Cardboard Surfer

By The End Of The Program, You Won't Even Recognise Your Previous Surfing

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Life-time Access. One-time Payment

Good Surfing Style is Just Good Technique.

If You're a Beginner Wanting to Progress, OR an Intermediate Surfer that's Stalled, This Program is Perfect for Ramping Up Your Surf Skill & Progression

Improve Your Technique
This program will improve your technique, in the comfort of your own home with no condescending eyes, you will improve your surfing and actually "feel" what good surfing is.
Skill Progression
This program is the first step in further skill progression. Get this down before you get on a surf skateboard.
Get Better in the Water
Feel the movements, the patterns, how to create drive, how to compress, how to coordinate full-body movement, so that you can then replicate it in the water.

Are You Tired of Your Skill Level Being Stuck and Stagnant?

You've got Bad Habits... It's Time to Break Them.

The Cardboard Surfer is "Surf Fundamentals 101".  This is What You NEED to Know In Order to Progress Your Surfing.

Change Your Awareness & Understanding of What Good Surfing Is. Break Your Bad Habits.  Train New Patterns of Surf Movement, and Apply it to Your Surfing. 

You WILL Be a Different Surfer by the End of This Program!

US$127.00  US$76.20 

What You Need for This Program

All you need is a willingness to improve your surfing, and a piece of cardboard about the size of a skateboard.

What You Need to Know About This Program

You Don't Even Know What Your Bad Habits Are
Most Intermediate Surfers are "stuck" because their bad movement habits are halting their progression.  You need a new lens and understanding of what GOOD surfing actually is.  This program will give you a true awareness of surfing biomechanics.  You can't change anything if you don't know what is Wrong, and what is Right. 
It's Your Body, Not the Board
You need to STOP spending 1000's of dollars on new surfboards.  The board isn't the problem, the way you move your body is the problem!  This course will teach you the Fundamentals of surf movement so you can Actually Progress your surfing!  Take the brakes of your surfing with GOOD technique.  
Practice at Home Then Surf in the Water
Do you think you're actually going to correct your technique on the 4 waves you get, on your 1 weekend surf, for a total of 30seconds of actually standing on a surfboard?   NOPE!  You need a way to build repetition, to build motor memory, to FEEL the new patterns.  This program is to your surfing like a driving range is to golf.  Practice your surfing at home, build the pattern, become efficient, and then you can replicate it in the surf. 

Most Surfers Don't Even Know Basic Wave Mechanics... And Definitely Don't Know How to Move Their Body to INTERACT With a Wave.

Power Zones

So What's in the Program?  

The Cardboard Surfer is a series of 7 Primary Lessons, teaching you the true fundamentals of surfing movement. You will develop an understanding of surfing mechanics.  You will understand the How and the Why of Good Surfing. You will practice Surf Movements, You will FEEL the Patterns, and you WILL Replicate it in the Surf.  

Follow along at your own pace.  
Practice in the comfort and non-stressful environment of your own home.  
This program is the basis for future skill work on skateboards and in skate bowls.  
This program WILL change your perception of surfing.
  • Welcome

    2:39 min
  • Why Cardboard Surf

    34 sec
  • Cardboard Intro

    2:56 min
  • Fundamental Movements

    Compress Lean Twist

    3:09 min
  • Cutting the Cardboard

    1:58 min
  • Lay Down

    1 min
  • Walk Up

    40 sec
  • Cardboard Walk Up Pop Up

    3:48 min
  • Walk Up More Details

    3:44 min
  • ShortBoard Pop Up

    & Foot Positioning

    18:22 min
  • What Is Good Surf Posture

    5 min
  • Neutral Posture

    47 sec
  • Neutral Stance & Posture

  • Stacking, Front-On, Lunging

    4 min
  • Compress

    35 sec
  • Pick Up the Coffee Cup

    1 min
  • Coffee Cup Driver

    3:24 min
  • Compression, Extension, & Twisting

    4:34 min

    43 sec
  • Jump Forwards

    42 sec
  • Driving a Surfboard

    2:04 min
  • Drive the Cardboard

    46 sec
  • Jump and Lift

    3 min
  • Front Foot vs. Back Foot Turning

    4:20 min
  • Learn to Turn

    1:45 min
  • Twist To Turn

    4:33 min
  • Eyes Lead the Way

    2:36 min
  • Pinky Up Pinky Down

    51 sec
  • Hands Lead The Way

    1:44 min
  • Make Your Own Set

    1:12 min
  • Equipment

    6:50 min
  • Speed & Power

    9:41 min
  • Body

    9:12 min
  • Carver Skate

    Training Basics

    7:04 min
  • Stretching & Mobility Sequence

    15:39 min
  • Paddling Theory 101

    23:44 min
  • The Perfect Surf Stance

    18:10 min
  • Common Mistakes

    Coffee Cup

    1:12 min
  • Common Mistakes


    1:10 min
  • Common Mistakes


    1:39 min
  • Common Mistakes


    1:27 min
  • Common Mistakes

    Walk Popup

    1:20 min

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to the program forever?
Yes! Once you purchase the program you will get lifetime access and discounts on new programs.
What Equipment do I need?
All you will need for this program is:
  • A piece of Cardboard!
Can beginners do the program?
Absolutely, there are alternative and progressive movements for each level.
How is the program delivered to me?
This is a digital program intended to be downloaded to your mobile device so you always have it with you during your workouts. Once you join the Surf Athlete Training Program, you will receive access to the entire program. Download everything and it’s yours forever.
Refund Policy
All purchases made on our website, or via the Surf Strength Coach app platform are NON-REFUNDABLE. We proudly stand by our work, programs, and training protocols, and you can readily view the numerous testimonials regarding our programs if you are unsure of the quality of our work. Due to the downloadable nature of our programs, and considerations of Intellectual Property, refunds will not be granted for any training programs or educational programs.
How to Download the Program?
Programs within the Surf Athlete can be downloaded so you can access them offline.

Program content is downloaded to within the app. Separate files are not downloaded to your phone or laptop. Files are saved within the app itself, so they can be accessed offline.

This function works for the web app on your desktop / laptop, and also the phone app.
US$127.00  US$76.20 

What others are saying

  1. Matt P.

    Matt P. (verified owner)

    Wish I picked it up sooner

    This is by far one of the most genius products to improve your surfing skills and with a piece of cardboard no less. The walk up was my first “aha” moment and it all came together after that. The program explanations and demonstrations make perfect sense and are super easy to implement. Lose your ego like me and learn these new skills pronto. This is the one. 5 stars!

    Rating :

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  2. jonathan a.

    jonathan a. (verified owner)

    Great Program

    I’ve been surfing for over 20 years and this has helped me out of bad habits.
    Cheers Cris

    Rating :

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  3. Jamie 'Roberto' B.

