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Surf Workouts at Home

Does Corona have you on lockdown? If so, here’s a bunch of Surf Workouts at Home

Yeah, a Netflix binge is good here and there (Tiger King is mental!), but this downtime is also a great opportunity to stay on top of your fitness. Assuming you’ve got kids, and they’re home from school, it’s also cool opportunity to set an example for them and do some good for your health, mindset, and fitness.

Eventually, these quarantines will be lifted, and a few weeks of just slothing to Netflix won’t do anything good for your surf-fitness. So get into some quality training.

Without further rambling, here’s a list of resources you can implement right now.

Corona LockDown Home Surf-Workouts

#1 The FREE Surf Athlete App

Yeah, a shameless plug for my app, but if you don’t have it, go download it right now. Grab the FREE workout, which is all bodyweight, has mobility drills, a training program, and some bonus content that you’ll dig!

There are also other Free resources within that app, and you’ll see various paid programs if you want to dive in further.

Want the FREE App? Get It Here: FREE Surf Training Program

#2 Get Any Surf Strength Coach Program at 30% OFF

Yep, save some money! Any program you want, from the Surf Athlete 12 Week Program, to the Fix Your Pop Up Program, get it at a steep discount. I totally understand that everyone is going through dynamic and challenging times, so I want you to save some money. Use the coupon code: 10years

If you’re really having a hard time financially and you honestly still can’t afford the program even at discount, reach out to me at [email protected] and we’ll sort something out. I truly want to help, and I truly understand financial hardship. I’ve been broke as fuck for most of my life! Ha! But the reality is that we are in dynamic times and housing and feeding your family are the priority. I have family members that have already lost their jobs, so I can completely empathize. If you’re on hard times and need a bit more help, don’t hesitate to hit me up.

#3 Full Workout Video

Here’s a full-on workout, and a damn good one at that! Yes, it uses some equipment, but with some bare minimum equipment, you could do the majority of this workout. But yes, some things may be difficult at home with minimal equipment. If that’s your situation check out the videos further down this post. No cable machine? No worries, just swap it with some bands.

Check out the video here

#4 Full Bodyweight Workout Video

Just like the title says, full options for bodyweight training. You could throw these drills into a circuit of movements and absolutely smoke yourself. As always, focus on Quality of Movement over Quantity.

#5 Lower Body Workout

Keep your lower body mobile, fluid, and strong. The complexity of movement required by a surfer’s lower body is fairly astounding. From power and force absorption to dynamic mobility, these physical attributes are varied and complex. Despite the variability you can still easily train these attributes, and much of it can be done with only bodyweight. If you don’t have any kettlebells, no sweat, much of this video is performed just using your body.

#6 HIIT Training

HIIT!!!! AAGGGGHHHHH…. it’s all the rage! Honestly, I’m not always the biggest fan of “HIIT” training as it’s generally done to extreme failure, has little focus on form, and often has focus on the quantity of movement rather than quality. Besides all that, here’s a bit of a HIIT workout with a variety of complex movement patterns, that when performed efficiently will not only be a hell of a workout but also carry over directly to the water.


Throw on some netflix and get the foam roller out. Simple, chill, and surprisingly great.


Pulling and Pushing. That’s about all I’ve got to say about that. Get some!

No gym, no gear, no problem.
Start your Bodyweight Surf Training Essentials Program Today.


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