Surf.. Shoulders.. Exercises.. Do em’!

Paddle… hurts… Paddle… hurts… Paddle…. hurts……  You need Shoulder Clocks

Self-face punch… instead of the shoulder punch

That is not a fun way to surf.  I’ve personally gotten so enormously pissed off at my shoulders before while surfing that if they were a person  standing in front of me, I would punch them in the face and then spit on them.  I’ve gotten that rant out of the way… now its time to focus on what you can do to not surf with shoulders that make you want to punch them in the face.  Some actually functional surf shoulder exercises that build endurance and stability/control of the upper body is what ya need!!!  Not some old-school seated military presses that are likely wrecking your shoulders.

I’ve written extensively about some of the basics of what you need to do to restore proper function to a shoulder.  Tissue work, flexibility and mobility, posture, scapular stability, back endurance, rotator cuff stability, deltoid endurance…..  check it all out and get to work here…..   Guide To Surf Paddle Training

What I want to show you now is an exercise  that I’ve been using personally and with clients lately, and having some great results.  I like it, I think you’ll like it, and I know it’s beneficial, so use it, and allow yourself to not be forced to inflict violence onto your own shoulders…. cause that’ll screw up your surfing.

I Call Em’ Shoulder Clocks

Without being too specific with anatomy, you’re essentially strengthening and building endurance in your posterior shoulder and back….  that’s good for your paddling.

  • With this movement you want to go for length of time, not a specific number of reps.
  • You want to aim to build up to 3-4minutes of time under tension.  So think of doing a rep that lasts 30seconds  (continuous movement for 30 seconds).
  • You would have to do 6 reps at 30seconds each for 3minutes time under tension.
  • You should get to the point where you can keep the movement going for a full minute, or even 2 minutes.
  • You’re building endurance here, so keep those muscles working for as long as possible.

You’ll have to use a pretty light weight.  At times, I have people use no weight at all, so just play around with it and find what your shoulders need.

As you should have read in the link above to the Complete Guide To Surf Paddle Training , there is an essential component of tissue flexibility to paddling well and without pain.  Give this a watch and get to work.

Read about all the essential tissue release, stretches, and what muscles you need to lengthen here…. this is important stuff, but a bit anatomical…  so watch out those of you that don’t like to learn or use that thing between your ears.

Surfing Shoulders – Tissue Mobility

So there ya’ go….   a rad exercise with a heap of benefits so you can paddle with some endurance.  Just tonight it was only about 3-4foot, and I was getting gassed with some of those paddle outs.  It never hurts to get a bit stronger and really focus on shoulder health so you can keep surfing without pain.

If you’re looking for more insight into building an upperbody that doesn’t give you hell in the surf, and can handle those heavy heavy heavy paddle outs…  check out Surf Training Success.  Not only does it give you months of Surf Specific Workouts, Mobility Drills, and Recovery Secrets, there’s also the guide to Surfers Shoulders- Essential Shoulder Training which gives you all the tissue work, all the exercises, and all the pro secrets to having strong, mobile, and pain-free shoulders… so stop surfing with painful shoulders… it sucks.

Get pitted!!!!   Let me know what you think about this exercise and leave some comments below if you use it in your next training session!