    Jamie ‘Roberto’ B. (verified owner)

    Really really fundamental stuff that I wish I learn't years ago

    I’ve been working through the cardboard surfer and its immediately changed my surfing. I can’t reccommend the programme enough. It’s so effective and provides you with the best visual representation of what you need to be learning and training – developing the right technique and habits on land so that you can unlock your best in the water.
    I’ve watched every surfing tutorial available on YouTube but none of them even touch upon what’s inside this program.

    Rating :

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  4. Thomas F.

    Thomas F. (verified owner)

    Excellent and informative, I’ve found my surfing level has increased significantly over the past few months, (not from an increase in getting to surf,unfortunately) but from an increased understanding and awareness in what I need to be doing when I’m going for, getting on and riding a wave (much better to do the right thing less, than the wrong things loads of times!). Great videos in bite sized segments that are real easy to digest and remember. Highly recommended.

    Rating :

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  5. Shachar N.

    Shachar N. (verified owner)


    I’m still in the middle of the program and my surf technic and understanding got so much better.

    Rating :

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  6. Pen M.

    Pen M. (verified owner)

    Loving it!

    I’m loving the Cardboard surf program. It’s helping me refine my pop/walk up and moving my board. Stoked to be seeing progression on the waves!!

    Rating :

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  7. Richard B.

    Richard B. (verified owner)

    unbelievably valuable!

    I watched all the videos in Cardboard Surfer and, holy shit, it was like a million lightbulbs going off in my head. I was like ‘I do that…I do that too…Yep, that’s me…’ I’ve never had any coaching or even a lesson, and I had without a doubt plateaued. So last night I surfed the wave pool in Bristol, UK (same design as the Melbourne pool) and I felt like a different surfer. Genuinely! I had so much more flow, my coffee cup arm was helping me drive, I was getting the board on rail and, according to a mate who was in the session with me, throwing loads of spray. He said it was the best he’d seen me surf. I’ve never thought about what my rear arm should be doing, but now I see the coffee cup everywhere on every good surfer. So I guess I’ve been watching surfing, but not taking it in, until you and Clayton pointed it out. Deceptively simple but unbelievable valuable info. So thank you, and please thank Clayton. I can’t wait to see where I’m at after a couple more weeks of walking up and cardboard surfing.

    Rating :

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  8. Martxel I.

    Martxel I. (verified owner)


    Me parece un estupendo programa para mejorar la tecnica y los movimientos del surfing, tanto el contenido como la app.
    Sencillo de seguir y muy efectivo.
    Traslada el surfing a tu casa, reeduca quitandote los malos habitos y transformandolos en movimientos correctos y fluidos.
    Justo lo que hace falta para evolucionar ese surfing estancado desde hace años o para acelerar el aprendizaje.
    La mejor inversion que he hecho hace tiempo.
    Gracias Cris!

    Rating :

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  9. Clement L.

    Clement L. (verified owner)

    I love it!

    For a long time I watched videos of pro surfers and tried in vain to understand how and why they moved on the wave.

    All this has changed since taking the Cardboard Surfer program. I love the concept of breaking down the complex art of surfing into simple, repeatable movements that I can do at home with nothing more than a piece of cardboard. – Clement

    Rating :

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  10. Steven H.

    Steven H. (verified owner)

    Thanks for this program and all that you do man!

    After purchasing the cardboard surfer videos I’ve noticed entirely new train of thought on how I approach surfing. Understanding how to use my body to control the board on the wave rather than using my legs to press on various parts of the board is just one example. I finally have gotten the “feel” of unweighting and when I surf I no longer think about it, it just happens! As a med student who does not have the time to get in the water as much as I would like, this is amazing supplemental training that’s actually applicable in the water. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this sooner.

    Rating :

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  11. John B.

    John B. (verified owner)

    Insanely stoked about Cardboard Surfer

    First off I can’t thank you enough for the content you’ve put together. Just the key aspects of every program associated with your name is so insanely functional. I’ve worked with strength and conditioning coaches at the highest level of professional sports for years and never have I been taught about training muscle memory to improve my craft, in this case surfing. To me surfing is pretty new, I got into it a year ago after moving to the Cocoa Beach Florida area. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent practicing pop-ups, and turning just in my living room. Hours poured into watching pros, and tutorials on YouTube from guys that can surf really well. All that did was teach me bad habits, because the surfers I watched either compensated for their own bad habits, or I had no idea if the body positions I was in were right. Now I watch people surfing who I would have considered decent or good and think to myself, man that guy is working way too hard to move that board. Leaning and thrashing, not looking in the right place, standing sideways and not head on, and burning speed. My gained awareness has me taking so much confidence into the water my next time out.

    The Cardboard Surfer Program is a GIFT FROM GOD!! AWARENESS, AWARENESS, AWARENESS!! A couple of weeks into it now and for the first time I’m AWARE of what my body needs to be doing!! I can feel when I’m out of alignment or moving like a complete kook because I’m AWARE of the proper body movement. As someone who has played sports their entire life I had no idea I could be in such violation of the basic movements required to surf well. You preach training proper movement through muscle memory and dude you delivered in a big way! A couple of times per day I go through the movements taught in this program and every time I realize something I had been doing all jacked up and WOAH!! I can actually recognize it, adjust my body position and fix the bad movement. This program gives surfers the tools to troubleshoot their surfing. Diagnose a bad bottom turn, or tweak your technique to create some extra drive. This was the best investment I’ve made for my surfing! It’s kept me super stoked through our flat spell, while applying everything I’ve learned on some cone drills with my skateboard. Now I’m just dying waiting for some hurricane swell to go apply this stuff!

    If you’re new to surfing don’t even bother going out until you’ve gone through this program. Intermediate or advanced surfers, buy it now. Don’t hesitate, the content has enough for all skill levels to be worth the cost. I promise you will learn better AWARENESS, and tips to tweak the smallest of things in your surfing. Like Kelly said, “Surfing is three things, leaning, compression, and twisting.”

    Insanely stoked about Cardboard Surfer and how it has completely opened my eyes to how the body is supposed to move!

    Rating :

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  12. Nathan Handley H.

    Nathan Handley H. (verified owner)

    The Cardboard Surfer program is excellent.

    I can honestly say that surfing and skating have a very different feel. The front-centric surf feel has been an eye-opener and explains my inability to turn a surfboard when deploying a ‘skate technique’ of pushing into both wheels/heels/toes and relying on their friction to dig into turns. And obviously, skateboarding relies a lot on the back foot with ollying and pushing into the tail (except if you’re a gun that can skate both ways and therefore use your nose as a tail as well. This is not me!).

