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12 Weeks of Follow-Along Bodyweight Surf Training Workouts. Enhance Your Surfing, Improve Your Body, and Never Go to the Gym

(38 surfer reviews)


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Learn How This 49-Year Old Legend Effortlessly Smokes The Young Surfers In The Water…
Without Ever Having To Train Like A Gym Rat!


Surfing is Movement. 
The Better You Move,
The Better Your Surf.

Get Strong, Get Flexible, Move Better in the Surf
This program will improve your technique, in the comfort of your own home with no condescending eyes, you will improve your surfing and actually "feel" what good surfing is.
Move & Train like a Waterman
Workouts, Stretch Routines, & Breathwork…. Developed for Watermen and Waterwomen, & those Weekend Warriors that want to feel like a Waterman!
Move Fluidly, Train Powerfully, Stretch Efficiently
Peak Performance is mental, physical, and emotional. Build confidence and physical capacity.



Access Peak Physical Performance, Improved Confidence, & Energised Surfing without ever having to set foot in a gym!  Improved Surfing  and Longevity through Proven Training Methods.  Suitable for surfers of all fitness and skill levels, this program will deliver results you'll feel in the water, enhance longevity & durability, and get your Surf-Fit!



Enhanced Flexibility, Endless Endurance, Fluid Strength, Joint Health, & Breath Training


Beginner to Advanced


3-4 days per week 


NONE, Just a Desire to Improve!

Your health + performance = Your ability to surf. 

How does your body feel in the surf? Do you feel light, fluid, and fast? Are you able to surf as long as you want to? Or is your body the limiter? Do you struggle with your pop-ups…. Stiff hips!? Is your paddle endurance gone… have you become a flounder?!

Don’t LOSE Your Surfing!
Restore Your Health & Fitness


This is NOT bodybuilder style workouts. This is training that supports your surfing. The emphasis is on fluid movement, speed, balance, core strength, endurance and power. It’s movement training designed to make you more nimble, less prone to injury and vastly more confident in the water
Weeks of Training, Stretching, & Breathing
Surf Specific Exercises & Effective Workouts
Confidence & Feeling Surf-Fit



Step-by-Step Instructions
A simple follow-along process that breaks down every movement into easy to understand language so you get maximum benefit!


Time Efficient Training
Workouts that build you up, instead of beating you down. Throw hard effort at your surf-time…. Training time is focused on feeling and moving better!


Surf Specific Workouts
All of our workouts and exercises have been specifically designed by surfers, for surfers so you feel the results in the water.


Increased Confidence
Integrative Breath Training to build confidence, deal with anxiety, and improve breath-holds.


Total convenience
Train anywhere, anytime thanks to the Surf Athlete mobile app and a few clicks of a button. You're good to go!


Radical Results
Training routines that integrate with YOUR life. You're a surfer and your water time takes precedence. Workouts will mesh seamlessly into your weekly schedule, and amplify your life activities (surfing).
Catch More Waves. Have More Fun. Surf More Often.

Here’s what 
you get


Stretch routines to teach you the most effective movements that can also be done multiple times per week… not to mention they make you feel damn good. Breathwork is then seamlessly integrated into your workouts or stretching routines. This will help you tap into your nervous system in order to retain mental composure in stressful surf situations.
Hip Health & Mobility
Calming Breath Work
Spine Health & Stretch Routines
Hold-Down Breath Training
Joint Health Techniques


Full bodyweight workouts that can be done anywhere at any time. Covers everything from cardio to leg strength, rotational core power, paddling endurance and lower back durability. This training will prepare you for the three-dimensional motions required to move fluidly, remain pain free and surf better.
Flow Sequences for Moving Flexibility
Lower Body Training for Joint Health and Functional Strength.
Mobility Drills for Fluid Movement
Endurance Training for the Upper Body for those heavy paddle-outs.
Core Strength for quicker pop ups and Improved Low Back health. 
20-60 Minute Workouts for easy and quick convenience. 
Catch more waves. Surf better.

Access Your Training
Wherever You Are

Get off the grid! Download the videos and access all the content while Offline!

Our fast, easy to use and secure app lets you access your account wherever you need it.

