Here’s To 2014

Bring on the next year of life….

Resolutions. Stop Doing This. Start Doing That. It’s Going To Be Different. I’m Going To Make A Change. Resolutions.


This stuff does my head in, but at the same time, it’s the business I’m in (health, fitness, personal improvement). Being in this field, I see so much excessive positivity and new-agey jargon, that I almost immediately dismiss it, roll my eyes, and revert to heavy pessimism. I’m sure many of you can feel me on that one.

However I also see the extreme potential, both cognitively, and physiologically that positive thinking can have, and the potentially beneficial impact positive resolutions can have on an individual, their life, and their outlook. So with this post, I just want to ramble on about a few thoughts, considerations, and highlight a few people that have done a better job than myself of putting this stuff into writing.


Whether it’s losing weight, getting out of pain, or getting “fit”, the new year sees a lot of false promises. I personally see this due to the fact of inadequate coaching. Any lifestyle change, business endeavours, recreational interests….basically change, can be damn difficult.

It’s far far easier to not change, and very much of your psyche is going to be resistant to it…. SO HIRE A COACH. Whether it’s building your business, learning how to eat properly, playing the piano (I’ve started lessons), or getting stronger to surf your ass off, hire a coach to set realistic goals for yourself so you don’t just get pissed off and quit.

So a bit of horn tooting, come see me if you’re in Sydney and want to get your training, fitness, pain, or nutrition dialled in. Holler! In all seriousness, to make some lasting improvement, it’s imperative that you work on setting realistic goals and expectations, and make changes that can become habitual.

This is especially true with fitness. People can wreck the shit out of themselves doing all that silly bullshit exercise out there, so work with someone who knows what they’re doing. Also, be realistic about what you can truly accomplish, and realistic about time-frames.

Some people are able to make drastic change, immediate overhauls, and dynamic flux quite easily, however most cannot, and if that’s what they expect then failure is likely. Hire a coach…. come see me!

Here’s a few things I thought were very cool that I read recently with all this New Year jargon floating around:

53 Great Lessons

Universal Principles For Life

F%ck Resolutions

I got a kick out of those, and had a few “ah-ha” moments. Whatever your NY resolutions are, put in some serious effort into achieving them. Change ain’t easy!!! Hire someone that can help you out along the way. Be ready for some setbacks and some failures, as life is really really really good at dishing those out, and hang on for the ride. And surf!


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