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3 Ingredient Pancakes

If you’ve been reading my stuff, following the blog, checking out Facebook posts, you realize I’m an advocate of eating real food. I firmly believe that the food you put into your mouth is one of the largest variables in dictating your overall health, well-being, energy output, mental clarity, ability to recover, maintain immune system health, blah blah blah… the food you eat is important. Keep ready for these easy breakfast pancakes.

Modern day society eats garbage, capital letters GARBAGE.


Watch the video here

With that being said, here’s a pancake recipe that isn’t garbage…. I love pancakes, and expect most of you out there reading this do to Take a look at any store bought pancake mix ingredient list, and you will see garbage.

Preservatives, flavourings, food colourings, bleached flours, processed crap, and a whole bunch of other stuff that your body won’t recognise as food. So make some Pancakes that are delicious, and contain whole, real foods.



Watch the video for proportions, and increase or decrease as you see fit.

Additional goodness if you’d like – cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cacao powder, almond or coconut flour as a thickener. Jazz these pancakes up!

Note: these pancakes are gluten free. I’m a staunch advocate of removing gluten from your diet, and likely most grains (there are exceptions to any food rule).

You could check out a bit more of my thoughts on grains/gluten here: Pre Surf Breakfast – Not Cereal

Second Note: Paleo fanatics, this recipe uses Peanut Butter, which doesn’t fit into your Paleo paradigm as peanuts are a legume, and in Paleo world legumes are a no-no. Use some almond butter. Want my thoughts on Paleo?? Paleo Freaks

Digging the nutrition stuff? Here’s some older posts that’ll give you some good insight into what I consider basic nutritional guidelines.

The bottom line is to eat real food, not to become dogmatic in your approach, and simply listen to your body (if it doesn’t like something it will tell you).

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Eat some good food, fuel your body and mind, and then get pitted!!!! Barrels and barrel and barrels, and a stack of easy breakfast pancakes.


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