What It Takes

20-60 minutes per day,
and 2-4 training sessions per week.
That’s all it takes!
You WILL learn movements, stretches, & techniques
that should be implemented for the rest of your surfing life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to the program forever?
Yes! Once you purchase the program you will get lifetime access and discounts on new programs.
Can beginners do the program?
Absolutely, there are alternative and progressive movements for each level.
How is the program delivered to me?
This is a digital program intended to be downloaded to your mobile device so you always have it with you during your workouts. Once you join the Surf Athlete Training Program, you will receive access to the entire program. Download everything and it’s yours forever.
Refund Policy
All purchases made on our website, or via the Surf Strength Coach app platform are NON-REFUNDABLE. We proudly stand by our work, programs, and training protocols, and you can readily view the numerous testimonials regarding our programs if you are unsure of the quality of our work. Due to the downloadable nature of our programs, and considerations of Intellectual Property, refunds will not be granted for any training programs or educational programs.

GET The Entire Program
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Cris Mills

Performance Coach, Massage Therapist, CHEK Practitioner

My name is Cris Mills, I operate, and work with people that want to improve their health, movement, and performance, and it’s usually so they can surf better. On a daily basis I help people and surfers train from rehab to performance. I know what a surfer needs to do to keep themselves in the ocean, and have been spreading that information through my various work online.

Improving your surfing requires improving the foundations of movement and athleticism. Flexibility is a key part of that process. I wanted to give surfers an easy resource to improve their flexibility, help to eliminate pain, and simply move and feel better.

Surfing in pain sucks as well, and I’ve done it, and I’m sure most of you have as well. Surfers, athletes, people, we all need to work on body maintenance, and help keep ourselves out of pain. This program will help teach you how to do this.

I aim to change the way physical preparedness is dealt with for surfing, and combine everything I have learned, and continue to learn, to help improve surfers body so they can stay involved with the ocean.
US$117.00  US$81.90 

What others are saying

  1. Brett T.

    Brett T. (verified owner)

    Loving the app and content!

    Hey Cris, just wanted to reach out and let ya know I love the app and the content. Has helped me gain mobility and a better understanding of how I should be moving my body. I only stated learning to surf at age 40 and am now 43 but you’ve been a massive help and inspiration. Thanks mate. Yeeew Brett 👍

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  2. Morgan O.

    Morgan O. (verified owner)

    There are no limits , age is no barrier.

    Thanks a million for everything , you have helped me move from a long-board to a short-board at the age of 48 !!
    I never in a million years would have thought that possible.

    You have also helped me recover from a spinal injury that had me nearly 5 years out of action.

    So forget about the haters , what you do and provide is just brilliant.

    Please keep it up!

    Rating :

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  3. Andrew R.

    Andrew R. (verified owner)

    It's worth every penny, probably more!

    Cris, stellar program. I bought the complete set of packages and have been going through them all since. I’m in my 40s and current landlocked. The mobility and strength exercises have had a huge impact on my overall well being. The foundation training especially opened up a few things for me. Anytime I go through and rewatch a video I get something new out of it. I’ve been active my whole life, so I took your advice and cherry pick pieces out of each video to work into my routine and change it up. A little foundation work and stretching/mobility drills 6-7 days a week and added in body weight 4-5 of those days consistently. Workouts are between 15-45 minutes each day. Days I’m feeling rough I stick to breath work, and mobility. I’ve yet to jump into the nutrition, but years of bad habits take time to break. Thank you for putting all of this info in one place. I’m happy to let anyone know it’s worth every penny, probably more, (good on you for knowing your audience, we all want to spend our money on our next surf excursion). Like anything else though, if you don’t put in any work, you won’t get any out. Keep up the good work.

    Rating :

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  4. Anthony D.

    Anthony D. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy everything about this program!

    I have always found your training and videos to be informative and I have learnt what I needed to learn.

    All of which has help improve my surfing and how much fun I have.

    I really enjoy how much passion and thought goes into what you teach.

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  5. Paul S.

    Paul S. (verified owner)

    You are a master!

