Stretches for Surfers – Shoulder Release and Self Massage

Free and Fluid Shoulders – Stretches for Surfers

A tennis ball will become one of your best surf-travel companions for doing your shoulder stretches for Surfers.

That foam roller that sits idle in the garage will suddenly come to new life.

Some self-love, and not the type you hide in the bathroom for during your adolescent years. But the type that helps your body move well and move fluidly.

Self Myofascial Release.

It’s an overly technical term for knowing how to massage out some tight or sensitive tissue (muscle, fascia, connective tissue), with a tennis ball, foam roller, or any of the other overpriced gadgets they sell nowadays.

With a rudimentary awareness of anatomy you can make drastic improvements in how your body moves and functions.

A great analogy I heard ages back that doesn’t necessarily jive with true anatomy and physiology, but clearly gets the point across is this: Think of a nice raw steak, and think of some beef jerky.

Over time, years of aging, enduring injuries, and sedentary postures, your muscles go from nice pliable raw steak to processed and grossly flavored dried out beef jerky.

Help your muscles tissues get some movement capacity back into their sliding surfaces.

Here’s a process for the upper body. This would be great for anyone dealing with upper body joint injuries, or for anyone looking to loosen up after some heavy bouts of surfing.

Now get to those shoulder stretches for surfers!


– Cris

Improve the Way You Move
Eliminate Pain, Prevent Injury, and Move Better in the Water.



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