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Cardboard Surfer

"A Surf Technique Program That  Changes the Way Your Surf And How You Understand Surfing."

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Good Surfing Style is Just Good Technique.

If You're a Beginner Wanting to Progress, OR an Intermediate Surfer that's Stalled, This Program is Perfect for Ramping Up Your Surf Skill & Progression

Improve Your Technique
This program will improve your technique, in the comfort of your own home with no condescending eyes, you will improve your surfing and actually "feel" what good surfing is.
Skill Progression
This program is the first step in further skill progression. Get this down before you get on a surf skateboard.
Get Better in the Water
Feel the movements, the patterns, how to create drive, how to compress, how to coordinate full-body movement, so that you can then replicate it in the water.

Are You Tired of Your Skill Level Being Stuck and Stagnant?

You've got Bad Habits... It's Time to Break Them.

The Cardboard Surfer is "Surf Fundamentals 101".  This is What You NEED to Know In Order to Progress Your Surfing.

Change Your Awareness & Understanding of What Good Surfing Is. Break Your Bad Habits.  Train New Patterns of Surf Movement, and Apply it to Your Surfing. 

You WILL Be a Different Surfer by the End of This Program!


What You Need for This Program

All you need is a willingness to improve your surfing, and a piece of cardboard about the size of a skateboard.

What You Need to Know About This Program

You Don't Even Know What Your Bad Habits Are
Most Intermediate Surfers are "stuck" because their bad movement habits are halting their progression.  You need a new lens and understanding of what GOOD surfing actually is.  This program will give you a true awareness of surfing biomechanics.  You can't change anything if you don't know what is Wrong, and what is Right. 
It's Your Body, Not the Board
You need to STOP spending 1000's of dollars on new surfboards.  The board isn't the problem, the way you move your body is the problem!  This course will teach you the Fundamentals of surf movement so you can Actually Progress your surfing!  Take the brakes of your surfing with GOOD technique.  
Practice at Home Then Surf in the Water
Do you think you're actually going to correct your technique on the 4 waves you get, on your 1 weekend surf, for a total of 30seconds of actually standing on a surfboard?   NOPE!  You need a way to build repetition, to build motor memory, to FEEL the new patterns.  This program is to your surfing like a driving range is to golf.  Practice your surfing at home, build the pattern, become efficient, and then you can replicate it in the surf. 

Most Surfers Don't Even Know Basic Wave Mechanics... And Definitely Don't Know How to Move Their Body to INTERACT With a Wave.

Power Zones

So What's in the Program?  

The Cardboard Surfer is a series of 7 Primary Lessons, teaching you the true fundamentals of surfing movement. You will develop an understanding of surfing mechanics.  You will understand the How and the Why of Good Surfing. You will practice Surf Movements, You will FEEL the Patterns, and you WILL Replicate it in the Surf.  

Follow along at your own pace.  
Practice in the comfort and non-stressful environment of your own home.  
This program is the basis for future skill work on skateboards and in skate bowls.  
This program WILL change your perception of surfing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to the program forever?
Yes! Once you purchase the program you will get lifetime access and discounts on new programs.
What Equipment do I need?
All you will need for this program is:
  • A piece of Cardboard!
Can beginners do the program?
Absolutely, there are alternative and progressive movements for each level.
How is the program delivered to me?
This is a digital program intended to be downloaded to your mobile device so you always have it with you during your workouts. Once you join the Surf Athlete Training Program, you will receive access to the entire program. Download everything and it’s yours forever.
Refund Policy
All purchases made on our website, or via the Surf Strength Coach app platform are NON-REFUNDABLE. We proudly stand by our work, programs, and training protocols, and you can readily view the numerous testimonials regarding our programs if you are unsure of the quality of our work. Due to the downloadable nature of our programs, and considerations of Intellectual Property, refunds will not be granted for any training programs or educational programs.
How to Download the Program?
Programs within the Surf Athlete can be downloaded so you can access them offline.

Program content is downloaded to within the app. Separate files are not downloaded to your phone or laptop. Files are saved within the app itself, so they can be accessed offline.

This function works for the web app on your desktop / laptop, and also the phone app.

Cardboard Surfer

(131 customer reviews)


A Surf Technique Program That Changes the Way Your Surf And How You Understand Surfing. Good Surfing Style is Just Good Technique. This Program is Perfect for Ramping Up Your Surf Skill & Progression

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131 reviews

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  1. One person found this helpful
    Samuele F.

    Samuele F. (verified owner)

    Effective and fun approach to surfing

    If you like simple concepts or a different, effective and fun approach to surfing. Go and get it.

    Rating :

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  2. One person found this helpful
    Kecia D.

