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Improve Your Body Improve Your Surfing

Improve your surfing – Your body and your health are the foundation of your surfing.

Dynamic Flexibility for Surfers

Don’t neglect that understanding.

If you do, one day you’ll be out paddling, the shoulder pain or searing low back pain will kick in.  Or perhaps your kids will be frothing, running down the beach, and you’re out of breath just getting to the waterline and wearing an extra 30lbs of inflammation and gut fat.  One day you’ll have the realisation that neglect of your health has stolen your ability to shred.

Surfing, your mindset, your breath awareness, your physical capacity, nutrition, sleep, your HEALTH, they’re all deeply entwined.

One aspect directly influences the other.

Health is far more than just fitness, and so is your surfing.  Please consider that for a moment, and hopefully far more often than just a moment.

Yet fitness and exercise are generally the entrance point for people on their true health journey.

*I see true health as longevity, happiness, physical ability to involve yourself in the aspects or endeavors of life that bring you true joy. For me, surfing is one of those aspects that is inherent to my existence.

So with that philosophical life/surfing tangent out of the way, let’s get you on your surf fitness journey and directly improving your body for surfing.

If you move better, have strength in dynamic positions, you have fluid and quick movement capacity, and your health is on point, you will ultimately surf better.

Here’s a rundown of how you can start improving your body so you can ultimately improve your time in the ocean… surfing.


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