What is Surf Fitness Training

Surf Fitness Training – What the Fu&* is it?

The “field” of surf-fitness training has jumped enormously over the past few years. You’ll find quite a few dvd’s now, some pros have some fitness flicks out, there’s a few guys online (myself included), and a lot of gyms near the water are offering this type of service.

But what the fu&* is surf fitness training? Surf Exercise? I certainly have my opinion, so I’ll throw a few ideas at you regarding the surfing fitness boom… and whether or not you actually need it.

Surf Fitness… Surf Exercise.. Surfing Training.. Whatever….

This is the main takeaway:  If you have more movement efficiency, more strength, more power, more endurance, more flexibility, more athleticism, your surfing will improve.

That is the bottom line. If you can move more efficiently in all categories of bio-motor profiles, you will be more strong, more powerful, and more “graceful” with your movement through life…. even if that life constitutes a lot of surfing.

So yeah, I strongly feel that surf fitness training, surfing exercises, whatever, will improve your surfing. But I may be a bit biased, as it is kind of my job, and I’m immensely passionate about movement and training.

There’s a lot of bullshit out there, but that’s the nature of the field of fitness. But this post isn’t about what I find completely annoying about the health/fitness field, this is about why you should actively look to improve your body for not only surfing but also life.

surfing training

The human body is designed to move. Many of today’s musculoskeletal disorders are a result of sedentary lifestyles and the impact that has on our structure, tissue, digestive systems, fascia, and movement.

Too many people lack movement in their lives, and this creates structural changes and dysfunction (that’s important). So then we have surfing, which is an enormously movement demanding sport.

From a physical standpoint, surfing is hugely hugely hugely athletic, meaning you need an array of abilities to surf well: strength, power, coordination, agility, flexibility, speed, and endurance.

Take those requirements, and mix that with a bunch of surfers whom are movement deprived and moving dysfunctionally, and you’ve got a very good recipe of pains, aches, and diminished surf potential.

That’s why you should be involved in some type of surf fitness training, or surf exercises, or something to improve your movement so it carries over to the sport you love.

Improve your movement capacity, improve the way you move in life, improve your surfing. But, you need to make sure it’s some quality movement training. And that you’re utilising exercises that will directly benefit your surfing. (That could be another rant about how I unfortunately see most fitness “pros” totally missing the boat with exercise)

So what do I recommend? Read this blog, there’s tons of good info. Or, if you want the full spectrum of surf fitness training, check out SURF TRAINING SUCCESS.

Whatever you do, realise that if you want to surf better, improve your body. So do something that will benefit it…. and eat good food.

Surf Training Success

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Move your body so you can surf man!!!


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