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The Good & Bad of Fruit Smoothies…

Surfer Nutrition: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, right now…. nutrition, the field of nutrition, the books on nutrition… it’s a mess. Too many people caught up in the latest food fad, the latest best seller celebrity diet book, and people becoming overly dogmatic.

People seem to forget the most essential component of nutrition, which is LISTENING TO YOUR OWN BODY. Also, realise that your religious or moral/value food ideals can be far far different from what is physiologically beneficial and optimal (that’s for you crazy vegans out there!… don’t hate, i love you guys and all the crazy raw foods you eat).

Watch the video here

So, onwards to fruit smoothies. I cover all this stuff in the video, but the big takeaways are that it would be a good idea to include some fat and protein in your fruit smoothies.

This helps to provide sustained energy, blunt the rapid rise in blood sugar of eating fruit alone, and it helps to provide you with the other essential macronutrients.

Other video takeaways:

  • I personally prefer RAW milk or coconut water as the base for my smoothies.. soy milk is garbage and absolutely not a nutritious food (sorry vegetarians, read the protein shake post below)
  • Add some type of protein source… raw eggs (only high high high quality farm fresh organic), quality protein supplements (most proteins are garbage!!!.. read the post below)
  • Get some fat in your shake! coconut oil, coconut cream, high quality organic butter, avocado, nuts

Focus on real food folks. That’s the biggest thing I want to convey to you…. real food, and listening to what your body wants and needs.

Here’s some other essential reading on shakes, protein shakes

Drink Some Nutrition: Protein Shakes

from the article—–“First, why are you drinking them? Are you attempting to get some post workout nutrition, or simply don’t have the time for a full meal? If that is the case, a shake can be a great option. But what holds relevance is the ingredients of your protein shake.

I will often ask my clients what type of protein they are consuming, and will often hear of chocolate chip cookie flavor, or strawberry blast protein….. come on, do you seriously think chocolate chip cookie flavored protein powder is really all that great for you”

The Surf Shake The 6 Step Ingredient Process to the Perfect Surf Shake

from the article— “Mix up your batch of goodness and throw it back! That’s a Surf Shake that’ll do a body good, rather than some crap skim milk and strawberry flavored protein shake.

In the Surf Shake, you’ve got some good carbs from the fruit/veggies, tons of antioxidants and vitamins from the fruit/veggies and nuts, protein from the nuts, powder, or eggs, and some quality hormone building fats from the coconut oil, RAW milk, whole milk, eggs, avocado, or nuts.

This all equals sustained energy, proper recovery nutrition, or some damn tasty shakes. All in all, this is a shake that will help you keep doing the things you love…surfing.”

There ya’ go!! That’s some help with surfer nutrition. Whip up some smoothies.

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  • I try to get some greens in with every meal and spinach is great in fruit smoothies. You can't really taste it but it does make it a less appealing color.  If you really want to turn your smoothie into a super food use kale, but you can taste that.  Its a matter of what's more important, tasty breakfast or super nutrition.  I know you don't care for processed dairy but I usually use cottage cheese or greek yogurt as my protein source.  Sometimes I will use tofu as well.  I agree with staying away from protein powders but I still use a little occasionally, the unflavored ones made from eggs.  Raw eggs?  I can't get my brain to say its ok, I can't even eat an egg sunny side up.   I'll have to try adding some avocado or coconut oil for fat, good idea.  I was using flax seed as an omega 3 source for a while and sometimes use almonds.  The blenders they have out these days are amazing, they grind through anything.  I've tried juicing and didn't like it at all, there's just too much waste of good food.
    • keeponkeepnon    sounds like you've got it goin' on with your smoothies.  in some past shake posts i write about throwing in spinach or some of the greens powders.  all good stuff in my book.   yeah, some people don't dig the raw eggs, although once they're in the shake you wouldn't be able tell.  fat, protein, carbs... keep it up man!

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