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How To Surf Bigger Waves

How To Surf Bigger Waves & Conquer Fear Bigger & More Challenging Surf… If you want to expand your comfort zones, this is how to surf bigger waves and take on the challenge. I want to share with you what I find to be the critical process of surfing bigger and heavier waves and conquering […]
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3 Pro Hacks for Catching More Waves

Tips to Help You Catch More Waves… More Waves, More Fun, More Surfing An hour long surf session and just one wave… let’s give you some hacks for catching more waves. Because just one wave, that’s frustration! That’s not surfing, that’s floating, and perhaps 10 seconds of “surfing”. That much floating and that little surfing, […]
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Laws of Training, Longevity, and Health

Training, Longevity, & Health Training Longevity Health: The Laws of your body, and more importantly the process of adaptation. That’s all  life is really, a process of adaptation.  Ability, willingness, and assimilation of new “stuff” in life, and adapting to it.  That’s health, it’s your fitness, it’s your relationships, so adhere to the laws. Laws: […]
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Foundations For Athletes, Humans, Surfers

MASTER THE BASICS – SQUAT, PUSH, MAINTENANCE Foundation training: A couple of years ago I made some videos about stretching “for surfers” and threw them up on YouTube. I wrote a few blog posts, filmed a few more videos, threw them on the internet, kept on doing it, and here I am a few years […]
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The woo. I figured it was about time I share my two cents on the woo. I’ll get to the woo in a second, but first you’ve got to consider the internet. The internet, it’s an intensely strange thing. It’s had an absolutely transformative impact on how humans communicate, how information is shared, framing societal consensus and […]
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 Life Balance… Zen Life Balance. Ying and Yang. Black and White (like the cookie episode from Seinfeld). Vegans and Pro-meat consumption. Opposing forces…. I’m getting deep! I view extremism of any type to be detrimental. Religion, nutrition, training, tv-watching, poker, yoga, damn near anything can hold negative consequences if over consumed or used. Except for […]
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Epic 2ft Surf

My Most Memorable Surf in Oz I had one of those surreal surf sessions today. I’m not one to heavily romanticize surfing and get overly dramatic about it. I do completely realize how absolutely fun it is, how much I enjoy the shit out of being in the water, and understand the relevance and importance of […]
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World Record Wave

That Wave Is Massive So it seems that there’s a new contender for an officially surfed world record wave. Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara surfed what some are touting as a 90ft wave off the coast of portugal. Watch this video on YouTube That thing is an absolute beast…. a world record wave The skills, athleticism, […]
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Surfers = Athletes?

Surfer or Athlete? Power If you’re a surfer, you’re an athlete. You can train to improve your athleticism. You can train to be a better surfer. What makes an athlete? Is a surfer an athlete? How about a kite-surfer, or wakeboarder? What qualifies someone as an athlete, and what specific traits deem someone to be considered athletic? This is […]
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