    That’s where I found the Cardboard Surf program really helpful. And I’m glad that I completed the Cardboard program before completing the drills of the surf skate program. That way I already had the feel way down before jumping on my surf skate. That helped me move onto the front leg on the Surf Skate and be conscious of when I’m moving the weight too much to the back foot. So maybe recommending to do the Cardboard Surfer before the Surf Skate program could be helpful.

    But you’ve totally changed my understanding of surfing, so at least I can practice that on the Cardboard Surfer program. I don’t need much of an excuse to want to carve up a bowl). With any luck when I get back into the water – probably near next year at this rate – it’ll all be rehearsed, muscle memory-d and my wave riding will come alive.

    Cheers and thanks for your and Clayton’s surf enthusiasm.

    Rating :

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  13. mark smale s.

    mark smale s. (verified owner)

    Cardboard surfer how to advance your surfing

    Excellent course would definitely recommend

    Rating :

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  14. Romain M.

    Romain M. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this program!

    It gives me so many ways to work and ameliorate my surfing

    Rating :

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  15. Mal M.

    Mal M. (verified owner)

    I am a middle aged man, intermediate surfer, most basic turns. I have had the Cardboard Surfer for almost 3 weeks now, and it is now starting to make differences in my surfing! The first couple of sessions after going through the walk up was not really working for me so I had to change it slightly to my needs but now seems to work better. And as for the cardboard surfer I have performed some slides that seemed ok in the water, but , after this mornings session on one wave where I got to perform a cardboard surfer after a cardboard surfer after cardboard surfer that has me smiling hours later and had the comments coming in from friends that have noticed a difference in my surfing, Yew!

    Rating :

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  16. Ben L.

    Ben L. (verified owner)

    A way to develop muscle memory when the summer doldrums hit.

    Here on the EC when summer time hits, the surf slows down if not halts. Going through the program helps keep your muscle memory on point and fresh. I’ve learned a few techniques that when the swell showed up I was surprised that I actually caught one where as before I probably would have missed it. If your on the fence like I was about the programs, just do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

    Rating :

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  17. Joey E.

    Joey E. (verified owner)

    Wish I had this 10 years ago

    This program is best money I have ever spent on my surfing advancement. Over the past 10years, I have spent money on private lessons amd watched tons of YouTube vids and my surfing was still average. I can’t believe I have never had true help with my surfing until now. Cris is an expert in his field and the real deal. He is helpful, genuine and a guy with integrity in the way he runs his business. I have experienced this first hand. If you want to get to it and get better at surfing and get your body in peak performance for life get any of these programs today. Don’t waste another 10years flailing around thinking you have the basics down. Get this program. U will be shocked at how fast you progress and feel in and out of the water.

    Rating :

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  18. Alvaro L.

    Alvaro L. (verified owner)

    Really good tutorial. My surfing improved a lot with simple techniques

    Rating :

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  19. Michael V.

    Michael V. (verified owner)

    Easy and clear!

    Like every other beginner / intermediate surfer I though I was doing well. Then you see a video of yourself and think: What? is that me? Bad posture and out of balance all the time. The cardboard surf program gave me some amazing insight of changing all that. Still working on my posture ( Rome isn’t build in 1 day ) but my wave count went up from 50% to 80%, just with some little tips. Great program for every surfer that wants to get better and a must for every beginner surfer.

    Rating :

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  20. Geth T.

    Geth T. (verified owner)

    Great job Cris and Team, keep up the good work!

    A game-changer!

    So simple yet so effective – the content of this program will make perfect and immediate sense to anyone who’s ever surfed. To have it broken down into simple drills you can practice on dry land before transferring what you’ve learnt to the water is amazing! I only wish I’d bought it sooner… the ‘Common Mistakes’ section made me realise how I can quickly and easily make changes that will have huge benefits in the water.

    Rating :

    Read More
  21. John S.

    John S. (verified owner)

    Blown Away - Cardboard Surfer

    I went back surfing during the pandemic since everything was closed (Gym, Jiujitsu Academy, Parks, Etc.) and you can go to the ocean but can’t stay at the beach in Hawaii. Picked up the cardboard surfer a few weeks ago. Mind blowing paradigm shift stuff! My pop up improved and and my the exercises strengthened my knees (my quads really). The repetitive pop-up exercise became second nature that it even helped me with my takedowns in another sport. Now I understand what “drive” really means. Don’t hesitate, get the program! Thank you Cris!

    Rating :

    Read More
  22. Anne S.

    Anne S. (verified owner)

    Thank you for your wonderful cardboard surfer program.

    I have been surfing for 20+ years and have been stuck in a rut and not improving. Cardboard surfer has taught me the importance of posture and this has made quick tangible improvements in my surfing.

    Rating :

    Read More
  23. Tim H.

    Tim H. (verified owner)

    It's helped so much in my surfing!

    This programme is really excellent. Totally changed my understanding of the fundamentals and helped so much in my surfing. I totally recommend the cardboard surfer course!
    5 stars.

    Rating :

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  24. Daniel F.

    Daniel F. (verified owner)

    Great Program and well worth the investment.

    Great Program and well worth the investment. Been surfing regularly over 15 years but picked up bad habits and techniques that have been limiting further improvement.

    Half the problem is understanding what those bad habits are and how that limits your ability to improve. I watched and practiced the cardboard surfer program numerous times and was able to pick up a lot of useful practical tips, techniques and advice that translated into a direct improvement in my surfing (whilst really understanding what I was doing wrong). Highly recommend the good straightforward professional advice and explanations that this program provides. Surfing like most sports needs repetition to improve technique the develop correct muscle memory.

    Rating :

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  25. Mark C.

    Mark C. (verified owner)

    Clever Surf Tips

    Very insightful and simple ideas to improve your surf technique and be more mindful of your posture and movement.

    Rating :

    Read More
  26. Andy O.

    Andy O. (verified owner)

    Easy to digest program that really helps your technique and ultimately become a better surfer

    Rating :

    Read More
  27. Paul H.

    Paul H. (verified owner)

    the program and app get better and better!

    LOTS of people, including me, use your app and your training. We understand them and how our bodies get them.  We need them for our bodies but also for our minds, because as we unlock our stiff bodies, our minds feel better and we surf better and everything is better.  
    You’ve been doing this for 10 years and you’re getting better at it and the programs and app get better and better. Well done!

    Rating :

    Read More
  28. roman D.

    roman D. (verified owner)

    Amazing technical approach to surfing

    So i’ve seen hundred of surf tutorials. This is the only one that really made me undestand what surfing is really about and improved my surfing in just one day. This is not a step-by-step tutorial that is impossible to apply because you’re just not that good, this is a extremely simplified explanation of surfing fundamentals and their analogue to other sports. This is going to help you understand what to do and when because you understand surfing not because you saw it on a tutorial.

