Fear and Surfing

How To Overcome Surf Fear

Fear, Surfing, and Skill Expansion How To Overcome Surf Fear Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Fear is healthy. It is a necessary part of expanding our comfort zones and pushing boundaries. It’s an inherent part of the process when discovering what we are truly capable of. It can also be paralyzing, culminating in […]
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My Interview with SurferLife

Surfer Life Interview – The Top Points I recently go the chance to  do an interview with Surfer  I think it went ok, but I tend to  ramble, and go off topic, and then ramble a bit more.   As soon as I finished the interview I thought there were a few things I […]
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What I Learned from 6 Weeks in Indo

I GOT SURFED OUT!!  I actually got surfed out!  The first time that has ever happened to me.  I’ve heard of this rare occurrence before from some fellas that had driven through Mexico but hadn’t come across it first hand. It was like the elusive purple unicorn!  By the last day, I didn’t care that […]
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Here’s To 2014

Bring on the next year of life…. Resolutions.  Stop Doing This.  Start Doing That.  It’s Going To Be Different.  I’m Going To Make A Change.  Resolutions.  This stuff does my head in, but at the same time, it’s the business I’m in (health, fitness, personal improvement).  Being in this field, I see so much excessive […]
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Why I’m creating a blog

It is my intention with this blog to provide the most current health information, ranging from mind/conscious wellness, nutrition, and exercise, all specifically tailored to surfers. I have dedicated my profession to health and wellness, with a primary focus on rehabilitative strength and conditioning. That professional desire is coupled with my absolute love for surfing. […]
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