Surf Training – Circuits

Fast, Efficient, Stronger Surf Bodies

Surf Training, Surf Circuit training…a good workout in a short amount of time. Piece together some surf exercises that focus on the relevant movements we as surfers need to be strong and powerful, and get to work.

Develop strength, endurance, and give those lungs and heart of yours a solid workout. This can be a great style of training to ready your body for some grueling paddle outs and surf sessions.


Here’s a circuit I’ve been working on lately.

Prisoner Jump Squats – develops explosive leg power, but also helps develop proper landing mechanics. This is crucial to all surfers regardless of ability. If you can’t land properly, your chances of injury jump up tremendously.

So focus on proper alignment of the knee, ankle, and hip. DON’T allow the knee to deviate medially (meaning fold inward). Check out this post for ankle/knee/hip stability… Save Your Knees

Reverse Lunge w/ Deficit – This is a great exercise building full body strength, but also places lots of stability requirements on the front leg. Single leg strength and stability is vitally important to a surfer looking to become better and more injury resistant.

The deficit portion increases the mobility requirements….. surfers NEED to be flexible!

Dumbbell Chop with Step – ROTATIONAL TRAINING!!! Surfers need to be able to rotate strongly, and quickly. Notice the quick deceleration and acceleration of the dumbbell, while maintaining a stable core.

This movement does not require much weight to truly benefit. This is one of many rotational exercise variations. Check out a few more here. CORE

Forward Ball Roll Out – All around great core exercise. The focus is not not allow the ball movement to effect your spine. Maintain a long neutral spine and make your core stabilize your lumbar spine and pelvis like it’s supposed to!!!!!

Another core exercise… check this out. Paloff Press

Repeat that circuit 3-6x’s, and get a solid workout. Use a rest period of 2-3minutes between each circuit to allow your heart rate to slow down and let your muscles clear metabolic waste.

All those movements have some direct benefit and carryover to surfing, so train your body to be stronger and more durable in the water….. and get fit while doing it! Surf Circuit Training at is best.

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