    Rating :

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  29. DANIEL S.

    DANIEL S. (verified owner)


    I surf for several years, but unfortunally not so often as I Wish and this program gave me a lot of “AH-AH!!” moments. Some mistakes that i was doing and thinking i was doing it right. Like sometimes i like to say “if you do something for 20 years, it doesnt mean you are doing it right!” thanks a lot. Buying surfskate program and surf athlete for sure!

    Rating :

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  30. DANIEL S.

    DANIEL S. (verified owner)

    thank you for the enlightenment!

    My name is Daniel and I bought your program while a solo surf trip to the Maldives.

    Actually, besides doing surf for several years – unfortunately not so often – I was stuck in the same mistakes for years and years, and I did not have only ONE “aha” moments but several, such as the wrong idea of surfing with the back foot for bigger carvs, or “spray”.

    I was so f*ing amazed by your program that I “ate” it in 2 days!

    I want to thank you for the enlightenment!

    Rating :

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  31. Joe M.

    Joe M. (verified owner)

    "I was blind but now I can see"

    An unintended biblical reference but to be honest most appropriate. As a life long intermediate level surfer I was so stuck in a non-progressional mode for way too long. I had fought against what always felt natural and bowed to the “standard” way to accomplish the pop-up, which should be referred to as the “walk-up”. For anyone struggling with the most fundamental aspect of surfing I honestly could not praise this approach any higher (“I was blind but now I can see”). This “cardboard surfer” is honestly the key to unlocking so many other aspects of your surfing. Cris and Clayton have done a stellar job of walking you through this widely troubling aspect. Gove this training an honest effort and I guarantee you you’ll have quite a few “aha moments”. Thank you Cris & Clayton. 5 star plus.

    Rating :

    Read More
  32. Matt G.

    Matt G. (verified owner)

    Appreciate all the resources you offer, keep it up!

    Being a surfer for over 25 years the Cardboard Surfer program helped me see the nuances of good surfing technique and gave me the knowledge and tools to undue the bad technical habits I’ve been forming over that time. The level of detail and approachable nature of the information made it easy to understand and implement.

    As someone who lives inland and can’t get to the beach as much as I’d like the resources Cris offers to keep the body in shape allows me to still get quality sessions, catch waves, and surf competently as if I am able to surf regularly.

    Appreciate all the resources you offer, keep it up!

    Rating :

    Read More
  33. Rod N.

    Rod N. (verified owner)


    This program is the best! It’s full of awesome strength, flexibility, mobility & recovery routines. It has changed everything for me, I wish somebody told me all of this in my 20s instead of my 40s!
    The app works great and everything is presented so well.

    Rating :

    Read More
  34. D K.

    D K. (verified owner)

    great videos!

    The Program has been a fantastic way to get a ton of reps while out of the water. Very organized, very well communicated. Thank you!

    Rating :

    Read More
  35. Clem P.

    Clem P. (verified owner)

    So greatful for this stuff!

    I am at the beginning of my surfing journey. And I took this program for one thing: to speed up my progress.
    It helps so much to form good habits and focus on the fundamentals. And that greatly simplifies the vision of surfing. It shows that Cris is really keen to give the clearest and fairest advice possible. It is not only a question of learning to slide on a cardboard, but of understanding the basic mechanics which govern a good and stylish surf. After following this program, we immediately spot what is wrong when we see others surfing. It is really a chance to have access to this today! Thanks man !

    Rating :

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  36. Ryan L.

    Ryan L. (verified owner)


    This is the third program I’ve bought from Chris and it might be the best one yet. It really has tied in the work I’ve been doing on the other fitness programs and made me progress that much quicker. I highly recommend this grade A program for anyone that wants to feel results on land that will translate to results in the water. Yeeww

    Rating :

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  37. Fred K.

    Fred K. (verified owner)

    You are a rockstar!

    Hi Cris, I have a NASM certification but my flexibility is limited and I realized that during my first surf lesson and immediately bought a few of your products. They work. Your email speaks to me. I am just really getting into the programs. I have been doing some new things I learned in terms of flexibility and dude you are a rockstar. Great communicator, first class instruction. Well thought out. I can’t begin to compliment you enough and I wish we were neighbors, you are my kind of guy. So yes, I am in, all the way. Thank you for creating a system that is bringing joy to my life.

    Rating :

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  38. Karen B.

    Karen B. (verified owner)

    Keep sending all the healthy positive vibrations out there

    I’m so impressed by your cautions and advice as to when to see a healthcare practitioner. I really just wanted to thank you for your help. I love your positivity and the supportive vibe you have. I have really enjoyed watching your videos progress and this website is totally rad. Keep sending all the healthy positive vibrations out there. It makes a huge difference and wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated it. Peace and love my friend.

    Rating :

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  39. Geraint T.

    Geraint T. (verified owner)


    GAME CHANGER!!! I considered myself a decent high level intermediate/advanced surfer but the basic principals taught in cardboard Surfer have massively improved my surfing. Love the app. Top work my friend.

    Rating :

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  40. Scott C.

    Scott C. (verified owner)

    Keep up the great work.

    I just wanted to tell you how big a fan I am of your program. I was a decent surfer when I was younger, but had a 12 year gap where I didn’t surf, plus a neck injury I was recovering from. I’ve gotten pretty close to my skill levels and fitness from my younger days, plus corrected several bad habits/mechanics in the process. Seems like everything I’ve tried of yours is gold, especially for someone who has had to come back from a pretty serious injury. Keep up the great work. All the best, Scott

    Rating :

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  41. Dean B.

    Dean B. (verified owner)

    A massive thanks for your help!

    Aloha Cris
    I want to take a well-deserved moment to say a massive thanks for your help via your program, and regular Instagram motivation which has also improved my approach and outcomes to cooking too. Things have been gradually improving and coming together since I started with your program, and…….. I had an awesome surf a couple of days ago, where a few things aligned and I got a bunch of waves and rode them with more focused awareness resulting in better positioning, more confidence, quicker take-offs, more rail time, and longer rides……… so stoked!!!! It’s been many years, and I specifically attribute 99.99% of turning the clock back to my significantly improved SSC training program (including the cardboard surfer) and surf knowledge and awareness that I have learnt in the last 6 months from you
    I’m still working my way slowly through the programs so there is still heaps more knowledge and skill work to tap into and I’m loving it. Thanks heaps, and all the best,

    Rating :

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  42. Gordon M.

    Gordon M. (verified owner)

    Thanks buddy!

