SURF WORKOUTS-How To Train for Explosive Power


To really boost your surf training and surf workouts, have the strength to catch more waves,and simply start ripping (moreso than your current state of ripping) , implement movements and exercise that can directly benefit your surfing.

Often people I consult with are using outdated and inefficient exercises, that are too “body-building” oriented, and can in fact be detracting from your overall surf skills and abilities. Pay attention to that last sentence.

With a well designed surf workout program, that utilizies some quality movements, in a single workout you can accomplish the following

  •  increase your power output for bottom turns and carves
  • increase your overall work capacity and cardiovascular endurance
  •  and increase varieties of core strength so you can better handle heavy paddling and maintain proper torso position.

So let’s get your surf workouts an surf training boosted with some power development.

Depending on your rest periods, your surf workout can really develop some cardiovascular endurance as well. Both of these characteristics, power, and cardiovascular / respiratory endurance, are going to have tremendous benefit and carryover to your ability in the surf.

Boost your confidence to handle some bigger surf, or simply surf for longer periods of time.

 Surf Workout Power Movement – Uphill Sprints

Watch the video here

Sprints are a great way to train for explosive leg power, and in fact massive amounts of core strength and rotational stability…..  Super important for getting you surfing fast, hard, and dropping some massive carves.

From a biomechanics perspective, the hip extension that is taking place with a sprint is great for strengthening the posterior chain (muscles along the back of the body), that are essential for a healthy back, core, and maintaining long-term paddling postures.

This posterior chain often becomes really weak and inactive due to poor postures, sitting at desks for too long, sitting in cars. And just the general postural habits of modern humans.

Faulty posture, hunched shoulders, immobile spines, and constantly flexed hips will destroy your body’s joints, and rob you of the flexibility and movements needed to surf well and injury free.

Some sprints are a great way to develop some strength in the posterior hip muscles, as well as really boosting your ability to generate leg power……….. massive bottom turns! The movement demands of sprints can really help combat hunched, flexed postures, that most people have.

These flexed postures can promote a lot of injury in the surf and can destroy joints,…. in fact, slow jogging can actually even make the problem worse. Uphill Sprints. Get after it!

Here’s another surf oriented surf workout video and post…….. check it, and then go run fast. Surf Park Workout – Sprints

Cardio Vascular & Respiratory Endurance

You can tweak the rest periods between sprints to really develop some endurance as well. While I will often rest 2-3minutes between sprints, you can reduce that rest period and really work on developing cardiovascular endurance.

Often with sprints, I’m working on power output and explosive power. To really develop this, longer rest periods are necessary to allow the body to recover properly, before the next sprint.

However, with regard to some endurance, think of a hard paddle for a wave, surfing it for about 10seconds, paddling back out with 10duck dives, and then immediately catching another wave.

Do you see how having some power, as well as cardiovascular endurance could be of benefit? Quit having to miss waves because you’re still gasping for breath and have some smoked shoulders and arms.

So, occasionally, rest for say 30seconds, and then hit another sprint. This will help build your bodies capacity to handle power output, with minimal recovery. And really improve your cardiovascular ability……….. so you can paddle your ass off.

Core Strength, Core Stability, and some ABS!

In the video, I’m working on some side planks, with movement. This movement strengthens not only the obliques (lateral trunk muscles), but also the lateral hip muscles (keeps your knees healthy). And some important muscles within your back that help keep your core strong and injury free. Basically, these are good for you…. so do them.

Good Lookin’ Torso!

Another Surf Training Core Exercise you should be working on…. READ THIS LINK-CORE EXERCISE

You’ll also see me utilizing a front plank, but with the hands out in front of my head. This is a progressed version of a basic forearm plank.

Both of these movements are very beneficial for strengthening the anterior trunk muscles… portions of which comprise the ever sought after 6pack.

But more importantly, it is teaching your core to resist spinal extension. And keep the pelvis in position that can reduce propensity for back problems.

Developing functional strength in this manner will be a big step in the direction of building a core that is built to surf. But also limit injury, and reduce injury potential.

Lose the crunches, they are absolutely a waste of your time, and start getting your anterior core strong, and durable, with some plank variations.

Get Strong, Get Powerful, Develop Functional Strength… and then SURF


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