Cable Machine Circuit Workout – Surf Training

Full Body Surf Training – Complete Workout

Surf Training: I’ve said this before, and will once again reiterate. The human body is designed to move. Run, swing your arms, spin, jump, bend…. movement.

These actions require interactions of muscles throughout your body, muscle chains, or fascial lines is what we call them in the health world. In the small pic above of the dude with different colored lines criss-crossing his body… those lines represent muscle slings.

These chains of coordinated muscle action is what allows you to move in the surf, react to turns, turn the head, spin the shoulders, and swing your lower body around to smash the lip and throw some gnar-spray brahhhhh!

Cable Machine Circuit Training

– Pulls, Pushes, & Chops –

Surfing is all about the flow, movement with ease, and reactive timing of muscle chains. Train you body to do that! A cable machine is one of the few “machines” I use with myself and my clients.

With proper use (check out the video and get your learn on), you can train groups of muscles that will have you moving with more strength and efficiency. Chops, Dynamic Pulls and Pushes, Rotational Training… oh so good!


1Arm Band Pushes and Pulls – Dynamic Core Training –

I’ll travel with one of these bands and wrap it around a tree or post for an easy workout.

Something else you’ll dig are these stretches. Just like the cable training above, these stretches are working on flexibility throughout your muscle chains. Integrated flexibility is what you need to move in the surf.

Check out the article below.
Full Body Flexibility Stretches-How You Should Be Stretching

“the Key To Fluid Stylezzzz….. flexibility within the muscle slings or myofascial slings of the body to promote full body flexibility. Get into some Surfing Stretches. Muscle Slings / Myofascial slings = Interconnected muscles and fascia that work together as a cohesive unit to provide large movement patterns.”

So that pic of the surfer at the top of the page… it’s my buddy Jy, and another good friend Geoff Swan snapped that. Check geoff out over at Geoff Swan Tumblr


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