    I just wanted to let you know how massively chuffed I am at the program it has been a complete change in my life over the last few months. As a 59-year-old I wish I’d come across you years ago. Your explanations and videos are fantastic clear to understand underproduced fantastic results. Thanks buddy

    Rating :

    Read More
  43. Kevin K.

    Kevin K. (verified owner)

    You're the man!

    I’ve never felt so good as I do after 2 months doing your surf athlete app program, it’s so addicting! You’re the man!

    Rating :

    Read More
  44. Bernie Carrozza C.

    Bernie Carrozza C. (verified owner)

    Your work is amazing!

    Thanks again Cris, your program is amazing. Thanks for all your hard work and quick replies. Can’t wait to share them with my kid for years to come!

    Rating :

    Read More
  45. Craig W.

    Craig W. (verified owner)

    it's been a revelation!

    I’ve been surfing for around 20 years and was recommended the cardboard surfer program by a friend who was also an experienced surfer, I was intrigued,
    I purchased the program and my son and I watched all the videos. The pop up was enlightening and I realised that I was taught and using a poor technique. I still see people being taught inferior methods.
    The pump when trimming was another penny drop moment! The movement was familiar to me from skating on a halfpipe, but I’d never linked it with surfing.
    I’ve applied these to my surfing since and it’s been a revelation! Thanks so much!

    Rating :

    Read More
  46. Dean B.

    Dean B. (verified owner)


    Thanks for the opportunity to get onboard this programm!ll Cheers!! I had another fun surf at my local today….again, another big thanks to you and your Surf Strength Coach programm for giving me the tools and roadmap to make this happen!!!! Mate, don’t sell yourself short….. Positive impact on my time in the ocean……..FK YEAH!!! SUPER POSITIVE IMPACT!!! HUGE THANKS!!! Positive impact on land, positive impact in the gym, positive impact in my mind, positive impact on my choices, positive impact on my diet, positive impact on life……. Also, ABSOLUTELY loved the passionate Instagram rant verbal download (and subsequent post) on paddling starnina and the required training and impact!!!

    Rating :

    Read More
  47. Scott H.

    Scott H. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny!

    Hi Cris, my wife and 8yo daughter gave me your program for Christmas. Since we all surf together it was really a gift for all of us. We’re watching your program as a family…it’s awesome. We usually watch a video or two on the program before we hop on our boards and practice and critique each other on those drills. No more big effort pop ups. Just to land with feet in the wrong position and have to readjust on a critical part of the wave! It’s wild to get this knowledge after surfing nearly 30 years and see how much more fun we can have in the water by being intentional about our focus for that session. It is such a great asset for my coaching my daughter too. It’s crazy to go out in the water and see how few people really pay any attention to their technique. Glad we’re not in that camp any more. You’ve really got some incredible programs and have put a massive amount of work into putting them together. We appreciate that work, the improvements its already bringing to our surfing and even drawing us closer as a family.

    Rating :

    Read More
  48. Zachary G.

    Zachary G. (verified owner)

    I surf better!

    Your surf strength products are the best thing that happen to me in 2020. I believe I have purchased every one product you offer. I’m healthier, more flexible, and surf better than I ever have. Because if that, 2020 was all that bad for me… basically because of your online programs. If you are ever is San Diego reach out and we can grab a surf. You’re a legend.

    Rating :

    Read More
  49. Eric S.

    Eric S. (verified owner)

    Keep up the good work.

    I also bought the Cardboard program. I always thought of trimming off the front foot, but not turning. What an eye opener! Along with the coffee cup, makes me want to break out my 6’6. even for the point break. I normally ride a 7’2 Stewart 949(awsome!). and the thought of popping up on the 6’6 felt like it would never happen again. Great stuff Cris!

    Rating :

    Read More
  50. Ben C.

    Ben C. (verified owner)


    Thanks Cris, awesome, you should know that because of your work and communicative skills you are part of a group of people who have transformed my life over the last 5 years…big time bro Much gratitude I can’t believe I’ve only been surfing 5 months!! We have so many years ahead.

    Rating :

    Read More
  51. Dano C.

    Dano C. (verified owner)

    I wish I’d have bought it sooner.

    I was told about Cris and his videos by a friend who was organising a trip to the Mentawais. Initially I just watched the YouTube strength training videos and the ‘packing for a trip to Indo’ which was really useful.
    I randomly ran into Cris in the water at Macaroni’s a few days before the Corona virus forced us all home early.
    When I was allowed back in the water back home, I purchased his program. His relaxed but quick walk up and totally focusing on looking down the line has massively improved my ability to get waves. I hardly ever fall on take off, and that definitely wasn’t the case in Indo

    Once on the wave, the arm/leg/coffee cup positions, no poo man, twist, be like a sprinter feels great, brilliant advice.

    Rating :

    Read More
  52. Christopher C.

    Christopher C. (verified owner)

    The program is excellent!

    Hey Cris, my name is Chris Campbell. The program is excellent and has really helped every aspect of my surfing. Specifically, the Cardboard Surfer helped me surf faster. So yes I am a customer. But I am also an exercise physiologist. Because of my profession, I can really appreciate your expertise. You are incredibly good at what you are doing as a surf strength coach. I just wanted you to know that. Hang in there, man. These are tough times. My wife and I are really struggling too. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Rating :

    Read More
  53. Walter S.

    Walter S. (verified owner)

    This is unbelievable.

    Welp, the cardboard surfer program improved my surfing 2-3 levels in as many weeks. I’m no longer skidding out and bogging on backside bottom turns. I’m no longer catching rail at the top. I’m taking different lines on the wave and throwing much more spray. I finally understand the shape of my boards.

    Rating :

    Read More
  54. Yosef M.

    Yosef M. (verified owner)

    the best 100 bucks I have ever spent!

    I’m loving the cardboard surfer program! This program is the best 100 bucks I’ve spent in a while. My surfing and mindset changed the first time I got in the water after finishing the first section, I feel like I have all the time in the world now, when “walking up”. Thank you and clay for breaking down to the popup so methodically. Stay healthy and hope you’re getting some waves, Yosef

    Rating :

    Read More
  55. Bjoern H.

    Bjoern H. (verified owner)

    cannot believe what happened on my last wave!

    First surf in 7 weeks, have been doing all the cardboard surfer stuff daily and some of the Bosu stuff you guys posted on social media. I cannot believe what happened on my last wave: Short and sharp backhand wave into the shore break. I walked up effortlessly, suddenly flew down the line (must have been the walk up to cardboard slide combo I practiced at home), did a bottom turn into the lip of the shore dump, and believe I pivoted of my front foot freeing my fins(never had that feeling before), did NOT get stuck in the lip but landed safely in the flats ahead of it. I don’t know about that whole wave, I have never felt anything like that. I have surfed for 20 years now, probably the last 10 to 15 on my same intermediate to shit level. Maybe those past 7 weeks have changed my surfing. Just an addition: I did the exercises thoroughly, filming myself, checking my form, comparing my posture to pro surfers, and thinking about the process and surfing nonstop! The cardboard slide generated incredible amounts of speed, but felt completely effortless, I don’t recollect needing any power whatsoever. I guess the unweighting is the trick really.

