Surf Stretches – Hip Mobility

Surf Stretches – Hip Mobility – The Do’s & Don’ts

Mobilize your hips, and it will make your knees and lower back more durable. Those are good things, especially if you want to surf into your 60’s, 70’s, and really push the rad-factor and surf into the 80’s and 90’s. If your hips are moving properly, which they should be, you won’t sacrifice the joints above and below the hip, which are your low back and knees.

I’m OK with that Poo Stance

Not only is hip mobility going to help with keeping you pain free in the water, but freedom of movement through that hip joint will help you to be dynamically flexible and move around with some style instead of a poo-man stance.


I see a lot of people stretching, and it’s usually not quite right. In this video/article I recently did for Surfing-Waves, I go through:

  • the 90/90 hip stretch that nearly every surfer should be using
  • techniques to isolating your hamstrings and stabilising your lumbar spine
  • soft tissue release to the lateral muscles that can contribute to knee pain
  • opening up your hip flexor muscles and quadriceps release
  • learn the proper pelvis positions for hip stretches to focus on the hip joint and not the spine
  • get looser more mobile hips so you can throw massive tail-whips!

So cruise on over there and check out the video on stretching your hips, and use some surf stretches that will improve your hip mobility, instead of floundering around with your legs up in the air.

surfing waves hip mobility

Surfing-Waves Hip Mobility Series

It’s a full video where I walk you through how to stretch your hips and not kook your hip mobility work. Check it out… mobilise your hips.

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