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Do you want to learn how to take care of your body? You want to learn methods to improve the way you move? Do you want techniques to keep yourself out of pain and help make yourself more durable? Would you want to learn legitimate training techniques to directly improve your athleticism and movement capacity? Wanna boost your surfing?

What it really comes down to is whether or not you want to learn how to improve your body, take care of yourself, and help your surfing.

If you don’t give a shit, then this seminar is absolutely not for you.

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APRIL 11th 2015 (11-5, with an option to hang out after, eat some tacos and drink some tequila) At Nakoa Fitness & Physical Therapy in Carlsbad CA, I get the chance to be involved in a full day Seminar, all aimed at helping people improve their bodies and their surfing. It’s basically a platform for us to teach you how to take care of yourself, how to actually improve your body for surfing, and how to keep your body moving well, feeling good in the water, and in life.


To be very blunt, most people are very well intentioned, but don’t have a clue about their training, their stretching, their core work… their movement. There’s just too much misinformation about health and fitness floating around out there.

Our goal with this seminar is to give people the tools that will have a massively positive impact on how they train, how they take care of themselves, how they can move, and getting better in the surf!

  • Learn methods to eliminating shoulder pain for pain free paddling and shoulder health
  • Training exercises to improve knee durability, and boost lower body power, for stronger surfing.
  • Core training for powerful rotations and long term back health
  • Techniques to quickly improve flexibility through ankles, hips, and shoulders for better movement in the surf
  • How to prioritize your own training for surfing performance so you’re not wasting time in the gym
  • Key flexibility patterns and how you can improve the way you move for surfing athleticism
  • Paddling endurance work and healthy shoulders
  • How to improve flexibility in key movement areas (ankle, hip, spine, shoulders) for dynamic flexibility and pain elimination
  • The difference between training and skill improvement, and why that’s very important
  • Breathing techniques to reduce neck strain, and improve breath holds
  • WarmUp Drills for better mobility and pre-surf warmups

Here’s Some Details of What You’re Gonna Learn

There are Foundations that everyone should work on. And there are movement aspects of surfing that need to be strengthened. There are smart and efficient ways to improve your training and your athletic capacity. You will learn all this, and walk away with a very firm understanding of what your body needs, and how to improve.


this is a huge one, especially for those surfers that sit a lot. Hips get stiff, ankles get stiff, spines get stiff, you get the idea. The body stops being able to move the way it should, and that creates problems. 

These problems generally become painful, and sometimes become quite serious injuries. With some focused methods, these movement restrictions are quite easily eliminated, and allow for proper range of motion.

Think of the dynamics of a really good front side top turn, with full rotation. Every major joint complex is being put into extreme ranges of motion. That’s what should happen, but when one joint, or several can’t move properly, forces aren’t transmitted properly.

Joints start to hurt, and you can’t move the way a body should… it stiffens your surfing. We’ll cover the major joint complexes, the essential stretches, the tissue release, everything you need to be working on to keep moving.


This one is pretty damn important. From it’s relationship with proper core function, spinal mobility, and simply being able to hold your breath properly, breath mechanics are critical.  It’s quite rare that I see someone with good breathing mechanics (diaphragmatic breathing).

This can have negative effects to multiple bodily systems. One aspect is excess tension to the neck and shoulders. How many people complain of neck pain?! Then consider the added muscular function of paddling. Then add improper breathing mechanics… things start to hurt.

Add that to the fact that if you can’t breathe properly, your recovery capability between waves is compromised. Your ability for long breath holds is also massively lessened due to your inability to get adequate air intake, and the added stress to nervous system.

Breathing has a huge impact on overall performance and health. We’ll get you sorted with this and show you why it’s relevant, how to improve it, and how to train it.

Lower Body Strength / Power:

It cracks me up when I hear surfers discounting proper strength or power development. Surfers are athletes. Some surfers / athletes have way more skill than others, but there’s still an across the board need for strength and power. Unless your limited to 1-2foot longboard surfing, some added strength or power, and the capacity to handle it will massively benefit your surfing.

Most people don’t actually know how to train for strength or power. A bigger problem is that a lot of people simply don’t know the basic movement patterns.

Take a squat for example: A loaded front squat is a great movement pattern for surfers to work on or high speed squat jumps, but if someone doesn’t have the necessary mobility to perform that pattern, and control it, then there’s no way they should work on strength or power development.

My point is, strength and power training is essential, and we’ll show you how to do it, BUT it’s got to start from a foundation of proper movement and basic movement patterns.

Rotational Core Training:

You need to be able to rotate, so you first need that foundation of flexibility. If you don’t have it, we’ll cover it. You then need to train your body to produce force in rotation.

You also need to train your body to absorb force in rotation. Those are two different things, but critical for a healthy spine, and powerful surfing.

Breathing and Rotational Flexibility come before Rotational Strength development, which comes before Rotational Power development. These are all a big piece of the puzzle of surfing athlete development, but have to be scaled to the individual.

Everyone needs rotational core training, but it needs to be precise in execution, and the foundations need to be in place first. No more crunches folks, it’s time to get with modern core conditioning.

Warmups: This one drives me nuts.  Take 2 minutes to get your body moving before you jump out into the surf.  This should be common %uckin’ sense, but a lot of people seem to be lacking that common sense.

I think it comes down to them not really knowing what they should do. This warmup is even more important for the stiff / older fellas as you already probably don’t move the way you really should… stiff spines, tight hips, lack of upper body flexibility, you get the idea.

Groms can get away with it, but for the older dudes, the lack of quality warmup is a good way to get injured. There’s a few things we tend to look for in a good warmup. It needs to hit key areas of restriction, particularly the ankles, hips, and spine.

And it should “prime” the nervous system for increased movement and reaction. It hits the basic motor patterns of the sport. With 3-4 quality movements, you can nail all of those aspects, help improve the way you move, and actually increase your body’s capability. I’ll give you several options, and you can find what works for you and your body.

Energy System Development:

Energy production, and training to be able to paddle your ass off. Most people think of just going for a jog, but there are far more efficient methods of training to improve your ability to paddle your ass off or stay in the water for hours at a time.

It comes down to training energy systems, or the way your body produces fuel within the cells. With some key points, you can make drastic improvements in a short amount of time.

These are just a few of the topics we’re going to cover, and I haven’t even mentioned the actual Skill & Technique training.

The basic point is that you surf, and you want to keep surfing. We want to give you the tools to take care of your body, improve the way you move, and help you get more out of your surfing.

Take some responsibility for looking after yourself! This is a pretty rare opportunity to get myself and 3 other top coaches in a room for a day, teaching you guys how to train, move, improve, and surf. I’m looking forward to it!


Cost is $175 for Full Day, Catered Round Table Q&A, and Video of full day. $125 for basic Full Day Seminar.


Grab the Surf Athlete Program & Enhance Your Surfing & Health Today…and Forever


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