Upper Body / Core Strength

Surfers Perfect Pushups! Men usually love them, hell, it just feels tough banging out a bunch of pushups. Women usually stray away from them, which they really shouldn’t… women if you want some hot abs, then get good with pushups!

Surfers, male and female, need to be working on them, and unfortunately most people just ruin them. It is one of the most versatile exercises, with so many variations it would be a pain in the ass to count.

Slight variations in tempo, added resistance, hand width, speed of movement, foot placement, on and on and on, can all be geared to specific outcome desires.

So check out the video, and start to improve your pushups.

Remember, like any exercise, if you’re bastardizing the form, then you’re not benefitting, and you’re very likely creating muscle imbalances, which is what you don’t want.

Watch the video here

When performing a pushup, think of taking perfect upright spinal posture, and placing it in a horizontal position.. the pushup position. Proper alignment of all segments of the spine, pelvis, and cranium.

  • Don’t sag your hips
  • Don’t drop your head
  • Stop repetitions when you are unable to hold perfect form

Get Strong!! Bang out some Surfers Perfect Pushups and truly benefit from your body. A few rounds of lunges and pushups and you’ve done a great workout.

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  • Chris. Great stuff, I teach high school PE and constantly fight the bench press / push up battle. Kids get on the bench arch too much struggle with form but if you put them on the floor they cannot perform a push up properly. Once they commit to working on their push up all their other pressing will improve. Also a great way to identify core weakness as you illustrated which is a big time liability in surfing. Thanks for the good stUff!
    • The kids want to get pump some iron!! BENCH PRESSING!! Haha. It certainly screwed up my shoulders, to the point of still dealing with some problems. One of the biggest goals I have when working with younger surfers is to just get them doing a proper pushup, and a good looking unweighted overhead squat. Teach them to move!! @SteveMckanna
  • I am 10 weeks on the other side of rotator cuff surgery as we speak. I am sure that all that benching that I did before I was really educated set me up for the eventual injury. I hope to be back in the water by may or June. Working hard in rehab and working harder to keep others from making my mistakes. Keep up the good work!
    • @SteveMckanna stay diligent with that rehab. I had an open shoulder re-construction about 7years ago, and have been battling issues with the other shoulder for about the last 3... although currently winning that war and staying out of surgery! After initial rehab, there's a LOT of stuff you can do to get back to surf shape, that the PT's will at times not address.... unfortunately. I've got some shoulder training PDF's written, that I would be happy to send to you. shoot me an email, and I can get you those if you'd like. At the very least, there would probably be a few moves that would be of benefit for you.
      • @crismills   GReat Post Chris. I have been experiencing shoulder rotator cuff isues for the last year or so.  I want to avoid surgery if possible. I would love to check out the PDF's on shoulder training. Thanks for providing some great info and insight!   Cheers,   Dave
  • Chris, sounds great I am always open to new moves that will help. I do have a real good PT he is an athlete and understands people like us. presently I am swinging kettlebells riding the stat bike doing some left side work plus my rehab. Just starting to get some strengthening stuff going along w ROM. I look forward to your info. If I had known I would surf till 57 I would have taken better care of myself, lol. Thanks for the responses. My email is [email protected]

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