Balance and Core Superset

2 Movements… You Should Do Them!

Some essential basics for being able to surf are a functionally strong and pain free core, and the ability to balance on an unstable surface. So train to get better at those physical requirements!!

You may be asking “How!?!?!” Well, you need a foam roller, or an indo board, and a stability ball. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you should absolutely have a foam roller by now.

If not, buy one online (they’re cheap!), and start working on improving your flexibility, muscle tissue health, and work on your own aches and pains. As for the stability ball, get one, they’re great! They are an essential piece of training equipment.

A word of caution with the stability balls… get a good one. The cheap $15 ones have a habit of bursting, and that is pretty sucky, and potentially dangerous. Duraball makes a good one and I’ve heard Maxafe Pro makes a good one.

Just make sure that you buy one that is burst resistant. The few extra bucks will pay off.

So, Surf Balance Training and Core Training in one totally awesome superset…. oh my god!!!

Yep, it’s true, so check out the vid below, and bask in the awesomeness that is this balance and core stability superset.

Watch the video here

Foam Roller Squats – Dynamic Balance Training

With the foam roller “getting pitted squats” you’re training your ability to not only balance, but in more detail, you’re training your equilibrium reflexes.

Also known as “tilting reactions”, this is your bodies ability to maintain it’s center of gravity over a moving surface. See why that may be of importance to us surfers!?

Lateral Ball Roll – Solid Core Stability Training

With the Supine Lateral Ball Roll, you’re training dynamic stability of the core. This exercise develops much more than just the “core”, but just understand that this is one hell of an exercise that you will very very very likely benefit from.

I’ve got some back issues, and I use these bad boys all the time! With this movement, you’re going to improve your rotational stability, or anti-rotation. This is ESSENTIAL IF YOU WANT TO LAY DOWN POWERFUL TURNS IN THE SURF, AND HAVE A PAIN FREE BACK.

How To Use These Moves… And You Definitely Should Try This Superset

  • Like I mentioned in the video, go for time, not necessarily reps with the F.roll Squats.
  •  Get on there and balance for a minute or two, and then go right into the Supine Lateral Ball Rolls.
  • With the ball roll, you NEED to focus on keeping the hips and torso all in perfect alignment. It’s a slower movement, working on endurance and stability of the core, so hold the movement for about 2-3seconds per side.
  • Start with 5 reps per side for a set.
  •  As you get stronger, increase the reps per side, or being to move further laterally.
  •  Rest about 45 seconds between supersets, and bang that bad boy out 3 times, maybe a few more if you’ve been working on it for a bit… get after it!

Some other exercises to include….

Think of some single leg work perhaps, like bulgarian split squats, or single arm cable pulls. Surf Exercise – Single Leg Training

You could also include some shoulder / paddling work for some upper body work. Guide To Paddle Training

Give it a go, and leave some comments below letting me know what you thought about it!

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