    Kecia D. (verified owner)

    great way to improve your surfing or start out with a good foundation

    After doing this program I was able to improve my surfing quite a bit. Cris really breaks down the movements and explained how to use your body movement in a way that I had never heard in any of the camps/classes I had taken before. I would highly recommend any beginners to get this so they can learn good technique from the start and not develop too many bad habits.

    Rating :

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  3. One person found this helpful
    Mo G.

    Mo G. (verified owner)

    Great way to advance your surfing

    The cardboard surfer program provides great exercises and insights into how surfing in the water should feel. It gives many exercises to practice at home (without looking like a kook to everyone) and to get a better feel for the board (and your own body). Cris and Clayton are very insightful and following them has helped me progress my surfing significantly.

    Rating :

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  4. One person found this helpful
    Nick L.

    Nick L. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend going through the whole thing!

    In surfing there is no equivalent to going to the driving range and hitting a bucket of balls; it’s very difficult to work on technique, you’re at the mercy of the ocean of what you can work on in any given session. This program helps make up for that fact; it lays out simple yet profound movements you can work on so you can perfect that muscle memory on land, removing the variability of water. That way once you’re out there you’ll be able to intuitively perform the correct motions. It’s a great program, great for progression, I highly recommend going through the whole thing!

    Rating :

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  5. One person found this helpful
    Mike C.

    Mike C. (verified owner)

    I never thought I would ever learn to surf a short board.

    Learning how to “pump” properly has been a huge game changer for my surfing. The Cardboard Surfer program not only teaches you the technique but you actually experience the sensation in your body of what a real “pump” should feel like in the surf using only a piece of cardboard. I was surprised how well this translated into the water. Throughout my time surfing and learning from Cris I’ve let go of my 9’0” longboard and am now comfortably surfing and new 5’11” twin. Even though I’ve been surfing for almost 20 years now, Cris’s programs have taken me to the next level. His attention to detail has brought out the small but necessary tweaks that I needed to make in order to fully embody my movement and style on surfboard. I will always look to Cris for my surfing performance progression.

    Rating :

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  6. One person found this helpful
    Thibault Mokuenko M.

    Thibault Mokuenko M. (verified owner)

    Dope program, everything you need to understand to improve your surfing !

    Rating :

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  7. One person found this helpful
    Matt B.

    Matt B. (verified owner)

    Great programme!

    Thanks so much Cris and Clayton! Cardboard Surfer has definitely helped me getting through a plateau with taking off and trimming on shortboards. I’d been struggling for a while in transitioning to a shortboard as I live in a town with a notorious beach break where you have to be quick. Couldn’t believe it when a fun two foot swell turned up recently and I pulled off a dozen long left handers. Will continue to dip into this programme as I progress. So stoked!!

    Rating :

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  8. One person found this helpful
    Mike C.

    Mike C. (verified owner)

    The Cardboard Surfer is the real deal

    For the past 17 years of me being a surfer, I’ve always struggled with exactly what to do when I’m on a wave. I’d see other surfers absolutely just ripping and I wouldn’t understand entirely what they were doing and why I couldn’t surf like that. Surfing didn’t exactly come natural to me and having been an athlete my whole life (also an ex NCAA D 1 athlete) I needed specific instruction on how to generate speed and turn my board. Enter The Cardboard Surfer. This program lays it all out. The program’s specific technique instructions were so thorough and precise that surfing finally made sense to me. I had tried using other surf technique instructions on YouTube but they paled in comparison to Cris’s analogy-based teachings like the “coffee cup” and “beer pass.” I’ve already incorporated the techniques on my carver surf-skate and am seeing incredible results (super stoked for the Carver program btw- DEFINITELY going to get that one when it comes out). Since I can’t make it out to the coast due to COVID-19 at the moment (beach closures), I can’t even imagine how much progress I’ve made since learning from the Cardboard Surfer program. I definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to level up their surfing!

    Rating :

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  9. One person found this helpful
    Daniel G.

    Daniel G. (verified owner)

    Change your surfing

    Comprehensive, step-by-step guide to becoming a better surfer. Changed my surfing.

    Rating :

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  10. One person found this helpful
    Ben Hamley H.

    Ben Hamley H. (verified owner)

    Transformed my pop up and my surfing

    I found the cardboard surfer program great for breaking out of the bad habits i’d made from just ‘trying’ to surf. Re learning how to get to my feet on a surfboard and working on the techniques on land has transformed my ‘successful’ wave count! Highly recommended. Thanks!

    Rating :

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  11. One person found this helpful
    Carlos L.

    Carlos L. (verified owner)

    I’ve spent hours looking for clues in youtube videos as I’m learning to surf and it was so refreshing to find this program. It explained in a simple direct way the core movements needed to surf, and the common errors that surfers fall into as they learn the sport. It was shocking to see how I was doing them most of them! The corrective exercises are surprisingly easy and provided a solid approach which I have seen results after just 1 week. So rad!

