To Squat, or Not To Squat?


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Bottom line, as a surfer, you need to have some form of a squat in your workout regiment. The squat movement is a necessary component of the movement dynamics of a surfer.

When you are in the act of surfing, your movements are a variance of dynamic squats, lunges, and rotations, all combined with various speeds, and power demands.

If you train your squat pattern, and develop speed, power, strength, and stability in that pattern, it WILL carryover to your abilities while on top of that surfboard of yours……..

Realistically speaking. If you just simply have zero ability on a surfboard, working on squats isn’t gonna help you learn to surf…. but improving your athletic attributes, combined with a bit of intrinsic ability on a board (god given ability to balance on your feet!, which some people have real trouble with), is going to help you improve.

So do some Front Squats!

So Why A Front Squat?

In comparison with a traditional back squat, the front squat takes some precedence for us as surfers.

The load demands placed upon your bodies muscle structures when performing a front squat are more beneficial, and have more carryover to the postures we must keep while surfing.

You must engage more scapular/shoulder muscle structures, as well as maintain upright thoracic postures, while properly executing a front squat. This has direct benefit for your surfing endurance, strength, paddling abilities, and shoulder health.

Incorporate some thoracic mobility work as well and really reinforce proper thoracic spine postures.

Standard back squats, coupled with already crappy posture, are just reinforcing improper movements. Not saying back squats aren’t great, hell, repping out some heavy back squats occasionally is awesome, but to really work on improvement and function as a surfer, Front Squats are the way to go.

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