The FACEPULL – Shoulder Pre–hab


In past posts, I’ve shown you guys how to start incorporating thoracic mobility Even if you currently have rotator cuff injuries, which just about every surfer will deal with at one point or another, you need to work on T-spine (short for thoracic if you haven’t nailed that one) mobility. So what else should you be doing if your shoulders are in relatively good shape? Enter the FACEPULL, Shoulder Pre–hab.

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There are certain mechanics of the shoulder that are important, not only for our paddling ability, but to properly stabilize your scapula. If your scapula isn’t stabilizing properly, it’s going to allow excess motion, or inefficient motion, which is going to eat up your rotator cuff tendons.

Should and Back Anatomy

Rotator cuff tendons that start to get impinged, or experience microtrauma is leading you down a shitty path, one that leads to doctors bills, sore shoulders, and an overall crappy time. Once or twice a week, add facepulls to your gym routine.

Use a lighter weight, and stay with higher reps….. think 2 sets of 16-20 reps, with a slower controlled movement. For those interested in what exactly this is working on: scapular adductors (rhomboids, mid-trapezius), a bit of lower trapezius (which helps with scapular depression and upward rotation-which are both good things), and two muscles that comprise part of your rotator cuff (infraspinatus, and teres minor).

All in all, this exercise is solid, and will really help to improve your shoulder mechanics. Throw in some Pec. Minor stretches….. and you’re having a hell-uva shoulder party!

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