My Top Back Pain Relief Tricks

Back Pain Sucks and Ruins Surfing

I’ve had some gnarly stuff with my back over the years, and I see some gnarly back stuff with clients. Back pain and surfing don’t mix. There is so much dynamic spinal movement in surfing, that it’s quite easy to piss off that spine, and when that happens, you’ll get pissed off at your surfing, and your spine. So let’s talk about back pain relief.

Here’s some things for you to work on if you’ve got some back aches. If you’ve got specific spinal pathologies, spondylotlisthesis, herniations, bulges, pars fractures…. ask your health practitioner about using this stuff. But for most surfers dealing with some back stiffness and aches, this is some good stuff to get into.

Myofascial Tissue Release — Loosen Up Your Back

What you’re working on is reducing the compression through the lumbar spine, specifically extension compressive forces. Release all the tissues that are holding that compressive extension position, and loosen everything up so ya’ feel good.

  • Yoga Childs Pose with Lat/Deep Spinal Stretch
  • Quadratus Lumborum tissue release – that bastard of a muscle can hurt!!
  • Stability Ball Lateral Side Stretch – it feels good
  • Foam Roll & Tennis Ball your quads
  • TFL Hip Muscle Release
  • Hip Flexor Fascial Stretch

My Post-Surf Stretch Protocol – The Goodness

With this series of movements, stretches, releases… you’re just hitting everything that tends to get tense after some heavy surfing or training. I’ll generally run through this while I’m watching some TV or something.

Keep yourself loose, look after your body, so you don’t have to lose surf-time due to some unnecessary injury because you don’t take care of yourself.

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