Get outside, get some sun, and get in a quick workout that will help your surfing and your body.  Check out the video for exercise directions.

Active Warmup- loosen up joints, get your glutes active, open up your hip flexors and adductors, mobilize your thoracic spine, and get your shoulder girdle adductors working.

Prisoner Squat Jumps x10reps, round 2 8reps, round 3 6reps, and so on.

20yard jog leading into a 40yard sprint

Rest 2-3 minutes.  During rest period work on mobility in areas that you are lacking – Yoga Plex

Repeat circuit 4-8 times.  You decrease number of prisoner squat jumps for each consecutive circuit.  With squat jumps you are developing power and explosiveness.  In this circuit you follow the jumps with a high intensity sprint, also training power and explosiveness.  You will decrease squat jump reps to not over-stress your joint connective tissue and maintain proper power output during your sprint.   It’s a safety thing!  Gotta stay injury free to stay in the water.