Surfing – You Couldn’t Keep Paddling?

I Couldn’t Paddle Anymore

I was surfing a really good beach break today. There were a few banks running several 100 yards down the beach, but the current was pushing so hard it made for a lot of paddling. Endless paddling. Paddle 10 minutes straight, go for a waved. Paddle back out, paddle upcurrent, catch a wave, repeat.

I was gassed after about 45 minutes. There were quite a few guys out there paddling their assess off, and staying right where they needed to be. Cheers to those boys and their metabolic stamina…. meaning they could paddle their assess of….. endurance.

So I’ve got to ramp up my pulling/paddling power and endurance.


Surf Training- Back And Shoulders

Get some Bent Rows into your program…. and learn how to do them properly…


-There is also a full workout in this video you could benefit from

For Bent Rows, you can really change the strength development characteristics by altering the tempos and rep ranges.

  • For endurance: which is what we are looking for: Tempo of about 222 for about 20 reps, 3sets. Another method would be to use a weight that allows you to keep rowing for around 3minutes. Do that for 1 or 2 sets and you’re spent!
  • For strength: tempo of 212 for around 8-10 reps. Make sure you’ve got a strong lower back when you begin getting into those rep ranges.

Bent rows, if done properly, can help you develop endurance throughout your entire extensor chain of muscles. Think of all those muscles holding your chest up while your paddling.

These Muscles Need To Be Strong And Durable

Bent Rows can be a solid movement to really develop some stamina within those muscles, helping to lay a strong foundation for your ability to paddle.

Another movement that you could consider (you definitely should at some point) using to help train that follow through paddle stroke, and to maintain a good shoulder and scapular position while your paddling is the following movement.

Keep these in the higher rep range with slower holds, something like a 212 tempo (2seconds up, 1 second hold, 2 seconds down) for 14-16 reps, for 2-3sets… watch this link

Surf Paddling – Stronger and Longer Surfing 

The Link Above!!! It’s a good one that also gives you some chest tissue mobilizations to loosen up any tight tissue screwing with your paddling.

That link above also gives you a brief overview of some of the shoulder anatomy so you can dig into what you’re trying to strengthen with that movement.

It’ll give you an idea of what muscles are keeping you out in the water paddling against a rip pulling you off that sandbank that looks so good.

Lastly, another idea for some paddle training is this link here… It has a full circuit for the sole purpose of paddle strength/endurance.

Surf Paddling Circuit

To wrap this up…

Bent Rows are a movement that can be of real benefit to your overall back health, and especially paddling endurance. That’s IF you do them properly. I see people butcher the hell out of this movement all the time, and it’s painful to watch.

So get your form down with these, and start using them. Those other links are some really insightful stuff as well, so give them a look.

Give me your thoughts.. What is Your Surf Paddling Training?

P.S. After todays surf, for lunch I had baked chicken wings, with baked pumpkin, red onion, garlic, and a glass of Raw milk with honey…. DAMN!!! What’s your post surf meal?


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