World Record Wave

That Wave Is Massive

So it seems that there’s a new contender for an officially surfed world record wave. Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara surfed what some are touting as a 90ft wave off the coast of portugal.

That thing is an absolute beast…. a world record wave The skills, athleticism, and shear balls to take on a wave like that are impressive to say the least.

The big wave surfers of today are a group of some immensely strong, powerful, and exceptionally talented madmen. I’ve seen some of the training that these guys go through and it’s inspiring.

To prepare your body to handle surf conditions like that is quite a feat, and occurs with determination and a ton of effort. Coming down the face of a wave like that requires a heightened state of awareness, split second reaction, an optimally performing nervous system, and massive amounts of natural talent. Absolutely incredible.

Myself and most of you reading this aren’t going to tackle anything like that, but the essence of training your body to perform at its highest potential is still critical.

Not only for staying injury free but simply having the best time possible in the water. While you aren’t cursing down a 90ft world record wave, you are quite possible surfing some overhead waves….. so get your body where it needs to be to do that well.

Train, surf, eat good food, sleep, and have some fun in the water.

-Cris Mills

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