Surf Skate Tutorial – Actually Improve Your Surfing

I break down some huge FLAWS with Surf Skate Training and show you what you NEED to start implementing to actually carry over to your surfing.
Surf Skate Training… it’s fun, and it can be tremendously helpful in actually improving your surfing. Or it can cement bad habits and stall progression in the water.

I see far too may poo-man crab surf skate training, and that just helps you “imprint” that terrible poo stance even deeper into the brain and nervous system.
Not only is fun but it’s also highly relevant from a neurological perspective in motor-pattern and skill development for surfing.
If you want to improve your surfing, it’s a valuable tool if implemented efficiently.

Here I’ll give you a run down of one of the big faults I see all too often, and then a few really good things to start working on.
Let me know if you found this helpful, and tag your buddy that surfs like he’s trying to take a dump….

If you’d like a program that teaches you the Fundamentals of Surfing Progression that will directly carry over to your surfing, check out the Cardboard Surfer Program from Clayton Nienaber: Cardboard Surfer


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