    Just like your original series, I am disecting and absorbing these new programs. I started the STS series all over again (it had been a couple years) a month ago so I am still on the “Learn” tab in Bodyweight Athlete … haven’t even gotten to the “Train” tab. There’s just so much in there. Articular rotations (CARS=Awesome!), skeletal routines, mobility evaluation tests (super valuable), stretching of course, and TISSUE RELEASE! Man, you thought of everything, and what’s more, the sequence is so well-thought out. People can learn the physiology and the techniques to gain (or regain) proper range of motion and flexibility to slowly strengthen the joints and muscles.

    You are the master of surfing physiology. Your video instruction is so succinct. Fully explained, clearly demonstrated. Very impressive. Plus, you’re just a regular dude who loves the ocean and gives what he knows back to help the rest of us keep moving at a higher level. And you do it all with a genuine enthusiasm.

    When you open up the surf trips again, I’d be all in, if you have space for a 62-year-old guy shortboarder who can still bust a move on occasion. One more trip to the Ments is on my bucket list, or maybe just as far but not as remote or intense, Maldives! Just let me know when!

    Rating :

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  6. Martin R.

    Martin R. (verified owner)

    Keep up the good work!

    I am so thank full for all the work you do and especially your openness and full understanding of the body mind connection and how a young and cool dude like you is using it in your training and teachining !! keep it coming. I am a big fan of Paul Check and in some ways you remind me of him. I am very appreciative of your work so keep it flowing especially all the recovery stuff as I have felt with my fair share of injuries.

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  7. Toby M.

    Toby M. (verified owner)

    Only good things to say about the program!

    In J bay on a 3 day strike mission from Cape Town. Been scoring some sweet waves at supers. The peanut tennis ball has been coming in handy. That and the foam roll are the great tools. Slowly building knowledge, strength and confidence from using the app. Only good things to say about it. Yewwwwww

    Rating :

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  8. Bernardo R.

    Bernardo R. (verified owner)

    The most comprehensive program!

    I am an experienced surfer and an avid searcher for surfing tutorials to upgrade my style and technique.
    The Surf Strength Coach is by far the most complete, detailed, and comprehensive program I have ever come across. I bought several programs including the Surf Skate, the Perfect Pop Up, Surf Athlete, and the Body Weight Training. I’ve been training constantly I can say that I and my buddies have already noticed a big improvement in my surfing. I feel more loose, more fit, more aware, and more confident than ever. I highly recommend the programs. They are effective l and worth the price you pay. Differently than many other bullshit coaching programs I unfortunately acquired before I knew Surf Strength Coach.

    Rating :

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  9. Jason B.

    Jason B. (verified owner)

    This is sick!

    Dude, your programs are sick. Here’s quick story;
    College athlete, 20 years later still lifting and running, good general shape. Stiff, immobile.

    Moved to Hawaii years ago and wanted to teach him to surf while I learned. Quickly realized P90x type lifting wasn’t gonna work.

    Bought two of programs and do them at the same time. I do the Surf athlete one and the new bodyweight. I combined them. So I do the two lifting days from the athlete and the three workout ones from the body weight one. Also do plenty cardio and stretching.

    Dude, I’m more flexible than I have been in decades. And my second-grade son and I are surfing together at beautiful Hanalei Bay. Couldn’t have done this without you, brother. Y’all ever visit Kauai, shave ice on me.

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  10. Matthew C.

    Matthew C. (verified owner)

    Keep doing what you are doing!

    Thank you for everything you are putting out.  Been surfing for 20 years and absolutely sucked.  Last year (pre-pandemic) I decided to get my shit together and really focus on it, so I bought your program.  I’ve always been a runner and weightlifter but that never translated well into the water.  After a solid year of doing your program and getting out in the water every chance, I could get I’ve improved significantly so thank you!
    Also, I was watching when you were taking questions and answering them, and something you said really stuck with me.  Someone asked what to do to get over the “fear” of dropping in on bigger waves and you said something along the lines of “You just need to keep taking a pounding until you get used to it.”  So I paddled out into surf that was a little above my abilities that I normally wouldn’t (about 6 feet) and totally got worked for about 2 hours.  Didn’t catch a damn thing.  But got way more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Between that and the breathing exercises, I noticed the other day that my mentality had switched from “Please don’t eat shit” to “Paddle paddle paddle I’m going to catch this”.
    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing. It is a dope program!

