There’s been a pro-surfing competition where I live for the last few days, so I’ve had the privilege to watch some of the world’s best surfers.  It got me considering the human body, it’s movement capacity, and how amazing it is what professional surfers can do with their body, and how they interact with a moving slab of water.

I’m in the health/fitness/rehab field , so I have a much stronger propensity for movement and interest in highly skilled movement than the average person.  In fact I see many problems, injuries, and pain issues arising from lack of movement and a sedentary lifestyle.  From mal-aligned joints, to lack of organ pumping, to the inability to control the body in the field of gravity.  I find it a very strange thing how society has come to be far out of touch with basic human movement and foundational body maintenance.  That is a large generalisation, but does seem to apply to the westernised and technologically privileged world.  I find it absolutely necessary that people find some type of movement practice.  You’re given this incredible body and nervous system with exceptional capability.  I urge you to find movement that tests, enhances, challenges, and improves your ability to control your body and expand your nervous systems capability to interact with the world.

Find movement that enhances your ability to do what you want in life!

For me personally I’m an avid, heavily, grossly passionate surfer, so my movement or training is focused on improving my surfing and keeping me out of pain.  I also personally spend a large amount of time training and working with surfers in regards to performance and pain relief.  I’m acutely aware of what a surfers’ body requires:  flexibility, strength, power, agility, endurance, and coordination.  There are also basic movement patterns that surfers should be proficient in:  lunges, twisting, pushing, pulling, and squatting.  Movement training for a surfer should focus on those basic patterns and improve the biomotor profiles mentioned above (flexibility, strength, etc).   Without getting too deep into strength and conditioning jargon I want to stress the  point that some type of organised movement practice, yoga, strength training, dance, or whatever you fancy, can help you explore the potential of your body and influence the hobbies that bring you happiness.   Find some type of movement practice that you enjoy and that will benefit your body, mind, and interests.

You’ve got this incredible body….  learn to use it, challenge it, and enhance it… and continue to do the things that you truly enjoy in life!

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