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A Training Journey for every goal

Build Endurance for monster PADDLE OUTS
Feel Flexible and Strong in the Surf
Breath Training for Confidence
Train for Joint Health & Durability
Move Better, Feel Better, Surf Better
A Training Journey For Every Goal

Training & Fitness to Support Your Surfing

Surf Athlete gives you the tools to prepare, train, and recover like a pro athlete, transforming yourself in the process. Accessible anywhere and anytime.

You can workout absolutely anywhere.

Surf Athlete Fits Into Your Life - You Can Workout Anywhere, Anytime, With Minimal Equipment, or Only Bodyweight. It's Up to You to stay surf-fit

Stay on track and plan your workout week.

Track your progress and view full screen tutorials on every exercise.

Explore all the variety of workouts!

SURF STRENGTH COACH Helps you to get stronger in all the different areas that surfing requires. week by week! You progress gradually, increasing the intensity in each workout.

Learn The Movements

Detailed Explanations for Every Exercise so you get the Most out of your training and learn exercises for the rest of your surfing life.

Invest In Your Surfing

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Has Been All Time!

Over 988 Positive Reviews

  1. Andy M.

    Andy M. (verified owner)

    Great Program

    I have been using the Surf Athlete program for number of years which in itself is a good recommendation as I have started and stopped on a number of fitness regimes.
    Its flexibility and progressions are a perfect fit for my timetable. No need for expensive equipment and great range of exercises working the whole body, improving mobility and strength so I can keep surfing. After finishing each session with recovery breathing you are relaxed and ready to go.
    Thanks Cris

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  2. Arthur K.

    Arthur K.

    Your inspiration encouraged me!

    Thank you for all your information & technical advice. It’s slowly coming together. My hips are getting better. I think it will take a lot more time but unbelievable results. I haven’t trained for over ten years. I bumped into your stretching programs. I loved it. You seem like a great dude. Your inspiration encouraged me. You reminded me of another great dude named Gary Martin where I used to train kung fu. Your concepts are very similar.

    Rating :

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  3. Saskia S.

    Saskia S. (verified owner)

    awesome 👌

    I have an injured left knee and I just want to improve my surfing pop up ATM. The perfect pop up training has however also helped with my knee rehabilitation! Double whammy! I love these programs, I no longer walk around the gym aimlessly, but actually train and do surf specific training, so when I am in the sea or wave pool, I am maxing out my sessions. Worth every penny!

    Rating :

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  4. Colin L.

    Colin L. (verified owner)

    grt workout


    Rating :

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  5. Jon R.

    Jon R. (verified owner)


    I love how insanely detailed Chris is, breaking everything down to the smallest detail in body mechanics. For the best technique as well as detailing what sabotages. It made me think and practice. Its definitely helped my surfing.

    Rating :

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  6. Mariano T.

    Mariano T.

    Epic Program

    Loved it so much!

    Rating :

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  7. Todd H.

    Todd H.

    Cris Mills and his program have provided me w huge strength and flexibility benefits as I push my surfing into my 60’s. many thx!

    Rating :

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  8. Eamon H.

    Eamon H.

    Progressing towards the perfect pop up

    The perfect pop up program is awesome. it’s only been a couple of weeks and I’m already feeling the difference in the water. I love the precise way you describe common physical limitations … and how to eliminate these obstacles to enable the skill to develop.

    Rating :

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  9. Gabrielle G.

    Gabrielle G.

    Game Changer

    I was skeptical about this program because I judged it by the name. Cardboard Surfer?! It seemed too simple to offer any new strategies for me.
    I’m very glad I got the program tho! Cris and Clay are complimentary teachers~ Clay puts in every~person terms the info that Cris explains so well more scientifically. The program fun to do, makes a ton of sense and has helped me surf better. Who knew all it was me and not my surfboard that was the problem!!?

    Rating :

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  10. Francisco T.

    Francisco T. (verified owner)

    Workout, coffe and work, nice!!

    Thanks a lot for this workout!! It really works for my mornings before work! Workout, coffe and work, nice!! Learning how to use this vast amount of knowledge you have put together in this app man!! By knowing my pop up is working!

    Rating :

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  11. Erik I.

    Erik I. (verified owner)

    the best

    got me back in to surf life

    Rating :

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  12. Francisco T.

    Francisco T. (verified owner)

    Now I need to learn how to surf

    The Pop Up is not now an excuse! now I need to learn how to surf properly, my body is now free to take off and right now I only need to concretate in better surfing

    Rating :

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  13. Conrad K.

    Conrad K. (verified owner)

    conrad kriel

    AWESOOME !!!

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  14. Nico S.