    Rating :

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  11. Clem P.

    Clem P. (verified owner)

    The Bodyweight program is awesome

    The Bodyweight program is awesome. Really! I learn so much. 
    Even if, at my level, it’s really challenging. In fact, I’ve never do strength training before. So even week one of phase one is pretty intense for me, lol. And I spent quite a bit of time in the water lately (all sports combined), so I haven’t gone further yet.
    But, I’m aware that it’s a process, so I follow my rhythm and I am pretty confident for the rest. So, when I can, I do the training every two days (two days in a row is too intense).
    And it also allowed me to see my flexibility limitation (I’m really stiff), like in the quadruped to bear mouvement for example. So that at the same time I try to apply as much as possible the stretches for surfers program. 
    So yeah, pretty challenging from the outset, but I already see some progress. I noticed an improvement in my supports and “their precision” even in other sports like windsurfing. I think exercises like isometric squat, lateral lunge, or deep lunge isometric have something to do with it. 

    Rating :

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  12. Glenn C.

    Glenn C. (verified owner)

    The best program!

    I have a long history of training and racing at an elite level and through that have always sort to look after myself. I am now in my late 40s. I have surfed all my life. After retiring from my sport I have become increasingly passionate about surfing   
    I am really enjoying the program. I am almost 6 weeks in and I can feel the range of movement coming back in places I never knew I had lost it. 
    I have tried many different things to mostly help with improving my surfing and your program has been the best. 

    Rating :

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  13. Paulo Mendes M.

    Paulo Mendes M. (verified owner)

    The program has been awesome!!

    A bit of background:
    I am a 48-year-old surfing father of two keen grommets (11 and 9).
    Always been fit- have done ironmans, ultra marathons, etc.
    But the last year I started getting pains and twinges in my legs, and couldn’t run much.
    I had always done traditional stretches- straightforward and backward stuff.

    Since getting and following your program, the improvement in all physical aspects of my life has been amazing. Heaps of twisting and functional stretching and movement have been the key!

    I have zero pains or twinges in my body, I spring out of bed in the morning, and my surfing is still sharp.

    I did eight hours in the wave pool over three days, did five hours surfing last weekend, and am chasing waves every opportunity.

    I love your App and program. It’s super easy to use, workouts aren’t too long. Easy to follow, and the demo videos are great.

    So thank you, Cris! Keep up the great work you are doing. I wish you every success with it, and will continue to follow your programs. All the best mate!

    Rating :

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  14. Ana M.

    Ana M.

    a great program

    Cris is a legend!

    Rating :

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  15. D K.

    D K. (verified owner)

    great videos!!

    The Program has been a fantastic way to get a ton of reps while out of the water. Very organized, very well communicated. Thank you!

    Rating :

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  16. Fred K.

    Fred K. (verified owner)

    Great communicator, first class instruction

    Hi Cris, I have a NASM certification but my flexibility is limited and I realized that during my first surf lesson and immediately bought a few of your products. They work. Your email speaks to me. I am just really getting into the programs. I have been doing some new things I learned in terms of flexibility and dude you are a rockstar. Great communicator, first class instruction. Well thought out. I can’t begin to compliment you enough and I wish we were neighbors, you are my kind of guy. So yes, I am in, all the way. Thank you for creating a system that is bringing joy to my life.

    Rating :

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  17. Ted P.

    Ted P. (verified owner)

    you are helping people like me.

    Hey Cris, just wanted to say thank you. Your encouragement in one of your videos seems to have been the motivation that got me to be serious about losing weight and I have lost 20 lbs (215 to 195). Turns out EVERYTHING (with the possible exception of duck diving) in surfing is easier with less weight: paddling, generating speed, popping up…. Thanks man. I am on my way down to a surf camp in Costa Rica in a couple of weeks in a much better way than I was a few months ago. Keep doing what you are doing …. you are helping people like me.

    Rating :

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  18. Bryan G.

