Foundation Training – You Need to Use This

I want you to be aware of Foundation Training.

Foundation Training
Me… doing a Founder, with some pretty killer nature in the background!

There’s a disconnect in the modern world with how our bodies are designed to move, and how we habitually move them.

Sedentary, weak, and collapsed postures are the norm and coincide with back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, immobility and fear of movement.

That does not mesh well with surfing, or any other 3-dimensionally athletically demanding sport. It doesn’t mesh well with life, being active, strong, and capable.

As a health and movement coach, one of my goals is to teach people applicable, and fundamental basics to keeping themselves moving well. Sounds simple.

If they can move well, it helps to mitigate pain, they can actively move through life, their sport, their hobbies, whatever it is that makes them happy.

It’s my goal to give people tools they can incorporate into their lifestyle, that will have overarching positive effects.

Foundation Training is one of those tools. I truly think you’ll benefit, If you utilize it.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to take Dr. Eric Goodman’s Foundation Training Certification Course, and I can honestly that his methods are top quality stuff.

Next level. I honestly want you to use it, because I honestly think you’ll benefit.

I’m all about applicability. What can I teach to a client, that they can then consistently apply, with minimal barrier to entry?

I want to give them a tool, and an understanding that they can utilize for the rest of their life.

It will become a part of their movement practice. Foundation Training is one of those tools. Easily applied and practiced, with a bit of coaching at the start, and a willingness to explore new movements, you can REALLY benefit your body and movement.

So what is it?

Home-Logo1@1xFoundation Training takes you out of the collapsed postures of modern life. This is a very good thing.

This is especially good for backs…. how many of you reading this have experienced some back issues!?

I see it as a collection of movements that teach you how to anchor your pelvis, elongate the spine, actively decompress, breathe functionally and powerfully,

strengthen your posterior chain (muscles along the backside of the body), and improve your ability to move through life. It’s powerful. (*these are my words, not theirs)

A lot of people think that it looks like yoga. It’s most definitely not yoga. There’s some visual similarity in some of the postures, but Foundation Training is exceptionally different from yoga.

In the words of Foundation Training’s creator Dr. Eric Goodman:
“When you think of the overall effect our modern lifestyle has on our body it is extraordinary.

Our jobs, our hobbies, our comforts, our daily transportation, and our most efficient technology all keep our body in a realm of slow, steady, complacent adaptation to a seated life.

This chronic collision between a collapsing torso and an unstable pelvis by way of gravity… enabled so often by technology developed to make our lives better, it’s tragic. Our posture represents our response to this dilemma.

Are we held captive by a posture defined by pain and limitation, or are we enabled by movement and inspired by a body that can not only sustain, but improve upon its ability daily?” Dr. Eric Goodman

Inefficient postures, poor breathing, shoulder problems, back pain, weak hips, weak low backs, sloppy core control, … these are problems, that will likely lead to pain.

Foundation Training helps to counteract those issues, and does it in an inefficient, and easily integrated manner. A few minutes per day, some practice, and long-term application, and you’ll see the benefits.

I certainly have, and my clients will say the same. I hope you see how relevant this is, and I how strongly I feel about it.

We live in a world where our bodies have stopped moving.

We no longer have to interact with our world in the manner that our bodies are physiologically designed to do.

We’re hunched over desks, computers (as I type this), compressed rib cages, hips that are immobile and weak, spines have lost strength and alignment, we’ve lost the ability to support and control ourselves. That’s a problem.

If you want to remain active, stay resilient, and lay a barrier to unnecessary back pain… get started.

Check it out: FOUNDATION TRAINING. There are multiple free resources on their site. Eric is giving you this tool, so start applying it.

If you want to refine, correct alignment, and explore in more detail, check out their website here: FOUNDATION TRAINING , and invest in a book or dvd. It is well worth it.

Invest in your body, your movement, health, and your longevity.

“I can honestly say, with total confidence, that I believe this method of training can, and should be practiced by nearly everyone. 

I have my mother practicing Foundation Training. All of my coaching clients practice it, and I practice it daily. I truly believe it is one of the most applicable and beneficial modalities I’ve come across.

Anyone can learn this, and nearly everyone will benefit.” – me

If you want to dive even deeper…. check this out.

Really good stuff. Check out their stuff, your body, spine, and athleticism will benefit. FOUNDATION TRAINING


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*full disclosure: I receive a small financial reimbursement if you purchase any of their materials through my blog links. I feel very strongly about Foundation Training, and know you can benefit from their knowledge.

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