Surf Workout Program

How Are You Surf Training?

Is your workout benefitting your body? Are your surf workouts benefitting your surfing?

Implement movements that will strengthen your body for the movements necessary in surfing. Utilize surf exercises that will strengthen your areas of weakness so those portions of your body don’t keep you out of the surf on a good day.

Surf Workout Programs – Surf Specific Training

Here’s a circuit from a surf specific training program I recently developed for a guy looking to build strength endurance and deal with some lower back issues. This circuit is a portion of a program focused on developing stability through the joints and core, and utilizing movements that all have a direct carryover to surfing.

Watch the video here

CRAC Press is developing stabilization of the leg,pelivs, and core, while also benefitting the shoulders.

Supine Lateral Ball Roll develops huge amounts of rotational stability. A great core exercise that just about every surfer should use.

Body Row improves core strength and also posterior shoulder and back strength/endurance. There are several progressions of this exercise so find the one suitable for your needs.

Single Leg Hip Thrust– for ankle and knee injury prevention, strong glutes and back are a must. This movement really targets the glute and hamstring, while utilizing lots of stability requirements.

Another great exercise for strength development and injury prevention. Some of these exercises may be great for you, while for some of you reading this may need completely different exercises to really take your performance and abilities to the next level.

Give some of these a try, but realize that everyone has VERY different exercise needs. So what works for you may not at all work for me.

If you have some interest in a personalized Surf Specific Training program, or you have some nagging issues that limit your surfing, please contact me. I’d be happy to discuss your issues and how we can get you stronger in the water, or back into the water.

-Cris Mills

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  • Im 62 and haven't seriously surfed for10 years..  I own a home In Baja with trestles style waves at my frontbdoor and want back in..  Again, I'm 62 190lbs and in reasonable health
  • get back into it!  look to improve your flexibility, start paddling around again, and build up some endurance.  at your age, flexibility is paramount to allow full joint range of motion.   check out my full program at www.surftrainingsuccess.com   It will give you the necessary tools.  lucky guy having a wave like that out your door!  enjoy it.

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