Lunge so you can surf better!


Are you sitting at a desk for the majority of your day? Are you exercising, stretching, or working on mobility to improve the time that you do actually get to spend in the water?

If you answered yes to the first question, and no to the second set, then you are definitely not going to be throwing down layback carves like the fella in the pic above, at least without ripping some tissue, or tearing an MCL.

Check out the guys hip and leg positions. There is a ton of movement and force production going on throughout, all which can only happen if you are strong, stable, and flexible.

Sitting at a desk, making money for the family, isn’t going to help with your overall leg/hip strength, stability, and mobility… But you are paying the bills, so bravo. I’ve done a previous post on some mobility work for your hips.. hip drills.

That can be a start to opening up all the surrounding tissues in your hips and legs, which become chronically shortened from sitting for prolonged periods.

Keep this stuff mobile!

Shortened, non-flexible tissue, not only inhibits strength, but also prevents movement. And as a surfer, you need lots of dynamic movement. And some serious force production coming through those leg and hip muscles.

Check out the pic to the right, there are a lot of muscles that need to stay healthy and mobile. In order to improve your performance, you must incorporate mobility through that tissue (the ability to move a joint through its range of motion). And also keep the muscles strong and able to provide joint stability.

Without joint stability, you can’t efficiently produce power, and power is what allows you to breakout some layback carves which make you feel pretty rad, and hope that someone was watching that power turn you just threw down.


So what can you do to improve strength and stability, and also increase mobility/flexibility. Work on some good exercises, and improve mobility!

Check out the video below, it’s a dynamic lunge pattern, which is increasing mobility/flexibility, and improving strength and stability. Hell yeah that’s a lot of good stuff. Lunges are essential to us as surfers, as one of the primary movements on top of a surfboard is essentially a lunge pattern.

So improve your lunge, and then increase the dynamics of that lunge. Give these a go, and start to improve your performance.

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  • Thx for taking the time to explain the terminlogy for the noobs!
  • I love these lunge videos. I am having problems with my left knee. I bruised my meniscus snowboarding about 10 years ago and it has never healed. When I do the squats sometimes I have a lot of pain on the inside of my knee. Are there any other stretches or exercises I can do to help that?

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