    Nico S.


    best instructional surfing video ever !!!

    Rating :

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  15. Jose A R.

    Jose A R.


    I have learned more in 3 months with the Perfect Pop-up and Cardboard surf programs than in the last few years with random videos. The thought and progression built into there programs are intense and deep. Outstanding. Highly recommended

    Rating :

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  16. Te B.

    Te B. (verified owner)

    The program that hooked me

    This is the program that really grabbed me. The content, the guests contributions and the flow are all right on point for a beginner like me. Fortunately we have a brand new skatepark in town with a comp on today. I didn’t expect to get into skateboarding thru this but thanks so much coz I love it. learning to skateboarding at 40 yo

    Rating :

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  17. Theo A.

    Theo A. (verified owner)


    Improved my flexibility, and strength and made me respect and understand surfing better. You need to surf a lot to become an intermediate surfer. This program prepares your body to have the ability to do so

    Rating :

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  18. George B.

    George B.

    Land Locked

    This program is a great way to keep flexibile and your training focussed on surfing for those long periods that you cannot make it into the water.

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  19. Te B.

    Te B. (verified owner)

    more than u expect

    yea there’s routines for u to follow but if u have time to invest in watching every single video and again just for giggles then u will have a wealth of knowledge u can share and put to ur own use. u need time and understanding to make the most of thus amazing resource to health and wellbeing

    Rating :

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  20. Rod W.

    Rod W. (verified owner)

    Great Program for this 66 yo, but now what?

    For me, this is the complete program that keeps me fit enough for my approx 3 times a week surfing sessions.

    Rating :

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  21. Talia N.

    Talia N. (verified owner)

    worth every penny.

    all of cris’s programs are worth far more than you will pay. not an internet gimmick; there is a lot of very well informed value. you’d be lucky to pay a personal trainer 100x the same amount and get such carefully considered, thoughtful, intelligently tailored content.

    Rating :

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  22. Jonathan J.

    Jonathan J.

    great program for all levels

    perfect programs for any level of surfer. if you’re willing to put in the work on land, it will pay huge dividends in the water!

    Rating :

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  23. Barry S.

    Barry S. (verified owner)


    It’s a great program! it’s really great for flexibility.

    Rating :

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  24. Nick S.

    Nick S. (verified owner)

    A real game changer

    More golden nuggets than a safe vault. The theories and practice have really helped unlock some bad habits (that I didn’t even realise I had) and helped progress my surfing. Putting into practice in the water had tangible results in first session. Totally recommended if you feel your surfing is plateauing or if you’re carrying come bad habits. Awesome

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Cris Mills

Performance Coach, Massage Therapist, CHEK Practitioner

My name is Cris Mills, I operate, and work with people that want to improve their health, movement, and performance, and it’s usually so they can surf better. On a daily basis I help people and surfers train from rehab to performance. I know what a surfer needs to do to keep themselves in the ocean, and have been spreading that information through my various work online.

Improving your surfing requires improving the foundations of movement and athleticism. Flexibility is a key part of that process. I wanted to give surfers an easy resource to improve their flexibility, help to eliminate pain, and simply move and feel better.

Surfing in pain sucks as well, and I’ve done it, and I’m sure most of you have as well. Surfers, athletes, people, we all need to work on body maintenance, and help keep ourselves out of pain. This program will help teach you how to do this.

I aim to change the way physical preparedness is dealt with for surfing, and combine everything I have learned, and continue to learn, to help improve surfers body so they can stay involved with the ocean.


A forum for those going through the journey of Surf Training. Ideal to exchange ideas and offer insights into skills, performance, movement, and general surfing thoughts and interests.



The Most Comprehensive Surfing Training Programs Ever Created

You’re good to go.
As soon as you get the programs you’ll realise how tremendous of a resource this truly is, and how you won’t need any other surf training programs. You can, and will, refer back to these programs for years to come. As long as you’re surfing you will be using these programs, I guarantee it.

This will change how you train and how you move your body. Ultimately it will help you with your surfing. 

These are the tools that guide your workouts, track your progress, and remove the guesswork from your workouts. Have confidence knowing you are doing the best possible workout..


7 Day Free Trial Guarantee 

Here’s the deal:

These programs are amazing and deliver results. Yet those results rely on YOU putting in the effort, dedication, and consistency.
We have absolute confidence in our programs, our app, and our products, as we stand behind the countless customer results, and our time tested methods.
Our Surf Athlete Academy subscription comes with a 7 Day Trial Refund Guarantee, and at any time you can cancel, or refund your money. We are more than happy and completely willing to stand behind our guarantee and our programs, we simply leave it in your hands to apply the effort. What can your fitness and surfing become!?