Surf Training Success Program is launched just before Christmas. I still remember having the strangest feeling when I received the first notification of a program being sold.


I was still working in Sydney and filmed the content for the Stretches for Surfers program.


Around this time I got kicked out of Australia (long story…) and had nowhere to go, nothing to do, so I went to Bali. I figured I’d go surf-bum for a while.


Through serendipitous actions, meeting the right people, and pulling the trigger, we ran the first Surf Coaching Trip in the Mentawais.


Teamed up with Mariano, who is the Surf Athlete App Wizard (although the app wasn’t born yet), and completely revamped the SSC website and started structuring it towards a business. Also had a coaching trip at Hollow Trees in the Mentawais, which was our first land camp retreat.


Through the unending persistence of Mariano, against my initial lack of interest, the Surf Athlete App starts development, and I was living in Western Australia at the time down in Yallingup.


The Surf Athlete program and App is launched! Towards the end of this time period I was back living in Bali once again.


The Surf Athlete App becomes all consuming, with intentions to make it the most technically capable app on the market. We did it! All other “surf fitness” apps pale in comparison.


Constant effort and app upgrades, with the upcoming release of several new programs this year! And potential work in New Zealand!

From humble beginnings of a blog and Youtube video in 2011, to 2021 SURF ATHLETE App current stats:

Registered Surfers
Workouts Completed
Video Views
Hours Watched (that’s over 20 years!!!)
That is CRAZY! It absolutely astounds me, and again, I truly need to thank YOU for being a part of this.

2021 and beyond

Looking towards the next 10 years, SURF STRENGTH COACH will become more intelligent, accessible, and helpful to improve surfing experiences for everyone.
Integrative Experiences 
Using AI and smart sensor technology, we'll integrate the app with various health apps to help track your training, health, and outputs.
Community Connection
Our aim is to create a community of surfers who support each others growth and development, with interaction and coaching becoming easily accessible within the app.
Working Seamlessly
The intention is to create an app that easily integrates across all of your devices. We shouldn't be tied to technology, we should use it to improve and benefit our lives.
Always Secure
Continuing to create secure experiences and protect your data on all your devices.

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  • Full Body Movement Sequences Covering Every Joint, Every Muscle, and Key Movement Areas.

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Ocean Sports Academy

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