Surf Moms – Warmup and Exercise

Surfing Mums

Yeah, I realize that it’s spelled with an “o”, but that’s how they spell it! Last week I gave a talk to a group of surf mommas from Dee Why. They’ve got a great group of ladies still pumped to get in to the water, in between taking care of their little ones. Check out the group Surfing Mums.

Warmups & a Few Exercises

I went over a few quick and easy movements for a pre-surf warmup, and few exercises to build some hip and leg stability, and to improve core strength and stability.

Warmup: 4Movements

Squat Toe Touch Drill, Yoga Pushup, One Leg Rotations, Hops

With the warmup…. I harp on surfers and clients all the time…. WARMUP. That initial paddle out can be a beast at times, so get your body warmed up. Move the joints, wake up stabiliser muscles, prime the nervous system!

Hopping into the water cold will very likely lead to an injury someday… and injuries don’t help your surfing, so WARMUP. Seriously, warmup, even if it’s just 2 minutes. Use the 4 movements shown in the video and you will hit every major muscle group, excite the nervous system, lubricate joints, move tight tissue, and get your body moving!

Exercises: 3 Movements

Squat with Knee Band, Rotational Planks, Horse Stance

These are 3 great and simple movements that will help strengthen your body for the water. Squat with Knee Band – The squat is essential for surfing, so I showed the ladies how to clean up their foot and knee position, keep a good thoracic posture, drive back into the hips, and use a knee band for extra lateral hip stability.

Rotational Planks are a great movement when done correctly. We could all use a bit more core strength, and this move does a great job of developing a very strong torso.

Horse Stance- this move gets butchered all the time, but when done correctly is really useful for developing transverse plane stability of the core, along with some other goodness. Transverse plane stability is essentially being able to withstand rotational forces through the spine, and keep a healthy pain free low back…. yeah that’s a good thing.

There Ya Go!!! A quick and easy warmup, and 3 simple yet very effective exercises.

Thanks again to SurfingMums for letting me come have a chat with them… you’ve got a great group ladies!


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