    Rating :

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  56. Shane M.

    Shane M. (verified owner)

    It changed my life!

    I just watched the entire Cardboard Surfer program today…I’ve been surfing for 15 years and it changed my life!!!

    Rating :

    Read More
  57. Zachary G.

    Zachary G. (verified owner)


    Your online surf coaching program is paying off big time.
    Thanks again for what your helping all of us I’ve
    better at what we love.

    Rating :

    Read More
  58. Dan S.

    Dan S. (verified owner)

    Loving the program

    I love your work, my only regret is I didn’t find you ten years ago. Your programme has been life-changing for me. I have found an exercise routine that really suits my ageing 50-year-old body, I also have a chronic lower back issue from 30 years of landscaping. But I can honestly say I have never felt this good in 20 years. I have been trying to learn to surf for 5 years. I am 110miles from the nearest coast and west wales is fickle, to say the least, but I am undeterred, your programme makes me feel like I’m making small steps all the time and I can really feel it when I do get to surf. Also, your programme has really helped with my mental health and well being through the pandemic and through losing close family members. Your breathwork introduced me to Wimm Hoff, cold water therapy, o2 advantage and blue mind, which has all become part of my daily/weekly routine.

    Rating :

    Read More
  59. Edgardo F.

    Edgardo F. (verified owner)


    This program help me a lot I only 9 mounth surf and I progres a lot with this!

    Rating :

    Read More
  60. Eric S.

    Eric S. (verified owner)

    Great stuff Cris! Keep up the good work.

    I always thought of trimming off the front foot, but not turning. What an eye opener! Along with the coffee cup, makes me want to break out my 6’6, even for the point break.

    Rating :

    Read More
  61. Malcolm D.

    Malcolm D. (verified owner)

    Worth purchasing!

    The Cardboard surfer is the best money I have every spent on surfing!!

    Rating :

    Read More
  62. Anders M.

    Anders M. (verified owner)

    recommended it to a couple of my friends!

    I have to add I really enjoy the training program, especially in these quarantine times, and I have recommended it to a couple of my friends already 🙂

    Rating :

    Read More
  63. Ed D.

    Ed D. (verified owner)


    I been surfing forever. I just went thru cardboard surfer and it changed everything. Crazy! got the best barrel of my life on Wednesday cus cardboard surfer.

    Rating :

    Read More
  64. Matt G.

    Matt G. (verified owner)

    Appreciate all the resources you offer, keep it up!

    Being a surfer for over 25 years the Cardboard Surfer program helped me see the nuances of good surfing technique and gave me the knowledge and tools to undue the bad technical habits I’ve been forming over that time. The level of detail and approachable nature of the information made it easy to understand and implement.

    As someone who lives inland and can’t get to the beach as much as I’d like the resources Cris offers to keep the body in shape allows me to still get quality sessions, catch waves, and surf competently as if I am able to surf regularly.

    Rating :

    Read More
  65. Peter W.

    Peter W. (verified owner)

    The best investment!

    I´m generally not one for reviewing solely out of pure laziness, but I am delighted to make an exception for such a fantastic product. This program is the best investment I have made for my surfing – by far. 
    I’ve perfected my paddling but maintained an awful technique on the wave face. This program has unlocked a path to progression in a way endless YouTubing just won’t. After a vast amount of ‘aha’ moments, I have a clear trajectory for taking my surfing to the next level. Excellent work. Just TAKE MY MONEY! Workout programs are also great.

    Rating :

    Read More
  66. Tom M.

    Tom M. (verified owner)

    Great instruction and it works

    After moving a bit further from the ocean where I could not surf multiple times a week, I started noticing a decline in the quality of my surfing. After reading reviews I gave this and the Surf Skate programs a try. The instruction is super easy to follow. The drills are easy to do. I absolutely saw an improvement in my surfing. Have been using the drills a couple times a week to stay on top of things and it’s still helping out. Give it a shot!

    Rating :

    Read More
  67. Tom M.

    Tom M. (verified owner)

    Great instruction and it works

    After moving a bit further from the ocean where I could not surf multiple times a week, I started noticing a decline in the quality of my surfing. After reading reviews I gave this and the Surf Skate programs a try. The instruction is super easy to follow. The drills are easy to do. I absolutely saw an improvement in my surfing. Have been using the drills a couple times a week to stay on top of things and it’s still helping out. Give it a shot!

    Rating :

    Read More
  68. Eric L.

    Eric L. (verified owner)

    I'm so happy to have found this program!

    I want to leave a review, I just don’t know where to start! I’ll give it a go anyway… 
    For years I’ve been struggling with my pop-up, which has been very inconsistent especially in more challenging surf. I attribute my plateauing at the low end of the intermediate surfer spectrum to it. This made for very frustrating sessions at times. And a failed surf trip in Samoa, ironically probably close to the top of my surfing form. Scouring the internet I just kept getting conflicting info on the proper way to pop up. Starting with the chicken wing and then becoming convinced I had to jump on my two feet. Method for which I don’t have the required core strength and flexibility. And for context, I’m 38 and I have some legacy minor lower back issues. 
    I discovered the cardboard surfer on Instagram, by following you and then Clayton, and just couldn’t wait to get the full course. I can only say that while I’m still not a great surfer, my pop-up (well my walk-up) is at least 5 times more consistent and I enjoy my surfs a lot more simply by making more waves.
    I also get more and more of these “aha” moments on waves, keeping up with it with a cardboard slide or the realization that arms up and front/coffee cup do wonder for stability and turns. 
    And to top it up you keep updating the programs with refreshed and new content! 
    So a big thank you, and I hope I’ll be able to redeem that failed Samoan trip at some point! 

    Rating :

    Read More
  69. Dave P.

    Dave P. (verified owner)

    This program has been extremely helpful

    It has shown me results, session after session in the surf. That feeling is addictive!!
    This program has been extremely helpful in identifying and clearing out those bad habits (you know the ones that hinder progress only after realizing feeling it in the water) and also gaining body awareness. This brings out results in;giving confidence from land traininglooking for & feeling out the power zones of the wavegliding across and making the section or overtaking drop-in’sdrawing out turns with REAL lean and holding the rail engaged back to the power zone still high on the face

    I feel these are the results from your program, your App updates keep it fresh.I can recommend the program as applying to real-life surfers all in the preparation in chasing and dialing in for THAT wave, whatever the conditions.

