Egg with tomato and potatoes

you know you want it

As I’ve stated before, I love food, and breakfast has got to be my preferred meal of the day. I wake up hungry, and immediately start cooking up something. So today, it was organic bacon, plantains, tomatoes, and organic eggs, cooked in coconut oil.

A serious plate of food, and damn good. Lots of folks out there skip the breakfast, or eat a bagel, or some shit pop tart, which isn’t exactly helping out your body.

Skipping breakfast basically sets you up for hormonal failure throughout the day, stresses out your adrenal systems (again offsetting your hormones), and will screw up your blood sugar levels.

Also, as I’ve stated before, the food you put into your mouth provides you with the energy to live your life, proteins to repair your body, fuel for your brain so you can stay mentally focused, and basically provides you with the sustenance for your life.

The cells that make up your body are composed of the very things you ingest, food, liquid, and air. So it’s fairly straight forward understanding that if you’re putting shit food into your body, it’s going to make some shit cells, and shit cells unfortunately don’t work to well.

In my eyes, if you want to live a great, healthy life, you had damn well better be putting some good food into your body. If not, what can you really expect from it!

Eggs: one of the most nutrient rich foods; excellent source of minerals, protein, and B vitamins; and eat the yolks dammit!

It is a great high quality source of saturated fat, which your body desperately needs… especially if you’re surfing for a few hours. Make sure your eggs are organic or even better, pastured. Eggs are only as good as the chickens they are coming from.

Bacon: it’s delicious! Saturated fat has gotten an illegitimate bad wrap for decades now, so bacon has been shunned. WAKE UP… high quality saturated fat is NOT bad for you…. you NEED IT! So eat some organic bacon now and then.

Plantains: I’ve got to get some carbs in at breakfast, and plantains go really well with eggs. Although you’ll notice, my carb intake is far less than my protein and fat intake.

My body does pretty well with that ratio, although some days I will go higher carb, but when that occurs, you can bet your frosted flakes eating self that I’m not downing a bowl of cheerios and skim milk. Carbs- think some quality starches, fruits, and maybe a small amount of properly prepared whole grains.

Throw in some fruit on the side, and it’s a hell-uva breakfast…. it’ll have you in the water for hours!

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