The Perfect Pop Up

Fix your Surf Pop Up. The ability to move fluidly and easily from a paddling position to an athletic stance surf position.

How To Fix Your Pop Up for Surfing

Failed over the falls fumbles? Or fluidly smooth to your feet transitions to effortless down-the-line surfing? There’s a big difference between the two, both physically and mentally. One is the catalyst for stylish and enjoyable surfing, while the other is the stuff of failure, frustration, and embarrassment. Generally, surfers don’t consider the pop-up, until it’s […]
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The Secrets of the Perfect Pop Up

Fix Your Pop Up A skilled, fluid, and effortless movement, or a fumble and flail towards kookdom. If your surf pop up is in the fumble and flail category, then this post is a mandatory read on your path to better surfing. The Pop Up: It is a movement that is either unconsidered by those […]
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