    Rating :

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  70. Sam B.

    Sam B. (verified owner)

    Cris and his Surf Strength programs have changed the way I look at surfing, and I have improved out of sight

    I can’t recommend these programs enough. The stretching, the techniques and the exercises are so beneficial, and all taught/ explained in a simple way that is easy to get your head around!

    Rating :

    Read More
  71. G E.

    G E. (verified owner)

    Certain improvement

    Pay attention, practice, implement and your improvement is certain. You’ll get insights that’ll take years or that you might never get trying to figure it yourself.

    Rating :

    Read More
  72. Jacob R.

    Jacob R. (verified owner)

    Kook off those bad habits

    I bought this program after reading “nosupermanchris’s” review on Reddit. After 10 years of paddling out, my surfing felt like it was in a rut. Time watching You Tube videos was helpful, but I found many of the drills for increasing skill only marginally transferable to my time in the line-up.

    The program is well put together. It starts with reviewing core concepts before moving onto drills. The program is broken down into a series of lessons that all build off of each other. After 2 weeks of doing the program I began noticing a difference in my surfing. Although I do not do the cardboard drills as often as I should anymore, my turns feel better and my ability to maintain control while popping up has increased significantly.

    $127 for a program that will improve you surfing better and cheaper than a new board or fins is well worth the investment.

    Rating :

    Read More
  73. Dylan V.

    Dylan V. (verified owner)

    Mind blown within the first 3 video's

    The video’s on the “walk-up” blew my mind and made me completely retrain myself from ‘popping’ up . This tip alone makes the course entirely worth it.

    I’m a big fan of body mechanics, reminds me of learning to perfect throwing a fastball, and Clayton does a great job breaking down each component of fundamental surf mechanics. I wish I watched this many years ago.

    Rating :

    Read More
  74. Joe B.

    Joe B. (verified owner)

    Great program, Way to share the stoke.

    The content and products are great. I have been utilizing many of the programs and have truly benefited from these great resources. Since first watching the programs on youtube and now investing in the product, I have noticed that my surfing has improved, my body mechanics have improved and I have improved mobility even when I am not surfing. I have so much to learn but am stoked to keep learning as much as I can through these programs. Thanks again.

    Rating :

    Read More
  75. Martina H.

    Martina H. (verified owner)

    Great for surfing and surfskating

    The cardboard surfer is a FINE program which gives a lot of good insights to surf technique. It has reasonable explainations why you should move this way (lunge) or not (squat). With a lot of helpful ideas (coffee cup) it´s easy to practice and doing the right moves. I have no idea how many surfers can surf poo stance, when you know it´s wrong.

    Rating :

    Read More
  76. Deirdre O.

    Deirdre O. (verified owner)

    Cris is a legend!

    I got 3 massive takeaways that have completed changed my surf stance and speed generation. I’ve been surfing 20 years the wrong way and have attended many surf camps around Europe over the years where this wasn’t corrected. Chris is a brilliant teacher and the visual cues really stick when you go out in the water.

    Rating :

    Read More
  77. Michael S.

    Michael S. (verified owner)

    Game changer!

    It would have been cool if someone told me to point my hips forward like 20 years ago. It’s been hard transition but it’s a game changer.

    Rating :

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  78. One person found this helpful
    Daniel G.

    Daniel G. (verified owner)

    Change your surfing

    Comprehensive, step-by-step guide to becoming a better surfer. Changed my surfing.

    Rating :

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  79. One person found this helpful
    Ben Hamley H.

    Ben Hamley H. (verified owner)

    Transformed my pop up and my surfing

    I found the cardboard surfer program great for breaking out of the bad habits i’d made from just ‘trying’ to surf. Re learning how to get to my feet on a surfboard and working on the techniques on land has transformed my ‘successful’ wave count! Highly recommended. Thanks!

    Rating :

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  80. One person found this helpful
    Kecia D.

    Kecia D. (verified owner)

    great way to improve your surfing or start out with a good foundation

    After doing this program I was able to improve my surfing quite a bit. Cris really breaks down the movements and explained how to use your body movement in a way that I had never heard in any of the camps/classes I had taken before. I would highly recommend any beginners to get this so they can learn good technique from the start and not develop too many bad habits.

    Rating :

    Read More
  81. Kevin K.

    Kevin K. (verified owner)


    I have been surfing for nearly 15 years but sadly my skill has not shown the duration I’ve been in the water until I implemented tweaks to my surfing found in these programs and started training properly for surfing. I feel way more energetic and can now pull off maneuvers I thought would always be impossible. Thank you Cris!

    Rating :

    Read More
  82. Paul V.

    Paul V. (verified owner)

    Exceptional Advice

    I’ve been following Cris now for about a year and only have good things to say about his programmes.
    For some background, I’m 40 years old and live in-land so only get to surf once or twice a month and I was always struggling to find training that was specific to surfing….I’ve been training for years now, from weight training to swimming, cycling, running, yoga, pilates, cross fit etc.
    Since working through the programmes, the latest of which is the body weight training, I’ve seen amazing results in both my physical and surfing ability – I’m far more mobile, flexible and my paddling endurance has improved significantly!
    I’m super stoked and can honestly say Cris is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I’ve come across and his practical application of training principals in a simple and easy to understand format makes this training so special and I would highly recommend it to anyone, not only surfers, as it definitely offers amazing results both in and out of the water.

    Rating :

    Read More
  83. Jason S.

    Jason S. (verified owner)

    Prepare to be stoked

    I’ve really enjoyed the Cardboard Surfer program. It’s laid out in a way that makes sense, is easy to follow and has absolutely helped me make the most of my time in the water though building my technique on land.

    Rating :

    Read More
  84. Aaron A.

    Aaron A. (verified owner)

    Chris is the man!!

    His products are great. I’ve been following his work for years and every one of them have help up my surfing. Whether it’s improving strength, increasing mobility, or building technique fundamentals, he’s working it all. I started surfing at 37 and now only a couple years later can now reliably catch waves on a board only four inches taller than me. I have a lot more to learn but credit Chris with the majority of my success. Through his app, he’s my personal trainer, physical therapist, and surf coach all in one. What a bargain!

    Rating :

    Read More
  85. Bernardo R.

    Bernardo R. (verified owner)

    Powerful Tool for Upgrading Surfing Technique

    Congratulations Chris Mills and all the staff of Surf Strengh Coach.

    I am an experienced surfer and an avid searcher for surfing tutorials to upgrade my style and technique.
    The Surf Strengh Coach is by far the most complete, detailed and comprehensive program I have ever come across . I bought several programs including the Surf Skate, the Perfect Pop Up, Surf Atlethe and the Body Weight Training. I’ve been trainning constantly I can say that me and my buddies have already noticed a big improvement in my surfing. I feel more loose, more fit, more aware and more confident than ever. I highly recommend the programs. They are highly effective and worth the price you pay. Differently than many other bullshit coaching programs I unfortunately acquired before I knew Surf Strengh Coach.

