Improve Your Paddling

Improve your surf paddling by improving the movement of the upper body to create inertia and movement of your body and board on the waters’ surface.

Paddling Efficiency – 2 Simple Tweaks

A Few Fundamentals of Paddling Please STOP making these mistakes 🛑 After being involved with coaching trips for years now, many of these “basics” seem to be overlooked by the intermediate spectrum of surfers and the beginner group.. A few simple tweaks can make some big changes to your paddling efficiency. Positioning, posture, tensioning, pubic […]
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Paddling Endurance and Posture for Surfers

Better Paddling Endurance and Improved Posture for Surfers Paddling Endurance for Surfers: Watch this video on YouTube Surfing shouldn’t really be called surfing. A more appropriate name would be something along the lines of: lots of paddling around and occasionally standing up and surfing. That’s why paddling endurance for surfers is so essential. I have […]
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How To Improve Your Paddling and Posture

Florida got some damn good surf in mid-February. It was the first time I’ve surfed in about 2months (since getting back from Indo). It was a solid 4-5foot swell hitting central Florida, super-fun, but did require a fair bit of effort, and had some heavy sweep. I was pretty damned surprised at how quickly I was getting worn […]
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Surf Paddling Workout – Endurance

Surf Paddling Workout-Endurance Surf paddling workout: We’ve all had that feeling at one point, when all you can see is whitewater and oncoming sets, and your arms feel like they can’t move, you’re trying to paddle but you don’t seem to be progressing forwards, and that damn burn in your arms and shoulders just won’t […]
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Guide To Surf Paddle Training

THIS IS HOW YOU CAN PADDLE STRONGER AND FASTER  Here are the BEST METHODS of surf paddling training for building an upper body that can handle some heavy paddling. Paddle training: This original post (below) was written a few years ago. It will give you a huge amount of insight. These more recent posts touch in detail […]
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Surf Paddling – Treat Your Triceps!!

Why Are Surf Paddling and Your Triceps Important? You’ve got a muscle running down the back of the arm, that plays a vital role in strong surf paddling while you’re out in the lineup. It’s called your triceps. You’ve probably felt this muscle burning like hell after a heavy paddle out. Along with your “lat” muscle, […]
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Surfing – You Couldn’t Keep Paddling?

I Couldn’t Paddle Anymore I was surfing a really good beach break today. There were a few banks running several 100 yards down the beach, but the current was pushing so hard it made for a lot of paddling. Endless paddling. Paddle 10 minutes straight, go for a waved. Paddle back out, paddle upcurrent, catch a wave, repeat. I […]
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Surf Training – Paddle Workout

PADDLE LONGER, HARDER, FASTER Paddle workout: How much would your surfing benefit if you could paddle for longer times without fatigue or a need for rest. Couldn’t you catch some more waves if you had more powerful strokes, and stronger strokes? How many waves have you missed in the past years because your arms were […]
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HOW WELL DO YOUR SHOULDERS PADDLE? STRENGTHEN & STRETCH THEM PROPERLY You complaining about sore shoulders? What are doing about it? Are you still doing dumbbell front raises, high rows, or bench presses? If you are, you are just wrecking those shoulders more and more and more. Tear up that rotator cuff tissue! (That’s sarcasm). If […]
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