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Learn How To Do A Pushup… Then PopUp

Surf-Fitness is all about building a stronger body so you can do what makes you happy in life, and do it better… surfing. Your surf fitness training had better have some type of pressing training, and for more carryover to our sport, throw in some pushups to help develop your popup speed and power.

This is an article I recently wrote forSurfScience, so cruise on over there and check it out… Surf Fitness PopUp Training. Below is a little taste to wet the palate.

There are a few critical movements for surfers to master when building strength and core control. One of those moves that every single surfer, no matter their age or skill will benefit from is the pushup.

But we’re not talking about lazy, non-coordinated pushups, we’re talking about developing the perfect pushup. With developing the strength and muscle coordination to perform a perfect pushup, you’ll not only be exceptionally stronger and faster with your pop-ups, you’ll develop a stronger core and a more stable upper body which is essential for deeper duck dives and long-term shoulder health.

Read the rest of the article here at SurfScience – PopUp Training

You’ll get an understanding of:

  • How Not To Do A Pushup
  • Common Faults that Promote Injury
  • How To Progress Your Pushup to More PopUp Carryover
  • Why You Shouldn’t Do Pushups On Your Knees….. Ladies!!!

Check it out!! It’s a great site that I’m happy to be able to contribute to.


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