    Bryan G. (verified owner)

    this has been perfect

    Hey Cris, I really enjoy your program, this has been perfect. I really like that each exercise/stretch has its own video with instructions on form. To be honest, I had been using the free content on your app for a few months, and wasnt really sure that paying for a program would be worthwhile, since you have so much rad free content on the app! But I’m really glad I did. I’m stoked to progress through each of the phases and look forward to seeing the results when I get to surf (hopefully sooner than later).

    Rating :

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  19. Phillip C.

    Phillip C. (verified owner)

    game changer

    Cris Mills surf athlete app has been a game changer for me.

    Rating :

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  20. Scott C.

    Scott C. (verified owner)

    Keep up the great work.

    I just wanted to tell you how big a fan I am of your program. I was a decent surfer when I was younger, but had a 12 year gap where I didn’t surf, plus a neck injury I was recovering from. I’ve gotten pretty close to my skill levels and fitness from my younger days, plus corrected several bad habits/mechanics in the process. Seems like everything I’ve tried of yours is gold, especially for someone who has had to come back from a pretty serious injury. Keep up the great work. All the best, Scott

    Rating :

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  21. Dean B.

    Dean B. (verified owner)

    Thanks heaps

    Aloha Cris
    I want to take a well-deserved moment to say a massive thanks for your help via your program, and regular Instagram motivation which has also improved my approach and outcomes to cooking too. Things have been gradually improving and coming together since I started with your program, and…….. I had an awesome surf a couple of days ago, where a few things aligned and I got a bunch of waves and rode them with more focused awareness resulting in better positioning, more confidence, quicker take-offs, more rail time, and longer rides……… so stoked!!!! It’s been many years, and I specifically attribute 99.99% of turning the clock back to my significantly improved SSC training program (including the cardboard surfer) and surf knowledge and awareness that I have learnt in the last 6 months from you
    I’m still working my way slowly through the programs so there is still heaps more knowledge and skill work to tap into and I’m loving it. Thanks heaps, and all the best,

    Rating :

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  22. Alex J.

    Alex J. (verified owner)

    I'm blown away by the app

    I’m blown away by the app, your knowledge, the exercises, and your holistic/applicable approach to this all. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. So so grateful that I found your stuff, and I can’t wait to enlist in your other modules, too. Very impressive man. I see you’re based in Bali. My wife and I took our honeymoon there, I miss it. Take care, and please keep the content, workouts, knowledge comin’. Phenomenal!

    Rating :

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  23. Ben C.

    Ben C. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for creating this program

    Done! The app rocks. It’s helping me more than any physical practice yet, and that is translating to many things in life.
    Thank you so much for creating this program and app, and for the generous discount!

    Rating :

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  24. Dean B.

    Dean B. (verified owner)

    super positive impact!

    Thanks for the opportunity to get onboard this programm!ll Cheers!! I had another fun surf at my local today….again, another big thanks to you and your Surf Strength Coach programm for giving me the tools and roadmap to make this happen!!!! Mate, don’t sell yourself short….. Positive impact on my time in the ocean……..FK YEAH!!! SUPER POSITIVE IMPACT!!! HUGE THANKS!!! Positive impact on land, positive impact in the gym, positive impact in my mind, positive impact on my choices, positive impact on my diet, positive impact on life……. Also, ABSOLUTELY loved the passionate Instagram rant verbal download (and subsequent post) on paddling starnina and the required training and impact!!!

    Rating :

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  25. Zachary G.

    Zachary G. (verified owner)

    You’re a legend.

    Your surf strength products are the best thing that happen to me in 2020. I believe I have purchased every one product you offer. I’m healthier, more flexible, and surf better than I ever have. Because if that, 2020 was all that bad for me… basically because of your online programs. If you are ever is San Diego reach out and we can grab a surf. You’re a legend.

    Rating :

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  26. Ben C.

    Ben C. (verified owner)

    Awesome, Cris!

    Thanks Cris, awesome, you should know that because of your work and communicative skills you are part of a group of people who have transformed my life over the last 5 years…big time bro Much gratitude I can’t believe I’ve only been surfing 5 months!! We have so many years ahead.

    Rating :

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  27. Aleksi A.

    Aleksi A. (verified owner)

    thank you and keep up the good work!

