The Best Surf Films

These surf movies are guaranteed to spread the stoke

This Is The Wild Ride That Is The Life Of Kai Lenny

I’m always intrigued by the world’s top performers. What makes them tick, what’s their mental state, how do they train, what do they do to prepare? Most of us aren’t world-class athletes, but we have a body, and if you’re reading this, you probably surf. Enjoy, and start implementing some type of Breath Work. There’s […]

SURFING ~ An All Girls Surf Film ~

Steph Gilmore is so technically precise with her surfing, it’s beautiful. It goes to show that technique is more often flow, precision, and an ability to read, perceive, and react to a wave, rather than brute strength. Dimity’s section tearing apart Snapper Rocks is a great watch as well.


Not only is there beautiful surfing from one of the WCT’s top surfers, Kanoa Igarashi, there’s also extensive footage following him through a year on tour. The insight to the pressures, highs, and lows, of one of the world’s best surfers.


Of course, more John John. This is a legit hype track.


More of arguably one of the best surfers to ever live, and the editing is always beautiful. It’s art as much as it is high level surfing.

No Filter

A look into the Fox surf team, which I’m not sure if Fox is still even in the surf-game. A deeper look into the surfing of some absolute chargers who should be more well known.

Lost Atlas

A younger John John, Jordy Smith, Craig Anderson and more. An awesome film from Kai Neville.

Wave of the Winter 2020

Stare in awe at one of the most incredible waves on the planet. This is a quick flick, but worth a watch. I’m always astoundingly impressed by the number of chargers that get entries, yet have never been heard of. There are some cavernous waves in this edit, as it should be…considering it’s the pipeline […]


This is a newly released modern surf-flick from Wade Goodall, which is easily one of the best surf films I’ve seen in ages. That last P-pass section is gnar. And the film has metal in the soundtrack. More surf films need metal! Surfing from Dane Reynolds, Pat Gudauskas, Nathan Fletcher, and more. I was stoked […]


I seriously hope you’ve seen this film before. If not… WTF!?!? Parko, Taj, Andy. What else do I need to say. The last part of Andy’s is absolutely mental. The manner in which he surfs eight foot, it’s like he’s toying around with it as if it’s 4 foot. If you’ve never seen it, watch […]


One of the first full-lengths of one of the best surfers of all time. Taj Burrow. It’s an older film but a part of surf history.

RISS The new Carissa Moore film is out!

I haven’t watched it yet, but I will tonight or tomorrow. Her surfing is absolutely insane! I’m really looking forward to watching this, as she’s an all around world class professional and human.

Vans Stab High

This Vans Stab High Non-Chlorine is a great watch and will throw some absolutely beautiful waves into your eyes and brain.

Sonic Souvenirs

Style master. I hear a lot of references to Machado, and I think they’re well deserved. I reference Mikey a lot in all of the online coaching I do with people seeking out video analysis. You can learn a lot from watching him surf. It’s a perfect yin yang of energy, effort, and flow. Sonic […]


I’m a fan of the mullet, through and through. I had one up to about 5th grade, a legit power mullet. I also had a lightning bolt earing. Yes, pure 9yr. old badass. But enough about me, this is about the mullet-wearing hellman. Rock Good tunes, not a single air, huge power carves, and just […]

Maps of Home

Not only is he one of the most uber-talented surfers in the world, but he also arguably has the most disgusting facial hair in professional surfing. Hahah! But damn, the dude is a freak coalescence of talent. A .001% -er, implying they don’t come along too often. Maps Of Home A broad spectrum of wave […]