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Surf-Specific Training Programs
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Everything you need to stay loose and strong in all the right places to help you achieve the athleticism needed to surf well is in these programs. By far the best surf fitness program you will find.
Jean L.
I have to say it is by far the best surf fitness program you will find. I like that it is equally about strength, mobility and flexibility, and that he doesn't have you beating your body up to the point where you can't move.
Ryan John L.
Honestly if you want to get better or just want to feel BETTER. Give it a go. Promise it doesn’t disappoint. 🤙
Olivier D.
If you want to improve your surfing I cannot recommend this app and Cris’s programs enough. It has truly changed my surfing.
Cody M.
I haven’t been this motivated to workout in years! I have been really enjoying the program so far, it’s well thought out and organized and the video examples are extremely helpful.
Samuele F.
The program will help your surfing and your health! This guy knows his stuff when it comes to preparing and maintaining a body for fitness and longevity.
Caroline R.
Not long after I started this SURF ATHLETE I felt stronger unlike anything the gym ever gave me. Fundamentally strong focused towards surf progression and later all around better way of living.
George H.



Bodyweight Surf Athlete 9 Weeks

Build Peak Physical Performance & Confidence

Improved Surfing through Effective Training without ever stepping foot in a gym.

  • Get Strong, Get Flexible, Move Better in the Surf

  • Move & Train like a Waterman

  • Move Fluidly, Train Powerfully, Stretch Efficiently

  • Improved Confidence, & Energised Surfing

  • Restore Your Health & Fitness

5 (31 reviews)
933 Surfers
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Surf Athlete Training Program 12 Weeks

Radically Enhance Your Surfing by Improving Your Body

A 12 WEEK Follow-Along Program Designed to Enhance Your Surfing:

  • Radically Enhance Your Surfing

  • Move Fluidly, Athletically, & Powerfully

  • Prepare your body for what your surfing & the ocean demand

  • Build a stronger and more mobile body

  • Unlock Your Potential

4.99 (328 reviews)
3987 Surfers
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The Perfect Pop Up Program 6 Weeks

The Ultimate Program for Fixing & Improving Your Pop Up... For Good.

Fix, refine, rebuild, or regain your perfect pop up. Your surfing starts with your pop up, so make sure it's perfect and effortless.

  • Identify your limitations, and how to fix them for good.

  • Workouts that will improve your flexibility and strength for perfect Pop-Ups

  • Details on the fundamental techniques of a pop up.

  • Increase confidence. Get Radical results!

  • Catch more waves. Have more fun!

4.99 (176 reviews)
4763 Surfers
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Stretches For Surfers

A Flexibility Program To Help Improve The Way You Move

The Complete Flexibility Program For Surfers Improve the Way You Move, Eliminate Pain, Prevent Injury, and Move Better in the Water.

  • Learn How To Improve & Restore Dynamic Flexibility…

  • Full Body Movement Sequences Covering Every Joint, Every Muscle, and Key Movement Areas.

  • Prevent Injuries, Eliminate Pains, Aches, & Stiffness

  • Restore & Improve Your Flexibility

  • Move Better in the Water. Build Endurance, Core Strength, Shoulder Health

5 (25 reviews)
3647 Surfers
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Cardboard Surfer

Start Surfing With Style, Technique And Confidence

By The End Of The Program, You Won't Even Recognise Your Previous Surfing

  • Radically Improve Your Technique

  • Learn to turn stylishly, with ease and power

  • Draw speed and power from the wave

  • Gain more balance, and control

  • Develop body and mind co-ordination

5 (141 reviews)
1851 Surfers
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Surf Skate

Improve Your Surfing & Expands Your Understanding of the Art of Surfing.

Learn proper technique and develop body and mind co-ordination to get your board exactly where you want it to be.

  • Learn To Turn Stylishly, With Ease And Power.

  • Quickly Improve Your Surfing

  • Gain Muscle Memory

  • Break Your Bad Habits

  • Your surfing will look better

4.98 (70 reviews)
1194 Surfers
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Ocean Sports Academy

Become a Better Surfer, by Building a Better, Stronger, & Healthier Body.

Learn the tools to take control of your body, your surfing, and your health with the #1 Online Surf Training Program

  • 100+ Hours of Video Training to keep you healthy and active

  • Entire Library of Surf Training Workouts and Stretch Routines

  • More confidence, better paddling, improved flexibility, and more waves!

  • Become Stronger, More Durable & Flexible

  • Enhance Your Fitness

1069 Surfers
From: $18.99 / month with 1 week free trial
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Survival Apnea 6 Weeks

Master Skillful Breathing & Apnea And Step Up Your Game At Sea

Breath Work for Surfers. Be Prepared. Be Confident. Be Safe

  • Be confident in the surf

  • Improve breathing and breath holding skills

  • Increase your mental & physical capacities

  • Improve Your Health And Well Being

  • Master skillful breathing

253 Surfers
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Get All Programs

Get All Of Our Epic Surf Programs!

The Ultimate Surf-Fit Bundle Move Better, Train Smart, Surf Fluidly

  • Bodyweight Surf Athlete Program

  • Surf Athlete Training Program

  • The Perfect Pop Up Program

  • Stretches for Surfers

  • Ocean Sports Academy

  • Cardboard Surfer

  • Surf Skate Foundations

  • Survival Apnea

From: $412.49 one time, and
$119.90 / year
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Free Surf Training Program 2 Weeks

Improve Your Surfing, Catch More Waves, and Ultimately Have More Fun in the Surf

Become Stronger, More Durable & Flexible for Your Next Surf Session with the #1 Online Surf Training Program

  • Improve core strength, flexibility, and surfing athleticism.

  • Surf Fluidly, Powerfully, and Durably. Move Well & Surf Better

  • Improve the Way Your Body Moves.

5 (25 reviews)
53718 Surfers
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My mission is to help you improve your body so you can improve your surfing.

Read below for my most recent articles covering the foundations of Surfing-Athleticism: movement, exercise, and nutrition. Become stronger, more durable, and more flexible


A full on froth-head

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people with their health, performance, vitality, and ultimately their surfing. Health and Surfing are intimately interwoven. 
My primary intention is to help you improve upon yourself, so that you may not only surf more, but also become more injury resistant to the rigors of surfing and life, and learn how to actively look after yourself.




A forum for those going through the journey of Surf Training. Ideal to exchange ideas and offer insights into skills, performance, movement, and general surfing thoughts and interests.