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Foundations For Athletes, Humans, Surfers

MASTER THE BASICS – SQUAT, PUSH, MAINTENANCE A couple of years ago I made some videos about stretching “for surfers” and threw them up on youtube.  I wrote a few blog posts, filmed a few more videos, threw them on …Read more


The woo.  I figured it was about time I share my two cents on the woo.  I’ll get to the woo in a second, but first you’ve got to consider the internet. The internet, it’s an intensely strange thing.  It’s …Read more

Top Ways to Move Better- Stretches for Surfers

FLEXIBILITY & STRETCHES FOR SURFERS HERE’S HOW TO MOVE BETTER, IMPROVE YOUR STRETCHING, AND IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY Give this a read, and I’ll give you the quick details of how to stretch more effectively.  For the non-stretching folks, this is how …Read more

Improving Flexibility for Surfers & Getting Rid of Pain

How to Improve Flexibility for Surfers, Getting out of Pain, and Improving How you Move….  Green Balls. Time is short.  Time to train, or move, or help yourself get of pain, or improve flexibility is valuable.  It can be difficult …Read more

My Interview with SurferLife

Surfer Life Interview – The Top Points I recently go the chance to  do an interview with Surfer  I think it went ok, but I tend to  ramble, and go off topic, and then ramble a bit more.   …Read more

How To Improve Your Paddling and Posture

Florida got some damn good surf in mid-february.  It was the first time I’ve surfed in about 2months (since getting back from Indo).  It was a solid 4-5foot swell hitting central Florida, super-fun, but did require a fair bit of …Read more

Boost Your Surfing Seminar – Carlsbad

IF YOU’RE IN CARLSBAD.. I HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THIS SEMINAR! Do you want to learn how to take care of your body?  Do you want to learn methods to improve the way you move?  Do you want techniques …Read more

How to Improve Your Pop Up

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR POP UP – EXERCISE FOUNDATIONS If you can get to your feet quickly, and with no real faults, you’ve probably never actually considered what it takes to get to your feet, or how to improve your …Read more

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