    Coach, you probably get tons of testimonials already, but quickly I want to say that your program is simply awesome. I have done now first 4 weeks of the program and I am already feeling big differences in my body. Earlier I have done crossfit, climbing, yoga etc, but none of these prepare body for the waves or paddling. Also the surfskate program has opened new ideas. I am 43 years old and have surfed only for 3 years but the plan is to keep surfing in my 60s, and with this stuff it is possible.

    Rating :

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  28. Anthony D.

    Anthony D. (verified owner)

    Like it!

    I really like the breath work. It is definitely something I struggle with and at 51 have tended to avoid surfing past about 2-3 ft because I had a couple of bad experiences with wipe outs and being held under. Today I went for a surf and it was a good 2 – 3 ft (live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney) and wiped out and was held under. I could feel the panic rising, then the breath training kicked in. I focused on holding my breath and started counting and stopped fighting the wave. I popped out of the water at about 8 seconds (like I said small waves). The breath training is building my confidence to be able to surf conditions that I would have avoided. Don’t get me wrong I ain’t ever gonna be a big wave surfer, but I now have a way of feeling better about surfing slightly bigger waves. I now look forward to the 4 footers.

    Rating :

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  29. Ben C.

    Ben C. (verified owner)

    The app rocks

    The app rocks. It’s helping me more than any physical practice yet, and that is translating to many things in life.
    Thank you so much for creating this program and app, and for the generous discount!

    Rating :

    Read More
  30. Dan S.

    Dan S. (verified owner)

    Loving it!

    Loving the programs really changed my lifestyle especially in this weird covid times. Thanks for the breathwork vid on you tube, mind blowing ive read Wim Hoff and am well on with O2 advantage, its like a parallel universe, i’m fifty and been fit and active since a teenager and didn’t think anything like it existed. I am totally nurding out on it.
    Please keep it going, loving it.

    Rating :

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  31. Inigo G.

    Inigo G. (verified owner)

    Stay safe mate.

    Cris, you are helping lots of people, starting by yours truly.
    I hope you give yourself credit for that every morning.

    Rating :

    Read More
  32. Ka’iulani B.

    Ka’iulani B. (verified owner)

    A total game changer!

    Can’t go without your app! I’m a lifeguard on Oahu and an avid stand up boogie/surfer, all of your videos and knowledge has changed the game tremendously. I love sharing all your videos with my coworkers (normally they too cool for yoga or stretching but when they see and hear you it a different package entirely 😆) right on for using your knowledge to help people like me with the long game, longevity!

    Rating :

    Read More
  33. Robert H.

    Robert H. (verified owner)

    Thanks for everything

    Just to let you know your videos/workouts have made a difference in my surfing. I guess you could say I’m a conscious incompitent and am making the transition to a shortboard now.

    Rating :

    Read More
  34. Pete G.

    Pete G. (verified owner)


    I just want to say thanks for the time and care you put into all the videos. I love the attention to detail.
    I am recovering from a knee injury (4 years ago:) and my body has never righted itself since. After only 2 weeks of the bodyweight course, I’m getting a deeper understanding of where the imbalances lie. In the short term, I’m already feeling stronger in the water.

    Rating :

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  35. Peter W.

    Peter W. (verified owner)

    An awesome workout program!

    I´m generally not one for reviewing solely out of pure laziness, but I am delighted to make an exception for such a fantastic product. This program is the best investment I have made for my surfing – by far. 
    I am an intermediate surfer not spending nearly as much time in the water as I would like. I’ve perfected my paddling but maintained an awful technique on the wave face. This program has unlocked a path to progression in a way endless YouTubing just won’t. After a vast amount of ‘aha’ moments, I have a clear trajectory for taking my surfing to the next level. Excellent work. Just TAKE MY MONEY!

    Rating :

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  36. Tom M.

    Tom M. (verified owner)

    Keeps me fit between surf trips

    This program is a great way to keep in shape between surt trips. Chris breaks down the movements with simple to follow instructions. The workouts are fun and move quickly. You can do it just about anywhere. Give it a shot!

    Rating :

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  37. Richard K.

    Richard K. (verified owner)

    super knowledgeable , super informed great break down of movemts posture and Breath good fun

    Rating :

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  38. Sarah J.

    Sarah J. (verified owner)

    great program so far- very through

    Rating :

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