Surfer Core Exercises

Surfer Core Exercises – Lose the “Ab” Workout

Yep, that’s a pic of the Situation and his abs.  I’ve never met the guy, don’t really care to, but he probably would be funny to party with, just once for story-sake.  He also appartently came out with a protein infused vodka. Anyways…  let’s move onto core & torso training for surfers.

Core training gets absolutely butchered.  If I walk into a commercial gym setting, I have to close my eyes and dry-heave from some of the “core” atrocoities I see going on.  These people are well intentioned, just blaringly misinformed.  So now, you don’t have to kook your core training, because now you’ll know some beneficial surfer core exercises.

Anterior Core Fallouts – Get Ripped!!! – and a seriously strong mid-section.

With these “fallout” variations, you’re effectively training the core to do what it is designed to do.  Stabilize the spine and pelvis, and transmit force from the upperbody to the lowerbody and vice versa.  Doing loads of abdominal crunches is absolutely NOT effective, disregards the actual

Good Lookin' Torso!
Good Lookin’ Torso!

biomechanics of the abdominal wall, and creates dysfunctional posture.  If you’re rectus abdominis becomes overly contracted, it pulls your rib cage down, further promoting that no-good posture you get from sitting in a car or at a desk all day long.  That posture, a depressed rib cage, stooped shoulders, forward head, is seriously bad stuff, and will at some point wreck your surfing.  What you need to do is train the core effectively, efficiently, and the way a surfer needs to with these surfer core exercises.


  • Don’t allow the back to sway or arch – maintain a stable neutral spine posture
  • Find your proper level of exercise of the 3 variations shown
  • Perform “core” training towards the end or your workout so you don’t fatigue spinal and pelvic stabilizer muscles

More Surfer Core Exercises

Renegade Rows   Surfing Core Rotational Training

Cable Chops – Rotational Core Strength & Power Training

Paloff Presses – Get Some Abs Man – Best Core Exercise

Now understand this, as it is important.  This is only a minor snippet of core training, especially when it comes to rehabilitative core training.  These moves above are great full-body integrative core training, but there are plenty of other movements that are used to restore proper function of the inner unit core muscles (tva, multifidus, diaphragm, pelvic floor), which I’ll touch upon in upcoming posts.  My point being, if you’ve got back, or pain problems in general, there will be other movements you should become proficient at prior to the exercises shown above.  And, those without pain, progress into other forms of “core training”, like sprinting, one-arm farmers walks, Single Arm Kettlebell squats or lunges, Kettlebell swings, indo-board training……  on and on.  Get functional!

So, now that you’ve read that, and the other posts, use some beneficial core training… and use some movements that will make you injury proof, surf with faster turns, and get some abs man!!!!  or woman!!!!

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