    Rating :

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  12. Dave P.

    Dave P. (verified owner)

    This program has been extremely helpful

    It has shown me results, session after session in the surf. That feeling is addictive!!
    This program has been extremely helpful in identifying and clearing out those bad habits (you know the ones that hinder progress only after realizing feeling it in the water) and also gaining body awareness. This brings out results in;giving confidence from land traininglooking for & feeling out the power zones of the wavegliding across and making the section or overtaking drop-in’sdrawing out turns with REAL lean and holding the rail engaged back to the power zone still high on the face

    I feel these are the results from your program, your App updates keep it fresh.I can recommend the program as applying to real-life surfers all in the preparation in chasing and dialing in for THAT wave, whatever the conditions.

    Rating :

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  13. Eric L.

    Eric L. (verified owner)

    I'm so happy to have found this program!

    I want to leave a review, I just don’t know where to start! I’ll give it a go anyway… 
    For years I’ve been struggling with my pop-up, which has been very inconsistent especially in more challenging surf. I attribute my plateauing at the low end of the intermediate surfer spectrum to it. This made for very frustrating sessions at times. And a failed surf trip in Samoa, ironically probably close to the top of my surfing form. Scouring the internet I just kept getting conflicting info on the proper way to pop up. Starting with the chicken wing and then becoming convinced I had to jump on my two feet. Method for which I don’t have the required core strength and flexibility. And for context, I’m 38 and I have some legacy minor lower back issues. 
    I discovered the cardboard surfer on Instagram, by following you and then Clayton, and just couldn’t wait to get the full course. I can only say that while I’m still not a great surfer, my pop-up (well my walk-up) is at least 5 times more consistent and I enjoy my surfs a lot more simply by making more waves.
    I also get more and more of these “aha” moments on waves, keeping up with it with a cardboard slide or the realization that arms up and front/coffee cup do wonder for stability and turns. 
    And to top it up you keep updating the programs with refreshed and new content! 
    So a big thank you, and I hope I’ll be able to redeem that failed Samoan trip at some point! 

    Rating :

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  14. Tom M.

    Tom M. (verified owner)

    Great instruction and it works

    After moving a bit further from the ocean where I could not surf multiple times a week, I started noticing a decline in the quality of my surfing. After reading reviews I gave this and the Surf Skate programs a try. The instruction is super easy to follow. The drills are easy to do. I absolutely saw an improvement in my surfing. Have been using the drills a couple times a week to stay on top of things and it’s still helping out. Give it a shot!

    Rating :

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  15. Matt G.

    Matt G. (verified owner)

    Appreciate all the resources you offer, keep it up!

    Being a surfer for over 25 years the Cardboard Surfer program helped me see the nuances of good surfing technique and gave me the knowledge and tools to undue the bad technical habits I’ve been forming over that time. The level of detail and approachable nature of the information made it easy to understand and implement.

    As someone who lives inland and can’t get to the beach as much as I’d like the resources Cris offers to keep the body in shape allows me to still get quality sessions, catch waves, and surf competently as if I am able to surf regularly.

    Rating :

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  16. Tom M.

    Tom M. (verified owner)

    Great instruction and it works

    After moving a bit further from the ocean where I could not surf multiple times a week, I started noticing a decline in the quality of my surfing. After reading reviews I gave this and the Surf Skate programs a try. The instruction is super easy to follow. The drills are easy to do. I absolutely saw an improvement in my surfing. Have been using the drills a couple times a week to stay on top of things and it’s still helping out. Give it a shot!

    Rating :

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  17. Peter W.

    Peter W. (verified owner)

    The best investment!

    I´m generally not one for reviewing solely out of pure laziness, but I am delighted to make an exception for such a fantastic product. This program is the best investment I have made for my surfing – by far. 
    I’ve perfected my paddling but maintained an awful technique on the wave face. This program has unlocked a path to progression in a way endless YouTubing just won’t. After a vast amount of ‘aha’ moments, I have a clear trajectory for taking my surfing to the next level. Excellent work. Just TAKE MY MONEY! Workout programs are also great.

    Rating :

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  18. G E.

    G E. (verified owner)

    Certain improvement

    Pay attention, practice, implement and your improvement is certain. You’ll get insights that’ll take years or that you might never get trying to figure it yourself.

    Rating :

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  19. Ed D.

    Ed D. (verified owner)


    I been surfing forever. I just went thru cardboard surfer and it changed everything. Crazy! got the best barrel of my life on Wednesday cus cardboard surfer.

    Rating :

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  20. Anders M.

    Anders M. (verified owner)

    recommended it to a couple of my friends!

    I have to add I really enjoy the training program, especially in these quarantine times, and I have recommended it to a couple of my friends already 🙂

    Rating :