Junk Food

The food you put into your body, is the FOUNDATION of your health. Eat like shit your whole life, you can’t expect your body to perform optimally, and often chronic degenerative diseases are around the corner.

To make things worse, the industrialized food nations in which we live, have no regard for helping to improve your health, or with providing you food that will do the same.

Sick people make lots of money for our current health corporations and pharmaceutical companies. I’m not trying to rant, or get all conspiracy theory, but it’s blatantly true.

So if there’s one thing you can begin to implement when aiming to improve your health, is learning to read food labels and what to watch out for. At its most basic rule, IF YOU CAN’T PRONOUNCE IT, OR DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS, DON’T EAT IT.

Some RED FLAG – don’t eat this garbage ingredients

HYDROLYZED/HYDROGENATED ANYTHING– often these are vegetable oils, which you shouldn’t be consuming anyways due to their rancidity, chemical structure which makes them prone to oxidation and creation of free radicals, and they are often from genetically modified crops.

MSG – monosodium glutamate; this is basically a neurotoxin

ASPARTAME – again, as with MSG, this is a neurotoxin, more specifically an excitotoxin; both of these ingredients kill your brain cells. Why would you continue drinking diet coke, and wonder why your parents developed Alzheimer’s?

I don’t mean to sound as if it’s the only cause, but come on, why knowingly ingest artificially made compounds that have been scientifically shown to seriously f*ck up your brain. Dorway is a good site for some aspartame info if you don’t believe me.

TRANS-SATURATED FATS: this is chemically made fat used primarily to increase the shelf life of a product. Real food isn’t supposed to be able to sit on a shelf for 2 years. Don’t eat trans-fat.

It’s important you don’t confuse this with saturated fat, which is wonderful for you with respect to its quality. Saturated fat (high quality) = good. Trans-saturated fat = terrible.

ARTIFICIAL COLORING – this is in just about every industrialized food item, and it can bring forth some really bad health effects.

Studies have shown it to be implicated in cognitive dysfunctions, hyperactivity, allergies, asthma, and even cancer in some studies.

When a dye is introduced into a food, its sole purpose is to help sell it to you, the consumer.

Companies are trying to make that food look oh so pretty, and whoa!!! Don’t little kids love them some bright red or bright blue foods. Red, Yellow, and Blue dyes are in tons of food, and are taking away from your overall health.

Do you think your body knows what the hell to do with Red dye #5? Nope, it doesn’t, so it just stresses out your liver, and maybe screws with your brain.

SUGAR/HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP/CORN SUGAR – americans eating a typical diet eat WAY WAY WAY too much sugar, from any of these previously mentioned sources.

Without getting into controversy of how HCFS is dealt with by the body compared to regular sugar etc,.. the take away message is eat less of it.

In regards to labeling, in the listing of ingredients the ingredient listed first comprises the majority of the food. So if sugar is listed first, it is the primary ingredient, hence don’t eat it…. Simple folks!

FLOUR – I realize this is a big one. But white flour is completely 100% DEVOID of anything even closely resembling a nutrient. If you don’t eat white flour, you will cut out such a huge portion of crap food, that this alone could make a serious improvement in your nutritional habits.

Wheat flour is still pretty much terrible in my book as well.

Those are some big basics of reading food labels, and not eating garbage. When foods contain those ingredients, they aren’t foods, they are an artificially created product, and very likely your body will become stressed when having to continually deal with them.

A stressed out body will eventually succumb to disease…. bottom line. If you begin to eliminate these products, you will have to start eating REAL FOOD, and that’s what is important in restoring health, and maintaining health.

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  • Hi Chris,Mikael tipped me off about your article and I just say....keep up the good work! Best of luck! Mikaels mother, Marianne
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