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Surfers Nutrition- THE BASICS

Food For Thought- Surfers Nutrition This is a long and bumpy road my friends, full of bullshit, misdirected corporate marketing, ill-fated media information, and confusion.  So where should one start?       REAL FOOD!!! Atkins diet, zone diet, sugar busters, paleo diet, …Read more

Surfers = Athletes?

If you’re a surfer, you’re an athlete.  You can train to improve your athleticism.  You can train to be a better surfer. What makes an athlete?  Is a surfer an athlete?  How about a kite-surfer, or wakeboarder?  What qualifies someone …Read more

Why I’m creating a blog

It is my intention with this blog to provide the most current health information, ranging from mind/conscious wellness, nutrition, and exercise, all specifically tailored to surfers. I have dedicated my profession to health and wellness, with a primary focus on …Read more

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