Paddling Endurance and Posture for Surfers

Better Paddling Endurance and Improved Posture for Surfers

Paddling Endurance for Surfers:

Surfing shouldn’t really be called surfing.

A more appropriate name would be something along the lines of: lots of paddling around and occasionally standing up and surfing. That’s why paddling endurance for surfers is so essential.

I have no doubt you understand exactly where I’m coming from.

Ask any surfer new to the sport, and they’re often astounded at how exhausting paddling can be. Yet we in the intermediate and advanced spectrum expect and demand from our bodies potential hours of paddling.

That’s a lot of paddle strokes!

In fact, there is research to prove what we all already know. Over 50% of your time in the water is simply paddling, with a mere 8% being the act of standing on a board.

You can read the research study here: Physiologic Demands of Competitive Surfing

Each stroke truly relies on your ability to maintain spinal postures in the surf.

This extensor chain of muscles along your spine, which hold you into that sphinx cobra-esque posture are what you rely upon to paddle endlessly.

Yes, of course, the arms play a crucial role in this, including the deltoid muscles, triceps, lats, rhomboids, trap muscles, and rotator cuff. But all of that arm swinging your doing to propel yourself forward on the board rely upon your backside “core” to create a stable platform from which to paddle.

This is a simple yet highly effective drill pulled from the world of Foundation Training

I can guarantee you’ll see massive improvement in the water.

Practice the drill and get your endless paddling for surfers endurance game on!

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