The Journey to Better Surfing

Through improved technique, a highly functioning body, and supportive movement and nutrition. This is the path, an education if you will, to improving your surfing with the understanding that your body needs to function optimally.
Surfing is a life requirement, or at least it is to me, and I'm sure it is for you as well. Longevity and progression is the name of the game, and this requires a multifactorial approach. Yep, it's holistic, as bastardised as that term has become. Through approaches that improve your breath, sleep, nutrition, and movement, you improve the capacity of your body. You apply that capacity towards your skill acquisition (surfing), and understand that even that skill acquisition requires a holistic approach.
The ability to read the ocean, to understand board design, the mental game we all face with surfing, and the actual technique, are all key aspects to improvement. Once again we look back at the functioning, or lack, of your body. So without going on for too long regarding how I truly view surfing and our interaction with the ocean, and our health journey, here is the path, the essentials, to creating a deeper understanding of what your body needs to improve your surfing.