The Journey to Better Surfing

Through improved technique, a highly functioning body, and supportive movement and nutrition. This is the path, an education if you will, to improving your surfing with the understanding that your body needs to function optimally.
Surfing is a life requirement, or at least it is to me, and I'm sure it is for you as well. Longevity and progression is the name of the game, and this requires a multifactorial approach. Yep, it's holistic, as bastardised as that term has become. Through approaches that improve your breath, sleep, nutrition, and movement, you improve the capacity of your body. You apply that capacity towards your skill acquisition (surfing), and understand that even that skill acquisition requires a holistic approach.
The ability to read the ocean, to understand board design, the mental game we all face with surfing, and the actual technique, are all key aspects to improvement. Once again we look back at the functioning, or lack, of your body. So without going on for too long regarding how I truly view surfing and our interaction with the ocean, and our health journey, here is the path, the essentials, to creating a deeper understanding of what your body needs to improve your surfing.

How To Catch More Waves at New Surf Spots

Read the Waves, Learn the Lineup, and Position Yourself to Catch More Waves New surf spots can be a daunting experience, but they don’t have to be. With a bit of good surf etiquette, wave knowledge, ocean awareness, and taking into account the politics and pecking order of a lineup, you can catch more waves […]
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Paddling Endurance and Posture for Surfers

Paddling Endurance & Posture For Surfers Surfing shouldn’t really be called surfing. A more appropriate name would be something along the lines of: lots of paddling around and occasionally standing up and surfing. I have no doubt you understand exactly where I’m coming from. Ask any surfer new to the sport, and they’re often astounded […]
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How To Surf Bigger Waves

How To Surf Bigger Waves & Conquer Fear Bigger & More Challenging Surf… If you want to expand your comfort zones, this is how you should take on the challenge. I want to share with you what I find to be the critical process of surfing bigger and heavier waves and conquering the fear that […]
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How To Fix Your Pop Up for Surfing

How To Fix Your Pop Up for Surfing Failed over the falls fumbles? Or fluidly smooth to your feet transitions to effortless down-the-line surfing? There’s a big difference between the two, both physically and mentally. One is the catalyst for stylish and enjoyable surfing, while the other is the stuff of failure, frustration, and embarrassment. Generally, […]
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3 Pro Hacks for Catching More Waves

Tips to Help You Catch More Waves… More Waves, More Fun, More Surfing An hour long surf session and just one wave. That’s frustration! That’s not surfing, that’s floating, and perhaps 10 seconds of “surfing”. That much floating and that little surfing, you could use some hacks to catching more waves…. Or, perhaps you just […]
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Home Surf Training – Corona Lockdown

Surf Workouts at Home Does Corona have you on lockdown? If so, here’s a bunch of workouts you can do from home. Yeah, a Netflix binge is good here and there (Tiger King is mental!), but this downtime is also a great opportunity to stay on top of your fitness. Assuming you’ve got kids, and […]
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How To Wipeout

How to Survive a Wipeout with Nathan Florence Obliteration. Carnage. Aquatic car accidents. Wipeouts. Get used to copping a beating, because it’s an unavoidable part of being a surfer. We all aim to progress, to push boundaries, and to expand our comfort zones in the surf. Progressing right along with our upward trajectory is the […]
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How To Surf Better: Improve Your Surfing Skill

There’s something special about surfing. Not only is it damn fun, but there’s an inherent, nearly spiritual attraction to it. It’s an important and integral part of my life, and I’m sure the same applies to you. Something that I personally feel is a deeply driven want, a need to improve. I want to surf […]
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How to Surf Better: Episode 2

How To Surf Better We’re back! The legends, me and Twiggy, are back talking shit, answering questions, and blabbering about surfing. Speaking of Surf Coaching Trips, go have a look at what we’ve got coming up, and join us! Surf Coaching Trips Keep an eye out for Episode 3 of Coffee & Surf Coaches coming […]
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How To Surf Better: Episode 1

How To Surf Better The endless ladder of surfing skill acquisition, it’s quite a climb!  We all want to improve upon how we interact with that beautiful energy of the ocean. Myself and Twiggy Van Ryan, a good buddy of mine and one of the coaches on our Surf Coaching Trips, sit down, drink coffee, […]
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How To Overcome Surf Fear

Fear, Surfing, and Skill Expansion How To Overcome Surf Fear Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Fear is healthy. It is a necessary part of expanding our comfort zones and pushing boundaries. It’s an inherent part of the process when discovering what we are truly capable of. It can also be paralyzing, culminating in […]
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How To Improve Your Surf Fitness Training

It’s not just standing on wobble boards. What “surf fitness training” means to me is taking a realistic look at the movement requirements of the sport, and then taking an honest appraisal at your own strengths and weaknesses. Then it comes down to filling the gaps with smart and efficiently applied training. Here’s some higher […]
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The Secrets of the Perfect Pop Up

Fix Your Pop Up A skilled, fluid, and effortless movement, or a fumble and flail towards kookdom. If your surf pop up is in the fumble and flail category, then this post is a mandatory read on your path to better surfing. The Pop Up: It is a movement that is either unconsidered by those […]
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Dynamic Surfer Stretches – Full Warmup

A Full Sequence of Mobility Dills & Dynamic Surfer Stretches. It’ll Help You Move Fluidly. Movement: Dynamic flexibility, the capacity to be mobile through joints, and to move with ease, control, and strength. It’s pretty relevant to this whole surfing thing we take part in. It’s not going to suddenly make you rip, but it’s a […]
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Laws of Training, Longevity, and Health

Training, Longevity, & Health The Laws of your body, and more importantly the process of adaptation.  That’s all  life is really, a process of adaptation.  Ability, willingness, and assimilation of new “stuff” in life, and adapting to it.  That’s health, it’s your fitness, it’s your relationships, so adhere to the laws. Laws: that word doesn’t quite […]
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Breath Training for Surfers

Training for Surfers to Breathe Better… It’s Important… Breath Training. Your life depends on it. Literally. This rings especially true for surfers. If you’ve ever been in a hold-down situation, you know the fear, the anxiety, and that instinctual need for breath that kicks in. The freaking out, the chaotic kicking and paddling for the surface, […]
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THE SURF SHAKE – GUIDE TO HEALTHY PROTEIN SHAKES If you’re a surfer who understands that you can help your performance by ingesting better quality foods, and really want to make an impact on your health and energy in the water, then keep reading and see how you can easily make your own healthy protein […]
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Pillars of Surf Fitness and I’m on a Podcast!

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed, and be on a podcast. My voice, and your ears… what a combination. There’s some good stuff in there and I hope you can gleam some insight. Please let me know what you think! The Pillars of Surf Fitness Interview with “We all want to perform better when we surf, from the groms […]
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