Surfing Workout – Move Better Surf Better

Surfing Workout – Move Better Surf Better

Surfing Workout:

How well do you move?

How often do you move?

Is the majority of your week spent sitting at a desk, in a car, on a sofa and perhaps a bit of walking in a sagittal (straight forward / backward) direction?

Is that sedentary and strictly linear movement preparing you for the 3-dimensional movement in surfing?

Nope, it’s not. In fact, it’s making you less prepared and more prone to injury when your body is thrust into dynamic movements, where load and force are placed upon or required from the body.

Surf fitness is about developing competency and resiliency in 3-dimensional movements.


Surfing is beautifully dynamic, comprised of compression, extension, rotation, speed, power, fluidity and endurance.

Take a look at that time-lapse of a golf swing. Much of the musculoskeletal requirements for optimal surfing is similar to golf.

So it can be wonderfully represented by a golf swing. Pay attention to how every single joint in the body, from the skull to toes, are involved in that high-velocity swing.

Now we can imagine if one of those joints was locked up, like a hip. It would drastically alter the entire motion, the fluidity would be gone.

And the body would be forced to dramatically compensate. Optimal posture would be lost, joint range of motion would be sacrificed, and pain may ultimately present itself.

Improving your surfing and actually improving the technical skills of the sport is FAR EASIER when the body is operating at full capacity.

Any limitation, hindrance, weakness or stiffness of the human body will impact surfing. And make it just a bit more difficult to improve a skill or remain injury-free.

Have a watch of this video for an interpretation of what “surf fitness” and a “surf workout” could look like.

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