    Rating :

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  86. One person found this helpful
    Mike C.

    Mike C. (verified owner)

    I never thought I would ever learn to surf a short board.

    Learning how to “pump” properly has been a huge game changer for my surfing. The Cardboard Surfer program not only teaches you the technique but you actually experience the sensation in your body of what a real “pump” should feel like in the surf using only a piece of cardboard. I was surprised how well this translated into the water. Throughout my time surfing and learning from Cris I’ve let go of my 9’0” longboard and am now comfortably surfing and new 5’11” twin. Even though I’ve been surfing for almost 20 years now, Cris’s programs have taken me to the next level. His attention to detail has brought out the small but necessary tweaks that I needed to make in order to fully embody my movement and style on surfboard. I will always look to Cris for my surfing performance progression.

    Rating :

    Read More
  87. Christopher C.

    Christopher C. (verified owner)

    Surf faster

    Before the Cardboard Surfer program, I had not progressed in years. My surfing was slow. I felt like I was always struggling to get speed. Through the Cardboard Surfer program, Cris and Clayton opened my eyes to how to generate more speed on a wave. Then they showed me a simple and effective way to practice and repeat it at home. Not only am I surfing faster now, but my style has improved and I am able to do more maneuvers with the speed that I am generating. Surfing has become way more fun. My surfing has gone from dull and lifeless, to fast and lively. Get this program if you want to surf faster and with better style.

    Rating :

    Read More
  88. Aleksander S.

    Aleksander S. (verified owner)

    So greatful!

    I’m so happy I had the Cardboard Surfer so early in my surfing life. No idea how long it’d take me to figure these things out by myself, I’d probably keep being stuck for years. The principles are simple, but key to progression, yet nobody teaches them! Everyone says this program is a game changer and it truly is.

    Rating :

    Read More
  89. Boris W.

    Boris W. (verified owner)

    Time and money well spent

    These programs are really great. Each one of them offers a different but very important angle. If you really want to improve your surfing, you better have a plan. And this is the BEST PLAN I have seen until now. And TBH … I also purchased other programs but they dont measure up.

    Rating :

    Read More
  90. Peter B.

    Peter B. (verified owner)

    Land based training

    Only get to the waves for a few weeks a year. Wanted to keep improving and having the movement patterns to be more natural and not have to think about it. This program will for sure help.

    Rating :

    Read More
  91. Mariesa I.

    Mariesa I. (verified owner)

    Who knew sliding on a piece of cardboard would change the way I surf

    The cardboard surfer program is packed with instruction and “ah ha” moments that have changed the way is surf. Small adjustments taught/discussed in the app have helped make huge improvements in my surfing, such as consciously being “front on”. For some it may be a given but I started surfing way later in life and just the smallest tweak of my hips forward have changed my ability to turn better and generate more speed. I can’t recommend the program enough.

    Rating :

    Read More
  92. Daniel A.

    Daniel A. (verified owner)


    Cardboard surfer and surf skate program helped me to access to every single detail that I needed to really improve as I wanted.Thanks.

    Rating :

    Read More
  93. Robert M.

    Robert M. (verified owner)

    Great program!

    All of Chris’s programs are great. Currently working on bodyweight surf workout and it is legit. I come back to the cardboard surfer if I haven’t surfed in a while. It helps get the body coordination back, plus the cardboard slide is a gamechanger. I would carry a piece of cardboard in my suitcase and practice with it on the road.

    Rating :

    Read More
  94. Mick H.

    Mick H. (verified owner)

    Exceptional product

    Very well researched and top of the game. The walk up analogy was definitely my ah ha moment
    Plenty more though

    Rating :

    Read More
  95. Steven T.

    Steven T. (verified owner)

    ‘Page-turning’ content, professionally delivered

    I found Cris by accident through one of the YouTube teasers and even though I’m a level 0.5 beginner, the logic of what Cris was talking about resonated with me as someone from a science background.
    On buying the programmes, it was refreshing to have an app sitting on the iPad and it made it easier to progress through the content (which in itself is all worthwhile and eye-opening stuff).
    I think Cris is a really good presenter and you can see he is really passionate about his subject(s) and he makes it very easy to keep interested in the content, delivered in bitesized chunks.
    For the cost fuel and of a couple of sessions at Bristol’s “The Wave”, I have lots and lots of content that I can go back to again and again to help my dryside drilling so that when I do get into the water I can hopefully progress at a half decent rate.
    I am even getting to grips with a Carver and I never thought I would see myself as a skater!!!
    In summary: buy the programs, you won’t regret it.

    Rating :

    Read More
  96. Tim Guyton Elleriis G.

    Tim Guyton Elleriis G. (verified owner)

    Massive knowledge and nicely build. I have been on my carver for some years, but the program helped me focus on some details that i would not have othervise. Also it helps you with awareness and gives you focuspoints. I would highly recommend

    Rating :

    Read More
  97. Muzza M.

    Muzza M. (verified owner)

    The Cardboard Surfer program was fantastic, it’s easy to follow and has lots of ‘a-ha!’ moments. It has honestly improved my wave count and stoke!

    Rating :

    Read More
  98. One person found this helpful
    Thibault Mokuenko M.

    Thibault Mokuenko M. (verified owner)

    Dope program, everything you need to understand to improve your surfing !

    Rating :

    Read More
  99. Jake B.

    Jake B. (verified owner)

    The missing link

    I have been a UK based surfer for approx 10 years. I really started to focus about 5 years ago. The progress was steady but happening. I then stagnated until I started the cardboard surfer program. I realised for 9 years my stance was wrong! I was poo man. I was well known for my distinctive stance but I didn’t realise this signature move was also holding me back. After rewiring my pop-up with the walk up and being conscious of my stance after a few sessions I already feel that I have broken the plateau and on my way to my next goal. Bigger turns. Which co-incidentally the cardboard surfer program has given me some of the tools to help as well. I have followed Cris for years and really rate his work and I am glad I bought into his community!

    Rating :

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  100. One person found this helpful
    Matt B.

    Matt B. (verified owner)

    Great programme!

    Thanks so much Cris and Clayton! Cardboard Surfer has definitely helped me getting through a plateau with taking off and trimming on shortboards. I’d been struggling for a while in transitioning to a shortboard as I live in a town with a notorious beach break where you have to be quick. Couldn’t believe it when a fun two foot swell turned up recently and I pulled off a dozen long left handers. Will continue to dip into this programme as I progress. So stoked!!

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